3 Best Constant of Proportionality Calculator

best constant of proportionality calculator
best constant of proportionality calculator

Constant of proportionality calculator is an effective free online tool that was created to help students and people in general, solve their mathematical problems of proportionality at home without any stress or complication.

Constant of proportionality is a sequence of two numbers that are directly or indirectly proportional if their consisting elements have a constant ratio.

When two values are related to each other through ratio, this sort of relationship is called a proportional relation.

You will come across many different names for the constant of proportionality i.e. constant ratio, constant rate, unit rate, constant of variation and rate of change. It is denoted by ‘K’.

For finding the constant of proportionality; you have to write the ratio in a fraction form first, then divide the denominator with the numerator and this is how you will get the constant of proportionality.

Now, manually carrying out such calculations especially if you are weak in math can be very time-consuming and stressful.

There is a high chance that you might not get the correct answer and make several mistakes through the process that affects your overall result.

That is why the constant of proportionality calculator is constructed in a way that will provide you with fast and precise answers.

In a proportionality fraction; K determines the relation between the two values (how they are related to one another).

You will find innumerable examples of constant of proportionality not only in mathematics but in physics, chemistry and statistics as well.

For example; if an object is travelling at a constant speed, then the distance will be directly proportional to the time used for travelling, with the speed being the constant of proportionality.

But if we look at the mathematical example, it will be clearer to you.

For example; y = price (dollars), x = gas (gallons) and k = amount of money that you will pay at the gas station.

y = kx (price is directly proportional to the gas pumped)

Constant of proportionality calculator is here to help you calculate the ratio between the two given dependable values.

This helps you understand how the dependable variable will change with the independent variable. The more the constant of proportionality; the more the dependable variable will change with the independent variable.

The constant of proportionality is the unit of a linear relation which is why in a graph it is called a slope or a gradient.

Mostly it is expressed in a fraction or a decimal because the dependable variable is divided by the independent variable.

Tag along with this article to find some of the best constant of proportionality calculators that are enlisted below along with their performances and interfaces.

Best Constant of Proportionality Calculator

1. Omni: Constant of Proportionality Calculator

constant of proportionality calculator omni calculator

Omni’s calculator is a renowned online tool that serves as multiple mathematical calculators and claims to provide accurate answers. It has thousands of users who trust its results and frequently use it for solving their different problems.

The interface is mostly clear with just one advertisement on the side; it may or may not distract you while you are working. Its theme is green and white.

The font and display are vibrant and the colours enhance the overall look of the calculator.

For calculation, you have to insert the values of the two known variables; x and y. Once you enter the values, the answer will automatically appear in the rectangular bar below.

This calculator also serves as an article because it has an outlook of an article as well as a calculator.

It has a wide variety of guidelines ranging from basic to complex explanations to make you better understand the concept of how to operate the calculator, what formulas are applied, what points you should keep in mind while calculating and much more.

You can read the advantages, disadvantages, uses and disuses of constant of proportionality through this calculator. It has separate paragraphs for every topic and almost covers everything.

This calculator offers you to convert it into 39 other different calculators so you do not have to search for a new calculator for a different problem separately. You can solve all your mathematical problems in one place.

Omni’s calculator has an online blog where previous and current users post comments about their experience, rate the calculator and communicate with each other.

You can also join the blog by signing up on the calculator through your email address.

If you are a person who likes to stay at home and work online, then this calculator is your cue to apply for an online job as a manager, teacher or organizer.

It has vacancies and is hiring so you can apply and try your luck. You never know, you might even get selected and secure the slot.

You can subscribe to its YouTube channel to watch tutorials and guidance videos or you can follow it on Twitter and Facebook to catch up with the latest updates and news.

2. Calculator Academy: Constant of Proportionality Calculator

constant of proportionality calculator academy

Calculator academy’s calculator is a basic operating tool that provides you with simple solutions that saves you from the complexities and expected errors. It is also a unit converter so you can change the units according to your requirement.

The interface has a couple of ads and cookies. The font size is bigger than usual which is helpful for everyone. The headings and buttons are wide and visible. It offers you a few other options to convert this calculator into other types.

For calculation, you have to enter the known variables in the x and y bar. Then click on ‘calculate’ and the value for the constant of proportionality will appear in front of you.

This calculator has YouTube videos that are prerecorded tutorials.

They show you how to use the calculator, what are its features, how to operate it and much more. It is a complete guide so you can watch it before proceeding with the calculation.

You will find different word problems and examples of constant of proportionality below the calculator. You can practice them to improve your understanding and skills.

3. vCalc: Constant of Proportionality Calculator

constant of proportionality vcalc

This calculator has a full display and helps you not only calculate the constant of proportionality but also assists you with properly understanding the use, operation and function of the calculator and the proportionality constant.

The interface is constructive and full of advertisements that are distractive and interrupt your calculations.

On the left is the calculator and on the right are the links, advertisements and list of articles. The font is small, so it is a bit difficult to read it from a distance.

For calculation, you simply have to type the values of x and y variables in the two separate bars. Once you enter both values, the answer will automatically appear in the third empty bar below.

Below the calculator, there are basic and necessary instructions for you to follow. You can give it a quick read before proceeding with the use of the calculator.

If you want to read the detailed instructions you can click on ‘learn more about vCalc’ and it will lead you to a descriptive instructions page.

This calculator offers you practice worksheets that you can use for practicing similar sums to improve your skills.

For acquiring the worksheets it is important to acknowledge that you should have an account on the calculator that you can create via your email.

It has a blog where various articles, post, updates and feedback from other users is present. You can access the blog by creating an account on this calculator. You can leave your comment or communicate with others through this blog.

If you have a question, confusion or query, then worry no more. You can contact them and ask them questions by clicking on ‘contact us’.

vCalc’s calculator has an online team that is available 24/7 at your service. You can leave your questions at any time and you will receive the answer in a couple of minutes.

You can follow it on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn for further updates and news. If you do not have an account on the calculator, this is an alternative way to receive the updates.

End Note

In previous times, the students who were weak in mathematics or did not understand it, either had to hire a tutor/math expert or they had to take extra classes after school/college. That process was tiring, stressful and time-consuming.

But thanks to the constant of proportionality calculator, now the solutions to your problems are just a few clicks away.

You can learn math in the comfort of your home without having to worry about having a tutor or staying late after school for extra math classes.

Some of the best constant of proportionality calculators with different interfaces and outlooks are mentioned above, you can check them out and select the one that suits the most.

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