4 Best Half Angle Formula Calculator Sites You Can Find

best half angle formula calculator
best half angle formula calculator

A half angle formula calculator allows you to calculate values of different trigonometric functions for the value of an angle divided by 2.

Half angle formulas are mostly used for standard angles like 30 and its half angle formula 15, 45 and its half angle formula 22.5, and so on.

Half angle formulas can be used to determine the half-angle trigonometric functions even if the original full angle isn’t known, and that is something that the half-angle calculator does.

Trigonometry is a huge part of math and its uses can be seen in a lot of other branches of the subject.

Trigonometric concepts may seem new and modern but it was actually discovered by ancient Greeks around 190 BC.

That is only the written record of trigonometry that can be found, in terms of practicality, trigonometry is just as old as the human race itself.

Half angle formula is a concept that isn’t very well known in trigonometry and only accounts for a small fraction of it.

Many people aren’t aware of this concept and that is why they might feel a bit overwhelmed when they try solving half angle formula, a half angle formula calculator can help a lot in this situation.

You will find a lot of websites that give you access to a half angle formula calculator.

Most of the math calculator and general calculator websites have a calculator like this, so it can be a bit confusing to pin down the best one as there are options that are clearly better than the rest.

This article will list down the best calculators that you can find on the internet, small review for each of the calculators will also be given below so you can find the best half angle formula calculator.

Hopefully, after completing this article the concept of half identities won’t be a problem for you.

Best half angle formula Calculator Online

1. Omni Calculator: half angle formula Calculator

half angle calculator omni calculator

For someone who uses online calculators regularly, Omni Calculator is the first website that comes to their mind, because it has such a wide range of high-quality mathematics calculators.

Omni Calculator is probably the most used calculator website, not only on this list but out of all the calculator websites out there.

Apart from math, they have dozens of other subjects that you can find calculators and tools for.

If you have used Omni Calculator before you’ll notice that almost all the calculators on this website have the same design, which brings a uniform experience for the whole website.

First select the information that you have, whether you have the angle itself or any function of the angle.

If you know the angle, just enter its value. If you know the function of that angle, input any one of the 3 main functions.

The design of the website is something that Omni Calculator really focuses on, you can tell that Omni Calculator supports quality calculators as soon as you enter the website.

They have a signature abstract design which can be seen throughout the website, bringing uniformity to the looks of the website.

Another interesting thing that you’ll notice about Omni Calculator is that Calculators have different colors depending on their type.

Once you enter the values that you have, all the full-angle and half angle formula functions together with the half angle formula value will automatically be shown.

You can also find the table of contents for the calculator that has information related to the concept of half angle formulas.

2. TrigCalc: half angle formula Calculator

half angle calculator trigcalc

TirgCalc is a website that you probably haven’t heard about. But it is a very capable website when it comes to Trigonometry.

As you can tell from its name TrigCalc is a website that is dedicated to Trigonometry calculators.

With their half angle formula calculator, you can also find, a triangle calculator, trigonometric function calculator, circle calculator, and a lot more. TrigCalc certainly has one of the best half angle formula Calculators out there.

TrigCalc has a totally different interface and design compared to Omni Calculator from a user’s point of view.

It’s a little more tricky to understand, but once you start using it you’ll find it pretty simple. You have limited options for inputs on this calculator as you can only enter a trigonometric function of the full angle.

You also have a keyboard that you can use to enter the values and a few arithmetic functions.

The design of TrigCalc is quite simple and there aren’t many design elements except the basic ones. There aren’t any colors used on the website or the calculator, only the header of the website has a pink color.

Despite that, the website gives an organized and composed look, there aren’t any glitches or errors on the website and the user experience is pretty great.

Once you have entered the trigonometric function of the angle, click ‘Calc’ and you will get the answer below. Just Below the result, you can also find the detailed answer with steps, you also have the option to hide steps.

3. Mera Calculator: half angle formula Calculator

half angle calculator mera calculator

Just like TrigCalc, Mera Calculator is also another calculator website that isn’t much popular but has a really practical half angle formula calculator.

You can Calculators related to topics like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Graphics, etc.

Apart from the technical calculators, there isn’t anything else on the website, not even a blog section which is something these websites usually have.

In Mera Calculator’s half angle formula Calculator you don’t have the option to input the trigonometric function of the angle, you’ll have to enter the full angle value.

Select the unit of angle in which you want to input (Radian or Degree) and then select which function of the half angle formula would you like to calculate.

This calculator has limited options when it comes to both input and output, if you want a calculator with comparatively more options you should probably go with another option.

The design of this website is not the best one on this still but it is still pretty decent.

As a calculator website, the design is really practical, it’s easy to locate different calculators on the website and there’s even a night mode option that you can click to switch the background color from white to black.

Although the ads on the website bring down the whole look as there are a lot of them.

Once you have entered the angle and chosen the function that you want to calculate, click ‘Calculate’ and you’ll have the result below.

Scroll down and you can find the step-by-step calculation of the answer. You can also find details and formulas for the half-angle concept on the webpage.

4. Calculator School: half angle formula Identities

half angle calculator calculator school

Calculator School is a calculator website that has calculators for a lot of subjects related to science, math, finance health, etc. After Omni Calculator Calculator School is the website with the largest amount of calculators on this list. This website is similar to Mera Calculator in a lot of ways, it only has Calculators, you have a night mode, and both aren’t widely popular websites.

Calculator School has a unique design compared to the rest of the calculators, the calculator is a mixture of Matte black and blue colors which look on good on their own but don’t go with the rest of the website. You will have to enter the angle in this calculator and if you choose to enter the angle in Radian use ‘Pi’ with it. The. Select the function for which you want to calculate the angle.

The design of the website is pretty good, there is nothing significant in the design and UI but it is a practical conventional design that calculator websites usually follow.

Click ‘calculate’ once you are done with the inputs and your result will be shown below, you can click ‘Show Steps’ to see the detailed solution.

End Note

Half angle formula calculators are a really simple yet effective mathematical tool.

If you are someone who struggles with trigonometry or just with the concept of half angle formulas, one of these calculators can help a lot. Just make sure you enter all the details and values carefully.

Most of the websites mentioned above also have other trigonometry calculators that can come in use.

All of the calculators mentioned above are more than adequate and will give provide you with accurate answers.

Just read through their pros and cons thoroughly so you can decide which calculator is Best suited for you.

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