4 Best Special Right Triangles Calculator

best special right triangle calculator
best special right triangle calculator

Special right triangles calculator is an opportune tool that helps you calculate the measurements of a right angled triangle in a matter of seconds.

Special triangle is a right angled triangle that uses a simple formula to solve the given measurements to calculate the other parameters.

If some of the values are given, just enter them in the calculator and the remaining parameters will be automatically calculated.

If you calculate the parameters manually then you will have to use the Pythagoras formula or any advanced method that has higher chances of error and incorrect results.

A special right triangle is unique; it has 30, 60 and 90 degrees angles and it is half of the equilateral triangle.

Another special right triangle has 45, 45 and 90 degrees angles and it is also an isosceles triangle. You will come across some more different types of right triangles but they are not as common as the above mentioned.

Special right triangles have a few specific features that make the overall calculations easier as compared to other triangles that have complex specifications and are harder to calculate.

The important rule to remember is that a special right triangle must have at least one right angle.

Special right triangles can be divided into two groups through which they are calculated.

One type of calculation is carried out on angle-based right triangles and the other is carried out on sides-based right triangles.

In the first type, the other parameters are acquired by putting in angles while in the second type, the parameters are acquired by sides.

Special right triangle calculator is an effective way to get all the unknown values with just a few clicks.

If you are weak in mathematics and do not understand the concept of calculating unknown parameters through angles or sides, then this is your cue to use this calculator to make your life easy.

You do not have to worry about manually calculating the values or taking extra math classes after school/college or hiring a math expert to help you out.

All the solutions are just a few clicks away and you can achieve them in the comfort of your home – saving time and money.

Stick to this article to find out some of the best special right triangle calculators with different methods, procedures, interfaces and outlooks.

Best Special Right Triangles Calculator

1. Omni: Special Right Triangle Calculator

special right triangle calculator omni calculator

Omni’s calculator is a well-known mathematical calculator created by Hanna Pamula that can be used for multiple functions. You will find almost all kinds of mathematical modes in this calculator that you can use to solve your various math problems.

The interface is clear as there are no advertisements or website links that come in between your work or calculation.

It has a maroon and white theme with a moderate-sized font. This calculator also acts as an article as it has all the basic to complex details that you can read before proceeding with the calculations and using the calculator.

For calculation, you have to insert the known angles. Once you enter all the known values, the final answer will automatically appear at the bottom. It will provide you with the perimeter and area of the triangle.

This calculator has all the information and descriptions in organized and symmetrical order.

Starting from basic to complex details, you will find a defined order. Every paragraph has a pictorial description as well that is labelled so it helps you better understand the procedure.

If you are looking for an online job, then this calculator is the right tool for you as it offers you to work from home (online). If you are good at mathematics then you can try your luck by applying and you might get the job.

You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter to get highlights, news, job opportunities and updates.

2. Math Portal: Special Right Triangle Calculator

special right triangle calculator math portal

Math portal’s calculator is a simple and advanced tool for calculating the parameters of a special right triangle.

It offers you a variety of functions and options to choose from. You can convert this calculator into other mathematical calculators as well – depending on your requirement.

The interface is free of advertisements and cookies with a clear outlook.

It has an attractive orange and white theme, a calculator in the middle and other options on the left side. Everything is properly organized; you can easily use the calculator and read the guidelines.

For calculation, you have to fill in the empty boxes with the known values.

The missing value is ‘leg’ while you have to provide the other known parameters. After inserting the values, calculate on ‘find value’ and the final answer will appear in front of you.

The best part about this calculator is that it provides you with a detailed stepwise answer. This assists you to understand the process and further practice to improve your skills.

You will find multi-coloured boxes of examples below the calculator.

You can practice them either online or offline by downloading them on your computer. All the examples have a graphical representation of the special right triangle along with the formula and solutions below.

This calculator has a constructive setup; it offers online math classes that you can attend at your convenience.

The classes are pre-recorded and you can attend them anytime. For taking the classes you have to register yourself by signing up through your email.

It also offers math test series that help make you understand the procedure and method of calculating the parameters of special right triangles.

If you want to learn formulas used for special right triangles, you can click the option ‘formulas’ and a list of formulas will display in front of you with the type of triangle that uses it.

You can comment or leave feedback regarding the performance, outlook, interface of the calculator at the bottom. You just require an email to post your feedback or contact the math portal’s team.

3. Math Warehouse: Special Right Triangle Calculator

special right triangle calculator math warehouse

Math warehouse’s calculator is a vibrant tool that operates on the basic formula to avoid any complex or complicated answers that are hard to interpret. It has multiple options that you can select to understand the special right triangles and their methods.

The interface has a few irrelevant advertisements and the working of the calculator is a bit slow.

Due to ads the working of the calculator is affected. It has a scientific keyboard at the bottom that you can use to insert mathematical symbols and signs that are not present in the regular keyboard.

For calculation, you have to simply enter the known values. Then press on ‘calculate’ and the calculator will show you the final answer on the right side of the calculator.

This calculator has wide-sized graphical representations of triangles that are labeled and tell you about different types of special right triangles and how their parameters can be calculated.

You will find problems and their solutions at the bottom of the calculator.

These are example problems that are related to your special right triangle problem. You can solve them to enhance your skills, practice similar problems and clear any confusion.

This calculator offers you practical mathematical games related to your problem so you can have fun and learn simultaneously.

If you give the correct answer then you get promoted to the next level. This keeps you attentive, makes you smart and you do not get bored or tired.

You will see an option on the top of the calculator ‘worksheets’ that has a huge variety of problem statements that you can practice online or offline by downloading them on your laptop. You can even print them out and practice them on paper.

4. Calculator Net: Special Right Triangle Calculator

special right triangle calculator net

This calculator is like a conventional calculator that operates on the basic formula and provides you with accurate answers.

It acts as a calculator and an article both to help you with understanding how to use the calculator, what formulas are used and how to comprehend them.

The interface has a few advertisements on the side but they can distract you while you are working.

It has a blue and white outlook and all the font is in block – just like conventional calculators. It has triangular pictures with labels and detailed paragraphs below the calculator.

For calculation, you will have to enter all the known values in the empty rectangular boxes.

Then press ‘calculate’ and the final result will appear in front of you. This calculator asks for more parameters as compared to other calculators to provide you with precise results.

End Note

Multiple best special right triangle calculators are mentioned above with different interfaces, outlooks and methods. You can check them all and select the one that suits you the most.

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