5 Best Solve the Triangle Calculator

best solve the triangle calculator
best solve the triangle calculator

Geometry is an important part of mathematics, which is why it’s been a major part of school curriculums and studies. Geometry dates back to 3000 BC and numerous other branches of maths depend on geometry.

Triangles are one of the 3 basic shapes of geometry and are said to be the strongest shape in nature.

Solving a triangle is all about angles and the dimensions of its side, you should know about certain formulas and laws of the triangle to determine missing angles and sides of a triangle.

Solve the triangle calculators can prove to be a really helpful tool when it comes to calculating the elements of a triangle.

Solve the triangle calculators are a fast, easy, and accurate way for solving triangles, geometry isn’t for everyone and the triangle theorems can be a little confusing for some people.

A solve the triangle calculator can be a really efficient tool for a lot of people.

There are numerous triangle calculators that you can find online, but this article will be discussing the best ones.

All of these calculators use the same formulas and theorems for their calculations but have other differences. Go through all of these calculators and find the best one for you.

Best Solve the Triangle Calculator

1. Calculator.net: Triangle Calculator

triangle calculator net

Calculator.net is dedicated to calculators of different subjects, you won’t only find maths calculators here but numerous types of financial and health calculators can also be found here.

The triangle calculator can be found in the ‘math’ section of the website and is a really practical solve the triangle calculator.

The design of the website is pretty good and you will notice the focus given to the design right away. The UI of the website is practical as well as aesthetic in its own way, this website is exactly how calculator or mathematics websites are supposed to look.

There aren’t many ads on the website and the ones that are, won’t bother you that much and they also don’t affect the look of the website because of their smart placement.

The calculator also has quite an intuitive and straightforward interface, the pictorial representation of a triangle with the input boxes of the calculator makes it easy for the user to understand the inputs that are required.

To solve the triangle and determine its angles and dimensions, you need to enter at least 3 inputs one of them has to be the length of a side.

Click ‘Calculate’ once you have entered all three. The calculator will construct a triangle based on your details and all the missing measurements will also be shown.

2. Omni Calculator: Triangle Angle Calculator

solve the triangle calculator omnicalculator

Omni Calculator is a very popular calculator website and has calculators related to all types of subjects, like Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Construction, etc.

There are hundreds of calculators, and you can find almost all the mainstream calculators here. Omni calculator has an entire section just for triangle calculators.

You can find different types of triangle calculators, like right angle triangle calculator,, area of a triangle calculator, 30 60 90 triangle calculator, etc. Triangle Angle Calculator is the one that best suits users who are trying to solve a triangle.

The design of the website is pretty good, you can see that the creators have tried to give the website an aesthetic vibe, and for the most part they have succeeded in that.

The look of the website is further uplifted due to the fact that there are no ads on this website. The absence of ads also gives the website a clean look.

The interface of the  Triangle Angle Calculator is quite user friendly, like all the other calculators of Omni Calculator.

First, select the information that you already have about the triangle, and enter the values of the details that you have selected. You have numerous unit options for both angle and length.

Once you have entered all the details, the rest of the angles will also be displayed in the grey sections below.

3. Calculator Soup: Triangle Theorems Calculator

solve the triangle calculator soup

Calculator Soup is calculator website that mostly focuses on mathematical and financial calculators, although you can find some other calculators related to chemistry, physics, health, etc.

You will the Triangle Theorem calculator in the geometry part of the website and this just might be the triangle calculator that you’re looking for.

The design of the website is good for the most part but seems a little musty and outdated, the design of the website resembles something you would expect from a website in 2007.

Other than that the website is pretty practical and simple.

The ads placed right next to the calculator don’t interfere with your operations with it but still seem a bit distracting.

The interface of the calculator just like the website is also a bit outdated but simple. The first input that is required from you is to select the information you already have.

Select the combination of angles and sides that you already have from the drop-down menu labeled as ‘Calculate.

Then input 3 of the details that you already have and select the units of angels and dimensions you want to calculate in, Calculator Soup also gives you option to select the number of significant figures for your results.

Once you have entered everything click ‘Calculate’, and the values of all the sides and angles of the triangle will be displayed below.

4. Mycalculators.net: Triangle Area, Side, and Angle Calculator

solve the triangle my calculators

Just like the rest of the websites that we have discussed above, Mycalculators.net is also a website dedicated to calculators.

Along with technical and scientific calculators, you can also find a few entertaining calculators like the Love Calculator. You will find this solve the triangle calculator a pretty efficient tool.

This website allows you to access a lot of good calculators but its design is not the best thing about it. You won’t face any glitches or pop-ups on the website but the design itself feels blank and incomplete.

They could have done better with the design if they used more detailed elements for design. Poorly positioned ads on the website worsen the situation.

The layout of the calculator, on the other hand, is pretty good. The input sections and the figure of the triangle are placed in an organized manner.

Enter at least 3 values in the input boxes that you already know, one of them has to be a side. Click calculate and your results will be shown below.

All 3 sides and angles will be displayed at the bottom of the calculator, area of the calculator will also be given. Mycalculators.net also draws an interactive triangle based on the results you get.

You can not only zoom in and out of the calculator but also change the lengths of the sides and angles but clicking and holding them.

5. Triangle-calculator.com: Triangle Calculator

solve the triangle calculator triangle calculator

Unlike all the calculators that we have discussed above, Triangle-calculator.com is the only website totally dedicated to solving the triangle.

It might not even qualify as a website because the content and tools on the website are quite limited. You can use this website for basic geometric calculations related to triangles.

The design of the website is as basic as a website could be, there are no colors or elements used to make the website more pleasing, there is just a colorful logo on the top left corner of the page.

It might be hard to believe, but the website doesn’t look that bad, there are no ads and it is not messy at all.

The calculator is the least intuitive out of all the calculators on this list, there are no separate input boxes for different angles and sides.

You just have to enter the details in a single box, indicating the angles in capital letters (A, B, and C) and the sides in lower case (a, b and c).

Click solve and you will have your results just below the calculators. You won’t only get missing values but also a diagram of the triangle, and the calculator also specifies the type of triangle it is.

End Note

Triangles are an important part of geometry and also mathematics itself, solving a triangle can be a tricky thing sometimes as you are dealing with multiple values simultaneously.

Solve the triangle calculators can be a really efficient tool in geometry.

Feel free to check out all of these calculators and find the one that best suits your requirements, all of the calculators mentioned in this article are really good and work seamlessly.

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