3 Best Wavelength to Energy Calculator That You Need

best wavelength to energy calculator
best wavelength to energy calculator

Wavelength to energy calculator is software based tool that calculates the energy of a wave.

The only input required in this calculator is the wavelength of the wave and the rest is computed by the calculator. Waves are an important part of physics and they are all around us.

We might only be able to see waves in more physical forms like in water or ropes but there are uncountable forms of waves that surround us. Light, sound, and phone signals are just a few examples.

Energy has a really close association with waves, as waves are how energy is transferred from one place to another. Each wave carries energy with it and that energy is directly related to the wavelength.

Wavelength is the distance between two consecutive peaks of a wave which can be anywhere from pico meters to meters. The larger the wavelength the lesser the energy of the wave.

There are a lot of calculators that you can find online which can convert wavelength to energy but if you want to find the best wavelength to energy calculator, you to need to stick with this article.

As it has mentioned some of the best calculators that you can find for this category.

A small review of each of them has also been mentioned, highlighting their pros and cons. Make sure you go through them carefully and pin down the one you think best suits your preferences.

Hopefully, you will be able to calculate the energy of a wavelength pretty easily once you are done with this article.

Best Wavelength to Energy Calculator

1. Omni Calculator: Wavelength to Energy Calculator

wavelength to energy calculator omni calculator

There are a lot of calculator websites out there but Omni Calculator is probably the most famous of them all. There are a lot of impressive features on this website, the most prominent of them being the variety of calculators.

You can find tools related to common topics, like, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Finance, etc. And you can also find stuff on some uncommon topics like Conversion, Ecology, and Construction.

Wavelength to Energy Calculator can be found in the Physics section and is certainly one of the best calculators in this category. The design of the calculator goes really well with the rest of the website.

If you have used Omni Calculator you’ll notice that all the calculators have a similar design. This brings a sense of familiarity for regular Omni Calculator users.

The only input that is required from the users is the wavelength, and there is a range of units that you can choose for this value.

The design of the website is something that affects the user experience a lot. If there isn’t coherence between the calculator design and the website design, it is hard to have a good user experience.

Fortunately, Omni Calculator has a great design in terms of both practicality and aesthetics.

Once you have entered the wavelength, the energy, and frequency of the wave will be displayed automatically. You can also use this calculator to determine the wavelength by entering the value for energy.

Just below the calculator, you can find the links to some tools related to this calculator. You might find a few of them useful.

2. Sensorsone: Wavelength to Photon Energy Calculator for Electromagnetic Waves in a Vacuum

wavelength to energy calculator sensor one

Senserosone is a company that manufactures and sells measurement instruments for industrial processes.

They have a wide range of products divided into different categories which include; Pressure Measurement, Liquid Level Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Data Logging, etc.

They might not be the largest or the most popular instrumentation company but they surely are trustworthy.

Apart from products, the other main section of Sensorsone’s website is ‘tools’ and this section has a decent variety of physics tools.

This calculator may seem a bit complicated due to its lengthy name and some technical terms but it works exactly like the one discussed above. The design of the calculator is fairly simple.

You just need to enter the wavelength and select the appropriate units.

This calculator provides you with a wider range of wavelength units than any other calculator on this list.

The website has a very simple and minimalistic design. It really practical is easy to use as there are only 2 contents on the website, the tools, and the products. This design allows you to access both of them quite easily.

Once you have entered the wavelength, the value of energy will be displayed below automatically. Just like Omni Calculator, this calculator can also be used interchangeably.

3. Calculator Academy: Wavelength to Energy Calculator

wavelength to energy calculator academy

Calculator Academy is lesser known calculator website but it gives you access to some pretty useful calculators. The four main categories on this website are Finance, Math, Science and Engineering, and Health and Fitness.

The website also has a few videos that act as a walkthrough for different calculators.

The design of the calculator isn’t as good as the rest of the calculators on this list.

The first flaw, that you will notice in this calculator is that it’s located on the extreme left of the website, which just feels like an odd placement for a calculator.

Secondly, the website isn’t managed that well. There are no lines or defining features on the pages that separate contents from each other. This also causes the website to feel a little too blank.

Just like the rest of the calculators, you only need to enter the wavelength, but you can only enter it in one unit, meters.

Once you have entered the wavelength, click the ‘Calculate’ button and you will get your energy in joules.

How is the Energy of a Wavelength Calculated?

Even though most of the work will be done by the calculators, it is a good idea to have some idea about the basic concept behind the calculation.

Waves are actually a form of energy and there is a very simple formula used for calculating the energy of a wave. The formula is as follows;

 E = h x c / λ

Where, E – Energy, h= plank’s constant, c = speed of light in vacuum, and λ = wavelength.

h and c are constant values, h = 6.62607015×10−34 joule-hertz−1, and c = 300,000 kilometers per second. That is why all you need to know is the wavelength of the wave and you convert it into energy.

Let’s look at an example where we have to convert the energy of a wave with a  wavelength of 300 meters.

E =  (6.62607015×10−34 x 300,000000)/300

                                                          =  6.62e-28

Which Calculator is the best?

You can find a lot of options when it comes to wavelength to energy calculators, but finding a really good one isn’t that easy.

Calculators that have been listed above are all pretty good and pretty much the same in terms of functionality but there are still differences. Can one calculator be named the best one?

Omni Calculator would be the first choice of users that use online calculators regularly. It is easy to use and well designed calculator.

If a good design is your first priority then, Omni Calculator should be the best choice for you.

Calculator Academy gives you the most simple and straightforward experience out of all the calculators on this list.

But it has the worst design compared to the rest of the calculators and it also lets you determine the energy in only one unit.

Sensorone is the only website on this list that isn’t a calculator website. It has a UI similar to that of Omni Calculator but it gives you a much wider range of units for conversion.

So if that is something you are looking for, Sensorone’s calculator will be a good option for you.

Choosing the best calculator comes down to the individual user and their preferences.

End Note

A wavelength to energy calculator can be a very beneficial tool as finding the energy of a wavelength is a very common thing in physics.

Even though the formula behind this calculation is pretty easy, it can still be a problem for some people.

The formula also contains some huge and complex numbers and if you try to carry out the calculations using a conventional calculator, you might end up with some errors.

All of the calculators listed above are adequate enough to give you the right answers, and you will be fine if you go with either one of them. Try to find the one which you feel is the best suited for you.

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