8 Best Line Equation From Two Points Calculator

best line equation from two points calculator
best line equation from two points calculator

We’re in the technological era, and machines have reduced human efforts. Some sites and apps allow you to find the line equation from two points without a hustle.

We would review these sites and applications that are best for this purpose.

So, it saves your time and effort to explore the best ones in all the sites and apps for finding line equations from two points.

You should know some basic concepts of how a line equation from two points is calculated to understand the mechanism of calculators fully.

There are many calculators to this date that offer their services on websites that make calculations easy to do for mathematicians. You can look at these sites, which provide the best calculators for finding the line equation from two points.

Best Online Calculators and Apps for ‘line equation from two points

1. Planetcalc

line equation calculator planetcalc

Planetcalc is a site that offers a calculator that finds not only the line equation from two points but also slope-intercept and parametric forms. There are two calculators on this website.

Because line equation can be in different forms, this website prints result in slope intercept, slope parameters, and graph of the line from their first calculator.

Also, it gives you the line equation in parametric form. It provides a line with and direction vector from its second calculator.

It continues because it also guides you to find the line equation manually. A description of finding it is given under the calculators in their respective forms. So choose the way you like to calculate your answer.

This website also guides you through its method of solving a line equation from two points in parametric form. It includes calculating the displacement and final line equations.

2. Byju’s

line equation calculator byju

A renowned company Byjus also has an online calculator to facilitate their users. This website provides the lectures you can take to learn line equations from two points better and the calculator.

First, they provide you with the instructions and steps for correctly using the calculator.

Some basic guidelines are included about the input of variables. The line equation that this site provides is in the slope-intercept form only. It takes to input the two points and outputs the slope and the line equation.

This website also has a variety of solved practice problems alongside lectures to help you understand line equations from two points better.

3. webMath

line equation calculator webmath

Another in-the-list webMath, this website also provides you with a calculator in the simplest of forms. The calculator also inputs the points and outputs the line equation in slope-intercept form.

It is straightforward in its general appearance. Like all the other sites, it also provides you with other algebraic calculators, trigonometric, and linear equation calculators. All summed up, it is a straightforward, user-friendly website.

4. Mathwarehouse

line equation calculator mathwarehouse

Mathwarehouse is another helpful website that is not only efficient like all the above but also provides you with the whole calculation; every step of it.

Some may find it very useful, because it not only gives you your answer but also teaches you along the way.

This calculator receives a lot of attention because not only this site shows the steps, but also that it answers point-slope, slope-intercept, and the standard form.

If you solved a problem manually and you’re not getting the right results, you may use this site to find which step you’re making a mistake in.

5. Mathportal

line equation calculator mathportal

Mathportal is the last website in the list, as it provides a little more. It inputs points and outputs the line equation in general form and also in slope-intercept form.

It can also show you the steps of calculations and provide you with the closest exact answer from the equation. It also has a settings option to hide steps and to give you the most immediate solution.

It also draws the graph with the solution and has many solved problems to practice if you’re looking for some. It also guides their process of calculating the results. So, if you’re curious about their method, it’s there for you.

6. Linear Equation Solver

line equation calculator linear equation solver

All the websites mentioned above have their own pros and cons, and it’s totally up to you to choose between them. You can put the hook right where you find the most comfortable and all you need. Every website is exact and up to the standard.

These websites not only give you the answer but also go a long way to teach you about the process.It is very much possible that you’re somewhere you don’t have a network for any reason. You want the calculator without the internet and always with you.

You can certainly have these apps on your phone for this purpose. This article will review some of the best ones for you so that you can choose the one according to your needs and comfort.

Linear Equation Solver is an elementary yet, powerful app for mathematical problems. You can have this app on your phone. It will benefit you in the line equation from two points problems and other linear problems.

So it can work like your go-to place for all linear issues. It is very accurate and easy to use. Cherrie on top is that it’s free.

7. Mathway

line equation calculator mathway

Mathway is also a handy, powerful, and diverse application for Ios and Android. It can solve complex math problems, including line equations from two points problems.

It is very accurate and helpful. It can help you with your linear equations and all the other mathematical problems. This app has a diversity of math calculators that even cover advanced calculus problems and complex equations.

It is also a free-to-use application.

8. CameraMath

line equation calculator cameramath

CameraMath is also available on Ios and Android. It is an app that can solve line equations from two points but in a unique way. You can also use your phone’s camera and the app to solve the problem.

Where you need to input the variable and do a little hectic work on other apps, it allows you to snap a picture and have your solution right away. But to use this feature, an internet connection is necessary.

All these apps are efficient, and these outputs the results are in slope-intercept form. You can have these on your phone in case you don’t have access to the facility of internet. Just like the applications suggested above, it is also free to use application.

Basic Concept

The basic equation of a line is ‘ax+by+c=0’, and ‘a’ and ‘b’ are never zero, and c is the y-intercept. The slope-intercept form of the line equation is given by’ y=mx+c.’

The slope is the steepness of the line on the XY coordinate plane. These steps can calculate a line equation that passes from two points:

Step 1

  • Find the slope using the slope formula: rise/run,.
  • Find point 1 (x1,y1).
  • Find point 2 (x2,y2).

Step 2

  • Suppose you have the value of the slope, use one point to find the value of y-intercept(b). X or Y replace the ‘x’ in the equation of y=mx+b.
  • ‘m’ becomes the slope calculated.
  • Now the only variable left is ‘b.’

Step 3

Once you have the value of ‘m’ and ‘b,’ you can calculate the value of the line of the equation between two points.

If it is a horizontal line, the value of the slope is zero, and the intercept is equal to the y-coordinates as it runs parallel to the x-axis. The line equation, in this case, becomes y=y_1

If the line is vertical, the intercept’s slope and value go in an undefined condition. It becomes impractical to solve the equation. The line equation, in this case, becomes x=x_1

End Note

All these calculators and websites would fulfill your needs about line equations from two points. You can choose any of these as per your own needs.

If you want a more detailed calculator, it’s listed here and with the most simplistic calculator. Websites that not only solve problems but also teach you the method of solving the problems manually along the way.

It has also listed some applications that you can download for this use. These applications solve line equations from two points tasks and other complex equations. These have unique features.

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