6 Best End Point Calculator You Need To Use

best endpoint calculator
best endpoint calculator

In maths and geometry, the End Point refers to one of the farthest points on a line segment. This nomenclature is mostly used in graphs. The endpoint is represented by the x and y coordinates of that point on a graph.

Finding the end point manually can be a little annoying, no one wants to closely stare at a graph and figure out the coordinates of a point.

You can do that once on twice but doing that constantly might be eye straining and you are also bound to make mistakes in this process.

Endpoint calculators can be used to calculate the endpoints of a line, easily and quickly.

An endpoint calculator is a tool that takes a few inputs from you about the line and calculates its endpoint for you.

There are numerous endpoint calculators that you can choose from, this article is going to discuss a few of them so you can find the best End Point Calculator for yourself.

Best End Point Calculator

1. Omni Calculator: Endpoint Calculator

endpoint calculator omnicalculator

The Omni calculator is an online calculator website and is probably the most used calculator website. They have numerous calculators related to all kinds of subjects and fields.

Their calculators are widely trusted and you can use their flow rate calculator for your calculations.

Omni Calculator is a really well designed website, it works seamlessly without any glitches or pop-ups. The placement of the calculator itself is a little inconvenient.

It could have easily been placed right at the center of the page but is situated at the extreme left.

Its position won’t really have an effect on your experience but still, a centered calculator would seem more appropriate. The calculator has an intuitive interface.

There is a small image of a graph right above the calculator; this pictorial representation really helps the user understand the inputs that need to be entered.

The first thing you need to enter is the coordinates of the starting point, these will be the value of x and y at the other extreme point of the line.

Then, you need to enter the coordinates of the point of the line, which is referred to a point on the line that has an equal distance from the starting and the end point.

You will have your endpoint coordinates just below the midpoint, labeled as xand y2.

2. Calculator Soup: Midpoint/Endpoint Calculator

endpoint calculator soup

Calculator Soup is a website sort of like Omni Calculator, it also has a lot of calculators related to different subjects, and it has a little less variety than Omni, but that is not the thing you notice the most when you first open this website.

The greatest difference that you’ll see is in design, soup calculator has a musty design, and the advertisements on the website also don’t help but the interface of the endpoint calculator is pretty good.

This calculator can be used for both calculating the midpoint or calculating the endpoint, do make sure that you select ‘End Point’ at the start.

Enter the start point and midpoint coordinates, then click ‘Calculate’, the endpoints will be displayed at the bottom.

Calculator soup constructs the line for which you are trying to find the endpoint, on the graph below, there are controls on the graph that you use to move the graph, like left, right, zoom, zoom out, etc.

3. Free-Online-Calculators-Use: End Point Calculator

endpoint calculator free online calculator

As you can tell from its name, it is a website dedicated to calculators, you find the endpoint calculator in the ‘Maths Calculators’ section.

The design of the website is totally unorganized and has a childish vibe to it, it is like this calculator website was made for fourth graders.

Another thing you might find inconvenient is that you have to scroll down a bit to get to the calculator, at the top of the page there are just instructions and information about the page.

The interface of the calculator itself is good but feels a little congested.

This calculator gives you the option to enter some examples from the drop down menu for starting point and midpoint. Don’t be confused if the first input is labeled as Endpoint1, it’s just another name for the starting point.

Once you have entered the coordinates of midpoint and endpoint1, the results will be shown at the bottom, x (X2 endpoint) and y (Y2 endpoint) coordinateS separately and together as endpoint coordinates.

4. Calculator Online: End Point Calculator

endpoint calculator online

Calculator Online has a bunch of calculators related to health, math, finance, chemistry, etc.

The range of calculators that they have are pretty good but it seems like there has been no effort to maintain the website, and it also has a ton of ads, which makes it look even worse.

The calculator has really simple interface, probably the simplest and easiest to use in this list.

Enter the x and y coordinates of the starting point and midpoint, then click ‘Calculate Endpoint’, to get your results. The page refreshes and you results are shown in detail.

It not only gives you the endpoint coordinates, it laso gives you the distance between the starting point and the endpoint, which is length of the line, and constructs a line on the graph corresponding to the coordinates that you entered.

On the top of the calculator, you have the option to download the entire results and you can even use the print button to print out the results directly from the website.

If you scroll down a little, there is a lot of reading material related to endpoint calculations

5. The Mathematics Master: Endpoint Calculator

endpoint calculator the mathematics master

The Mathematics Master is all about tools and calculators related to math subjects, like arethmatics, algebra, coordinate geometry etc. You can find the endpoint calculator in their cooidinate geometry section.

The design of the website is really professional, and it has a clean and oragnanized user interface with a simple color theme, you know you can trust this website just by looking at its design.

There is an image of a graph just above the calculator, identifying starting, mid and points of a line.

First you need to enter the value of x1 and y1 which would be the coordinates of the starting point, then enter the value of x amd y, which in this case are the midpoint coordinates.

Click ‘SUBMIT’  and the answer will be displayed on the right side of the image of the graph above. Solution of the results can also be found below.

If you scroll down a little, there is a heading of ‘Table of Contents’, these are just explanations of endpoint and the concept behind it.

Mathematics Master is a really good choice if you a good website and design and a straight forward user experience.

6. Giga Calculator: Endpoint Calculator

endpoint calculator giga calculator

Giga Calculator is a pretty well known website for calculators and converters, this website has a pretty decent design but the almost uncountable ads really bring down the aesthetics.

You can find the endpoint calculator in the geometry section under calculators.

The calculator does feel a little congested due to all the ads surrounding it but it has pretty good interface. Just enter the x and y coordinates for the midpoint and starting point of the line and click ‘Calculate endpoint’.

The end point coordinates will be displayed without any details or steps of the solution.

Giga calculator can be the right choice for you if you don’t care about any details and just a simple answers. If you are someone who finds website ads annoying, we won’t recommend that you go for the Giga Calculator.

How is Endpoint Calculated?

Calculating the coordinates of the endpoint with midpoint and starting point of a line is basic geometry, its important to know the concept behind it before you start using these calculators.

The formula for endpoint of a line:

x2  = 2xm – x1

y2 = 2ym – y1

Where (x2, y2) is the endpoint, (xm, ym) is the midpoint and (x1,y1 ) is the starting point

End Note

Geometry is something that we can see everywhere, from man made structures to natural phenomena, lines are the very basic and essential element of geometry.

Calculating endpoints is not just limited to a graph on screen on paper, it can be applied anywhere.

Endpoint calculators can prove to be a quick and easy tool if you are dealing with line segments, they can make calculations for you with the minimum chances of error. All the calculators that have been mentioned above work flawlessly.

It comes down to your personal preferences and the nature of your work when you are selecting the best endpoint calculator.

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