3 Best Driving Distance Calculator Options

best driving distance calculator
best driving distance calculator

A driving distance calculator is a software-based tool that is used to calculate the distance that needs to be driven from one location to another.

The most common units for calculating this distance are kilometers and miles. Driving distance is really crucial information.

We can see these distances written all over boards on the highways and other roads for different locations. Just knowing the distance that we are going to drive gives us a sense of calm.

Calculating the driving distance also has a bunch of practical advantages.

If you have the right value for the distance you can easily estimate the time it is gonna take you to complete your journey. This can also help you calculate the fuel cost.

Time and fuel are the two most important concerns when traveling and a driving distance calculator can help you with both.

There are a bunch of calculators that you can find online related to driving distance but most of the websites that support them aren’t credible.

This article will list some of the best and most trustworthy calculators that you can find in this category.

Some adequate map websites can also calculate the distance between two locations and can be used as a substitute for a distance calculator.

A small review of each calculator has also been mentioned below, explaining its pros and cons. Make sure you read through them carefully.

Once you are done with this article, you will be able to find the best driving distance calculator and calculating driving distance between two points won’t be a problem for you.

Best Driving Distance Calculator

1. Travel Math: Driving Distance Calculator

driving distance calculator travel math

The purpose of this website is pretty clear from its name. Travel Math is dedicated to calculations related to traveling.

In addition to distance, you can calculate the time and cost of traveling for both road and air travel.

Calculations are the primary focus of this website but you can also read a few interesting topics related to traveling on this website, for example; Dirtiest Public Transit, Germiest Hotel Rooms, etc.

The design of this driving distance calculator is very basic. There are no design details or aesthetics on it.

You only have a drop-down menu at the top, two input boxes, and an action button at the bottom. The drop-down menu would already be set to ‘driving distance’ so you don’t need to change that.

Enter the start and end points of your journey. In these sections, you can write the name of cities, airports, states, countries, and zip codes. Unfortunately, you can’t be too specific with this calculator.

UI and design for the rest of the website are also pretty basic, just like the calculator. There hasn’t been much focus on aesthetics anywhere on the website, which gives it a dull and gloomy look.

But, as far as the operations of the website are concerned, you can expect a pretty smooth experience.

Once you have entered both of your locations, click the yellow ‘Calculate’ button. You will be directed toward the results and the distance will be displayed at the top in miles and km.

2. Map Developers: Calculate Distance Between Two Addresses, Cities, States, Zipcodes, or locations

driving distance calculator math developers

Map Developers is a platform that gives users access to online maps.

Even though the main function of this website is to get locations and calculates routes, they still have a really accurate distance calculator.

There are around 15 tools on this website related to maps, which include; an area calculator, draw a circle tool, a latitude, and longitude finder, etc.

This might not be a widely used navigation website but it certainly is a capable one.

It is better to refer it to as a tool rather than a calculator as it does not include elements of a calculator. There isn’t much of a design on this tool as it only has two input boxes.

No line or box is separating the calculator section from the rest of the page (which is something you normally see in calculators). Just enter the starting address and ending address in the respective boxes.

The website hasn’t paid much attention to the design of the calculator or the rest of the content. The font colors used on the header are barely visible and most of the header is just empty.

On top of all this, the advertisements on the website make the website look congested and unmanaged.

The results will be shown below the inputs as soon as you click the ‘Calculate’. The representation of results is quite poor.  A slightly larger font or a separate result section would have been a lot more appropriate.

3. Google: Google Maps

driving distance calculator google

Technically it is not a calculator but it goes without saying that Google Maps are the most used and probably the most accurate navigation software out there.

Google has taken everyone by storm, it leads dozens of areas of technology, and the driving distance calculated by them has to be accurate.

On top of all that, Google maps can be accessed from a browser and also has a really well-functioning mobile app.

First, you will have to enter a location in the search bar of the map (preferably the starting location).

Once you have pressed ‘search’, you can select the ‘directions’ options below which will allow you to enter your second location.

The design of this tool is perfect from every angle. There are a bunch of features that you can use here for free. No other navigation tool gives you this much to work with.

If you click the 3 lines on the top left corner of the page you will be able to see the full scope of Google Maps.

Here you have the option to share your location, view the saved places, embed a map, and a lot more other functionalities.  Despite all these options and features, this tool is fairly simple to use.

Once you have entered both locations, the traveling time and traveling distance will be displayed below automatically. Traffic, toll, restaurants, and other POIs will also be highlighted for your route.

Which One is the Best Driving Distance Calculator?

The varieties of distance calculators discussed above are basically processing the same information and carrying out similar calculations, but as you can see they are still quite different from each other in a lot of other ways.

It is hard to name one calculator as the best one. Preferences and needs of each user vary from another and it comes to the user to select the best calculator for themselves.

If you are trying to find the distance between two points that aren’t too specific like cities, countries, airports, etc. Travel Math is the calculator you should go with as it also provides a straightforward interface.

Map Developers can be a good option for users who want to be specific with their locations and would also like access to some other navigation tools.

A major drawback that comes with map developers you don’t get a good UI and design, so you might want to consider this before you go for it.

Google Maps is probably the most used tool in the world when it comes to calculating driving distance or driving times.

It is by far the most dynamic tool in this list and if we do have to name one of these calculators as the best, it would be google maps. But keep in mind it is a tool, not a calculator.

Choosing the best driving distance calculator shouldn’t be a problem for you. Just trust your instinct and go with the one that makes you feel comfortable.

End Note

There are an unlimited number of uses and advantages for calculating the distance between two points and an efficient distance calculator can be immensely helpful if it is used correctly.

Driving is an essential part of modern human life and knowing just how much you need to travel can make things a lot simpler for you.

All the calculators mentioned above are more than capable of providing you with accurate distances.

Some of them might be better than others in some features but you should just use the one you think best suits your needs.

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