Normal Force Calculator- 3 Best Ones Listed!

best normal force calculator
best normal force calculator

A normal force calculator is a computational physics tool that calculates the normal force on a body in contact with a surface.

In simple terms, the normal force is an upward force exerted on a body when it is in contact with a surface. This force acts opposite to gravity (weight of the object).

When an object is placed on a completely horizontal surface it is pretty easy to calculate the normal force, as it is equal to its weight.

For a straight horizontal surface the formula for normal force will be the formula for its weight, which is;

W = mg

Where m = mass of the object, and g = gravitational acceleration.

So, the Formula for the normal force on a straight surface will be;

Normal Force = mg

Calculating the normal force gets a little trickier when it is on a slanted surface and in this case, we need to consider the angle of the surface to determine the normal force on the object.

For a slanted surface, the formula for normal force becomes as follows;

Normal Force = mg cosθ

Where θ is the angle of the surface.

Even though these formulas are fairly simple, calculating the normal force manually has some drawbacks and that is why you need a calculator to carry out the calculation.

There are a bunch of calculators that you can find online but if you are looking for the best normal force calculator, you need to stick with the details given below.

Some of the best calculators for determining the normal force have been listed below.

A small review for each of them has also been provided which highlights their most prominent features so you can select the best one based on your preferences.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to calculate the normal force on any object with accuracy.

Best Normal Force Calculator

1. Omni Calculator: Normal Force Calculator

normal force calculator omnicalculator

Omni Calculator is one of the most popular online calculator platforms and if you are someone who uses online calculators regularly you would have used Omni Calculator.

The main reason for its huge user base is the variety of calculators that it supports.

You can find tools and calculators related to Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Construction, etc. This normal force calculator is one of the best calculators out there for a number of reasons.

The first thing that makes this calculator one of the best in its design. The design is quite simple and user friendly yet it has a touch of modernity in it.

All the calculators on this website have a calculator design which brings uniformity to the whole experience.

Before you start doing any calculations, you need to select whether you want the calculations for a horizontal surface or an inclined one (both cases have different formulas).

Once you have made your selection you need to enter the inputs which vary depending on your choice.

The design of the website itself is also an important factor when considering a calculator. Fortunately, Omni Calculator has a great website design.

The abstract wallpaper in the background lifts the whole website and gives it an aesthetic look.

Interestingly, the color of the background changes depending on the category of the calculator that you are using.

Once you have entered all the inputs, the value of the normal force will be displayed below automatically.

2. Normal Force Calculator

normal force calculator physics calc as you can tell from its name is a website dedicated to physics calculators. It isn’t really a well-known website but it certainly is a capable one.

There are dozens of calculators related to concepts of physics, like, mechanics, periodic motion, waves, etc.

The normal force calculator can be found in the mechanics section.

The inputs of this calculator are pretty similar to the one discussed above but the UI and design are totally different. First, you need to select the type of surface.

You can choose Inclined, Horizontal with no external force, Horizontal with upward external force, and Horizontal with downward external force.

After making your selection, enter the required inputs and make sure you select the right units for your values.

The design of both the calculator and the website can be improved. The calculator’s design works fine from a practical point of view but lacks aesthetics. Website on the other hand has a lot of flaws in terms of design.

There are a lot of ads on the website which can be managed a little better as they make the shallow website seem congested.

The amount of advertisements also needs to be reduced which would give the platform a cleaner look.

Once you have entered all the inputs click the blue ‘Calculate’ button given below and your results will be displayed with the formula and the values used for the calculator.

If you scroll down you can read through some definitions and explanations of formulas.

3. Symbolab: Normal Force Calculator

normal force calculator symbolab

Symbolab, just like Omni Calculator is also a calculator website. Even though it is not as famous as Omni, it is still a pretty well reputed website.

Symbolab offers you calculators related to categories like; Chemistry, Finance, Physics, Stats, Cooking, etc.

When it comes to the sheer volume of calculators, Symbolab probably surpasses all the calculator websites out there.

The design and UI of this calculator are completely different from the ones discussed above. This calculator isn’t structured that well but is simpler to use.

You don’t have to make any selections on the inclination of the surface, just enter the mass of the object and the angle of inclination.

If the object is on a totally horizontal surface, enter the angle as 0.

For the most part, the design of this website is pretty good. It is well-managed and gives a clean look despite some advertisements here and there.

The header of Symbolab is its most noticeable feature as it gives you direct access to all the categories of the calculators and all the other major resources.

One thing that you may notice about Symbolab is that it’s way too spacious and all that empty space can be used for something else.

The normal force will be displayed in the lowermost text box after you have entered the mass of the object and the angle of inclination. You also have a few units that you can select.

Which Calculator is the Best?

You will be able to solve all sorts of normal force problems with the calculators mentioned above. Even though you will be fine with either one of these calculators, can anyone of them be named the best one?

It is hard to identify one calculator as the best because they are pretty similar when it comes to calculations.

But as you have seen, they still have some differences and some calculators are suited better for certain situations.

Omni Calculator can be the best option for you if you prioritize a good design and user experience above everything.

Omni Calculator gives you the best design on this list and also a number of options for external factors like external force, whether the surface is inclined or not etc.

PhysicsCalc provides you with a mediocre calculator design but gives you a detailed tool. If you want a normal force calculator with maximum options, PhysicsCalc will be a good choice for you.

Symbolab’s clear advantage over the other two calculators is its simplicity. If you want a quick and straightforward calculator with the minimum amount of input, Symbolab will be the best choice for you.

But Symbloab also has the worst design out of all three, which is something you might want to consider.

If we have to choose one calculator as the best, it would be Omni Calculator as it has a good balance between design, simplicity, and representation of results.

But you should always go for the calculator that you feel most comfortable with.

End Note

Calculating normal force is one of the most basic and important concepts of classical mechanics but you can still find yourself stuck with some problems. And in these situations, a normal force calculator can help you a lot.

Even if you know the concept well a calculator can help you by making calculations a lot quicker and with minimum errors.

All the websites that have been mentioned above are trustworthy and will provide you with accurate answers.

Make sure you try them all out and find the calculator that best suits your preferences or you also use them all depending on the situation.

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