5 Best ORM Calculator To Check Out!

best orm calculator
best orm calculator

Weightlifting has always been a very popular sport, the fame that it gets is due to the nature of its simplicity.

There aren’t many rules and complications like in other competitions, it is just easy to understand. People compete on the basis of the greatest amount they can lift.

ORM can be a very efficient method for calculating someone’s strength, ORM’s full form is One Rep Max, which means the maximum amount of weight a person can lift at once.

Knowing your ORM can is important if you are someone who works out in the gym or lifts heavy stuff on a daily basis.

Exceeding your ORM can be dangerous, so it is better that you are aware of it, ORM Calculators can be found online to calculate your ORM, you just have to give some inputs regarding your strength and the calculator does the rest.

This article will mention some of the best ORM calculators that are available for you to use, go through all of them so you can get the best ORM calculator for yourself.

This article will definitely find the best tool for you to find out your One Rep Maximum.

Best ORM Calculator:

1. Strengthlevel.com: One Rep Max Calculator

orm calculator strength level

Strength Level is a website focused on training tools, standards, and schedules. Along with their ORM calculator, you can find tools like Plate Barbell Racking calculator, Powerlifting calculator, Wilks calculator, etc.

It’s a pretty good website for strength enthusiasts.

The website has a unique design, and the UI and UX of the website seem pretty simple and straightforward but the design and colors seem a little extra.

It is a good look for a weightlifting website but might seem a little odd for something else.

The interface of the calculator is very intuitive and goes perfectly with the rest of the website.

Enter the amount in kgs or pounds of the weight that you can normally lift and under that write down the repetitions of that exercise that you can do in go.

Click ‘Calculate One Rep Max’ and based on your entries, the calculator will give you your ORM. This calculator also gives you a list of different weights and the number of reps you can do for each of them, along with the ORM.

If you are looking for a good user interface and some extra information along with the ORM, this calculator can be a good fit for you.

2. Bodybuilding.com: One-Rep Max Calculator

orm calculator bodybuilding

Bodybuilding.com has all you need for bodybuilding, they have tools, workout routines, articles, and a wide range of products ranging from protein supplements to workout clothes.

This a probably the most famous website when it comes to bodybuilding. Their ORM calculator is a really trustworthy tool when it comes to One Rep Max calculations.

The website has a few ads but they don’t really bother you that much, apart from that the website has a really good design.

The interface of the calculator is a little different from the rest of the website which seems a little odd, but you probably won’t even notice that.

Select the units of weight that you want to enter (Kg or Pounds), then enter the weight lifted in the section below weight. Select the number of reps you can perform for that particular weight.

Click ‘CALCULATE’ and your ORM will be displayed below, together with the different percentages of your

ORM and the relative weights.

Bodybuilding.com also gives you the next step in the process of finding ORM, not that you have figured out your ORM you pick a training plan from the website and find the right gear for yourself, but remember that they also do these extra steps for their own marketing.

3. ExRx.net: Predicting One Rep Max

orm calculator exrx

ExRx is a website dedicated to health and fitness, it has numerous tools like fitness calculators, exercise libraries, muscle directories, etc.

You can also find articles and guides on almost all health and fitness related topics. ORM calculator can be found in the ‘fitness testing’ section.

The interface of the website feels a little complete, it’s like they wanted to give it a simple look but tried too hard to do that, leaving the website a bit empty.

There are a few ads on the website but you will hardly notice them. Layout of this calculator is a little different than the one we discussed above.

The interface of the calculator is not that intuitive, the result section is right next to the input section, and just has empty boxes labeled that get filled in once the calculations are performed, It certainly makes the calculator easier to use though.

Enter the weight lift and the reps performed for that weight in the input section and click ‘CALCULATE’, One rep max will be displayed at the top right of the calculators with different percentages of ORM with the corresponding weights below it.

4. Legionathletics.com: One Rep Max Calculator

orm calculator legionathetics

Legion athletics is a fitness and training website, it numerous fitness and workout calculators along with information on supplements, meal plans, blogs, books and coaching.

You can find the ORM calculator in the tools section of this website.

Legionathletics.com has a very welcoming website design, although it may have better if a little more colors were added to it. There are absolutely no ads on this website which always makes the experience better for the users.

The interface of the calculator is really user-friendly, probably the best one on this list.

Select the unit of weight that you are lifting (Kg or Ibs), and enter the value of weight. Write down the number of repetitions in the ‘Reps’ section.

There is no ‘calculate’ or any other action button in this calculator, you will get the ORM as soon as you enter all the details.

Under the ORM, you can see different percentages of ORM and their weights just like the calculators we have discussed above, but legion athletics also gives you the estimated reps for all the percentages of the ORM.

If you scroll down more you can see the section of Frequently Asked Questions, these are some questions that you might have regarding the calculator or the concept of ORM, it is recommended that you go through them atleast once.

5. Strengthlog.com: Calculate your 1 Rep Max

orm calculator strengthlog

Strength Log is a fitness and exercise website, it has articles, training programs, muscle specific exercises, etc.

It is a quite convenient website for people who want to read and learn about diet and exercises. Their ORM calculator can also prove to be an adequate tool if you want to find your One Rep Max.

The layout of their website is as simple as it could be, but due to the well organized elements and total absence of any ads, the website seems pretty inviting.

The ORM calculator is also quite straightfoward and intuitive, we don’t see any reason why someone won’t want to use it based on its interface.

You can manually enter the number of reps and weight or you can use the counters on in the empty fields to add one in these values each time you click them.

There are no specified units for weight, you enter them in any unit you like and the ORM will also be in the similar units.

Once you enter both of these, the calculator gives you 1-10 Rep max based on your entries, the first one is ORM and you can scroll down to see the rest of them.

How do ORM calculators work?

ORM calculator try to predict your one rep maximum weight according to the inputs you give, they try to find the orm by checking your endurance to a specific wight, like you can lift a 5kg dumbbell 25 times, they use a formula to solve this data for 1 rep.

There are a number of formulas that are used to calculate ORM, this is the one mostly used:

ORM = weight / ( 1.0278 – 0.0278 × reps )

Input the weight that you lifted and the number of reps you did with that weight in this equation and you will find your ORM.

End Note

Knowing the limits of your endurance and strength is always a good idea, you should always try to challenge your physical limits but always be careful with them.

ORM gives you a pretty good idea about your strength but always consult a fitness coach or training expert, as injuries from over weightlifting can be very serious.

These ORM calculators are all trustworthy tools, go through each one of them and try to find the best fit, all of them require the same inputs and generally give you the similar kinds of outputs as well.

It comes down to your personal preference when selecting the best ORM calculator

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