4 Best Percent to Fraction Calculator

best percent to fraction calculator
best percent to fraction calculator

Fractions and percentages are very basic forms of mathematics, they are taught to students from a very early age.

The reason for them being taught so early is not just because they are part of basic mathematics but also because they are used a lot in everyday life, unlike algebra or geometry.

Converting percentages to fractions is not that complicated of a task but still, a lot of people don’t have a grasp over it and these concepts are confusing for them.

If you are someone to whom the conversion of percentages to fractions is not that clear, this article is for you.

In this article, some of the best percent to fraction calculators that are available on the internet will be discussed.

Percent to fraction calculator is a tool that is used to convert a given percentage into a fraction, these are a  fast and easy way to perform these conversions.

All of the calculators mentioned below have the same purpose, of course, and carry out the same kind of calculations to get you the results.

The differences that you will see are mostly in design, interface, and practicality. Stick with this article to find the best percent to fraction calculator for yourself.

Hopefully, conversion from percentages to fractions won’t be a problem for you after reading through this article.

Best Percent to Fraction Calculator

1. Calculator Soup: Percent to Fraction Calculator

percent to fraction calculator soup

Calculator Soup is a quite popular calculator website, alongside the  Percent to Fraction Calculator you will also find hundreds of other calculators related to all kinds of subjects.

Calculator soup mostly focuses on finance and math calculators. The  Percent to Fraction Calculator can be found in the ‘Math’ section of the website.

The design of the website is pretty simple and classic, it might seem a bit outdated at first but the creators have just tried to give the website a classic vibe. Calculator Soup is exactly how you’d want a technical website to be.

There are a few ads on the website which won’t bother you but they don’t with the design of the website at all.

The UI of the calculator itself  just like the website is also really straightforward, the simplicity of the calculator’s interface is also due to the fact that you are only required to input one entry, the percentage that needs to be converted.

Enter the percentage you want to convert and click ‘Calculate.

The fraction corresponding to the percentage you entered will be displayed right below the calculator. The steps for converting the percentage will also be given under the title of ‘Showing Work’.

Calculator Soup’s  Percent to Fraction Calculator is as simple as a calculator of this type can be.

If you are looking for a simple and fast calculator, Calculator Soup can be a good choice for you.

2. GIGA Calculator: Percent to Fraction Calculator

percent to fraction calculator giga calculator

Just like Calculator Soup, GIGA Calculator is also a well renowned calculator website. They have a wide range of calculators, converters, and randomizers on their website.

They also have a few articles on their website related to calculations and conversion if you feel like going through them.  Percent to Fraction Calculator can be found in the Calculator > Maths section.

The website of GIGA Calculator is built pretty well, the blue and yellow color scheme looks inviting and provides you with a good atmosphere when making your calculations.

The website may seem a little congested due to the ads placed right next to the calculator, but there are no glitches or errors on the website at all.

The layout and design of the calculator also seems really good, although the action button is a little bit larger than you would expect it to be.

GIGA Calculator requires only one input from you which is the percentage that you want to convert.

Enter the percentage that you want to convert, or you can use the inbuilt counter to increase the value of the percentage by one every time to press.

Click ‘Convert to Fraction’ and you will have you fraction displayed below. GIGA Calculator doesn’t give you any steps of the solution like Calculator Soup does.

You have the option to copy the results if you wish to add them to a document or share them somewhere.

3. Calcs.su: Percent to Fraction Calculator

percent to fraction calculator calcs

Calcs.su is a website that is dedicated to mathematical calculators, it does not support a wide range of calculators like the websites discussed above, options here are a little limited.

You can find calculators like simplifying fraction calculator, comparing fractions calculator, fraction to decimal calculator, etc. Their Percent to Fraction is a quite credible tool on this list.

The design of the website isn’t that great, although a good and unique color theme has been chosen, it fails to perform its task of uplifting the look of the website.

It is hard to put it in words but Calcs.su seems a bit unorganized and incomplete, but there are no ads on the website which is always a favorable thing.

There are no details that set the calculator apart from the rest of the webpage, the calculator seems to camouflage within the webpage and seems like a section of the page.

You just need to enter the percentage you want to convert to a fraction and click ‘Calculate’, and the results will be shown below.

The results contain the fraction and the steps for converting the fraction in a single line. If you scroll down you can see the steps that can be used to convert a percentage into a fraction manually.

Calcs.su can prove to be a good choice for you if you want a quick and simple calculator and design is not a priority for you.

4. Rapid Tables: Percent to Fraction Conversion

percent to fraction calculator rapid tables

Just like all the websites discussed above, Rapid Tables is also a website that focuses on different types of calculators.

A difference that Rapid Tables has when compared to others on this list is that they also have noncalculation tools for coding and web design.

The design of Rapid Tables, like most of the calculator websites, is quite generic, but you will notice a more professional and clean vibe from this website.

This might be due to the carefully chosen color scheme or the total absence of ads on the website. Whatever the is, Rapid Tables give you a good virtual environment.

The UI of the calculator is really adequate from a practical standpoint but the overall design seems a bit outdated. It has the most unique design on this list with few more options than the rest of the calculators.

Just enter the percentage you want to convert and click ‘Convert’, the calculator will give you results in two forms. You can use the ‘Swap’button below the input the section if you want to convert a fraction into a percentage.

The fraction view has a small pie chart that gives the visual representation of the percentage that you entered and the ‘Fraction Result’ gives you the fraction.

The steps of the solution are provided in this calculator however if you scroll down you can find detailed information on how to convert percentage into fractions.

Rapid Tables is the calculator which gives more options than any other calculator on this list, if that is something you’re looking for, Rapid Tables might just be the right fit for you.

How To Convert Percent To Fraction

These calculators will carry out any type of calculation for you, when converting percent to fraction, but it is always a good idea to know the math behind any calculation.

Converting percent to fraction mainly requires multiplication and division. The following example will demonstrate how you can make this conversion manually.

Let’s suppose you have to convert 40% into fraction.

First, divide 40% by 100%

   40%/100%  (Percentages cancel each other)

= 40/100         (we have the percentage in fraction form, now simplify it further by a common factor, in this case, it’s 20)

= ⅖

End Note

Conversions from percent to fraction are not complicated at all, we use them in our everyday life whether it is in the kitchen or our offices.

It’s always a good idea to use a  percent to fraction calculator, as they are not only a simple and easy way to carry out these conversions but also limits the chances of error.

All the calculators mentioned in this article are more than capable to help you out with calculations, select the one you feel most comfortable with.

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