3 Car Trade Calculator Considered To Be The Best!

best car trade in calculator
best car trade in calculator

Car trade in calculator is effective tool that helps you in calculating the additional/extra amount that you will have to pay at the time of purchasing the new car along with giving away your old one.

This calculator has the latest information on cars and it will guide you about the current value or price of the car you are giving away.

The trade-in value of the car is an arrangement in which you buy a new car at a reduced amount/price by giving your old car as well as the money in payment.

Trade-in can happen with any vehicle with value but the trade-in price can differ greatly.

There are different methods/ways for trade-in, you can either trade directly with the owner or you can do it with the help of a dealer.

When you trade-in through a dealership; the value of your old car is subtracted from the new car and (if you trade in with the help of a loan) the dealer takes over the loan and pays it off to complete the value sum.

For example; if the new car is for $10,000, your old car is worth $5,000 and you owe $2,000 then the dealer pays the remaining $3,000 so the cost of the new car becomes $7,000.

You can ask for multiple offers from different dealers and work with the suitable one.

The advantage of trading in your old car is that you will save money by acquiring the current market value that private buyers do not relate to.

Trading in is a much faster process rather than selling it independently. It is safer in terms of both financial and personal protection.

The major drawback is that you get what the dealer is willing to give you. You cannot propose your price or demand any desired price. The procedure is dealer-dependent. You might also get a lower offer in this process.

So the car trade in calculator is an opportune tool to help you out with the latest details of your car and calculate the sum amount for you.

Some of them even offer you reliable dealers that you can work with online.

You will find some of the best car trade in calculators enlisted below with detailed reviews and specifications.

Best Car Trade-In Calculator

1. Gordon: Car Trade-In Calculator

car trade calculator gordon

Gordon’s calculator is an active and effectual online tool that requires plenty of parameters from you, in order to provide you with precise results.

It has all the necessary details and guidelines mentioned below the calculator that you can read before starting the process.

The interface is a bit tedious as there are many advertisements and cookies that cause an interruption in between your calculation.

It has a blue, gold and white theme that resonates with the cars. It has a symbol of a car so to give it an authentic car trade-in calculator effect.

For calculation, you have to enter your car’s model, year, brand, style, engine, transmission, drivetrain, mileage and your area’s ZIP code.

Then click on ‘next’ and a report consisting of your current car’s value, cost and a list of new cars that come in your budget will appear in front of you.

This calculator offers you to shop and pay online. It even helps you find a suitable dealer. If your car is missing any parts or they are damaged; this calculator has a variety of genuine spare parts that you can order.

You will find a list of pre-owned cars mentioned at the top of the calculator.

If you want to add your car to that category, then you will have to sign up on the calculator by creating an account, answer a few questions to qualify and then you can also add your car to the pre-owned category.

If your car is damaged (if it has met a collision) then it has an online collision center that you can contact and they will provide you with proper treatment and amendment package.

You can send in your car’s damaged pictures to give them an idea about the damage.

It has monthly and sometimes weekly sales that you can avail. The condition is to purchase the new car through this calculator and you will receive great incentives.

If you have any questions or you want to communicate with a team member, then you can click on the chat box present at the right bottom of the calculator.

A team member is always available and online 24/7 to answer your queries and discuss with you.

If you want to communicate through WhatsApp or call them directly, then it also has a contact number at the left bottom of the calculator. Discussing your concerns and confusion always solves the problem.

You can follow this calculator on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get news and updates.

2. Investing Answers: Car Trade-In Calculator

car trade calculator investing answer

Investing answers’ calculator is a straightforward and basic online tool that operates effectively and provides uncomplicated results.

You can also use it as an article because you will find complete details in it. It acts as a basic guide to help you understand the procedure and how to comprehend it.

The interface is not very clear due to a few advertisements and pop-up links. It has a light blue and white theme that looks very eye-catching. The font is of moderate size and easily visible.

For calculation, you have to insert the loan term, annual interest rate and down payment. Then press on ‘calculate’ and the report for the trade-in value of your car will appear in front of you.

This calculator claims to provide correct and accurate results. It has a review section on the top where you can read the feedback of previous and current users.

The positive feedback confirms the authenticity of the calculator.

It is updated regularly (daily basis), all the articles and blog links available on the calculator are the latest and consist of the updated data and information.

This way you get the latest information and you can stay up-to-date with the prices and processes.

If you are having trouble finding an appropriate dealer for yourself then worry no more because this calculator has got the solution.

It has names, contacts and data about renowned dealers that will help you with the trade-in process at good prices.

This saves you even more time as compared to finding a dealer manually. You get all the calculations and a dealer in one place with just a few clicks in the comfort of your home.

3. Edmunds: Car Trade-In Calculator

car trade calculator edmunds

Edmunds’ calculator is a fitting free online tool that asks you to enter a lot of details but the more details, the better results you will get.

It does not have a very extensive outlook; just a calculator and a basic mandatory guide to help you with the interpretation and usage.

The interface is mostly clear with a couple of ads on the side and bottom, but they do not intrude on your calculations.

It has a bright blue and white theme that looks vibrant. The font is considerably small and it is a bit hard to read from distance.

For calculation, you have to enter the data into four different parts. In the first part, enter your location’s ZIP code. In the second part, enter your vehicle’s sale price, sales tax rate, title and registration and cash incentives.

In the third part, enter your vehicle’s value of trade-in, amount owned and down payment.

In the fourth and last part, enter the loan term (months), interest rate and select the credit score. Then click on ‘calculate’ and the final estimated monthly car payment will display in front of you.

This calculator is a constructive tool as it offers you a variety of options and functions. It has a list of new cars pricing and used cars pricing/sale.

You can check out both lists and select any one car according to your budget and preference.

If you want to get a sale price for your current car, you can enter the details of your car in the calculator and it will give you the current worth of the calculator.

You can also read car reviews from around the globe to have different opinions from different regions. You can consider all the pros and cons and then decide.

This calculator is available for download on your smartphone through the Google play store and Apple store.This is helpful because the downloaded application on your smartphone can be used anywhere, anytime with or without the internet.

End Note

The best car trade-in calculators are mentioned above that have different interfaces, outlooks and usage.

You can check out all of them and then decide on proceeding with the one that suits you the most.

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