6 Best Pressure Calculator To Try

best pressure calculator
best pressure calculator

There are different types of pressure calculators available in the market that allow users to calculate blood pressure as well as osmotic pressure.

The calculators are designed with an interface, where you’ve to input the values to evaluate the pressure. In most cases, these calculators ask you to input temperature, coefficient, and molar concentration.

Some of these apps and websites have formulas and calculation steps that are essential to completing the calculation.

So, if you want to get your hands on the best pressure calculators, we are sharing some options with you!

Best Pressure Calculator

Best Osmotic Pressure Calculators

  1. omnicalculator.com

osmotic pressure calculator omnicalculator

This is a free calculator website that can be accessed through the internet. It can be used to calculate the osmotic pressure in different units, such as kilopascals, pounds per square inch, Pascal, torrs, and bars.

Before you begin the calculation process, you’ve to add values of different parameters, such as osmotic coefficient, temperature, concentration, and the number of ions.

There is an advanced mode that allows the users to add the volume and molecular weight of the solution to calculate the pressure.

When you add all the input parameters, you’ve to select the desired unit and the final value will be calculated. In addition to osmotic pressure, you can also calculate cell EMF, buffer pH, and buffer capacity.

  1. chemistrycalc.com

osmotic pressure calculator chemistrycalc

If you want to calculate how much pressure is needed to stop the osmosis process, you can use this website.

On this website, you’ve to add the osmotic coefficient, temperature, number of ions, and concentration. In addition, it can show the osmotic pressure in different units, including hPa, Torr, BAR, MPa, and A TM.

To calculate the pressure, you have to add the input values, select the desired pressure unit, and press the calculate button.

There are various other calculators available on the website, such as the mole fraction calculator, mole calculator, battery life calculator, chemical calculator, and Boyles law calculator.

  1. pureaqua.com

osmotic pressure calculator pureaqua

This is another osmotic pressure calculator available for people who need a free calculator. It utilizes the universal gas constant, solar concentration, and temperature to calculate the pressure.

It allows the users to specify the output value’s unit, such as A TM, bar, PSI, kPa, and Pascal. On the website, you only have to add the input values and the pressure will be automatically calculated.

In addition to this, there are tools available for calculating operating costs, power consumption, and dosing. Also, there is a unit conversion.

  1. hyperphysics.phy

osmotic pressure calculator hyperphysics

This is a free osmotic pressure calculator and the website shows the diagrams for highlighting the low and high osmotic pressure.

In addition, it showcases the formulas that are used to calculate the pressure. As far as the input values are concerned, you’ve to add absolute temperature, molecular weight, and solute mass.

The only issue is that this calculator shows the pressure in A TM and kPA units. There are various theorems available, such as internal energy, thermal energy, and theorem of equipartition of energy.

  1. calculator.swifttutors.com

osmotic pressure calculator swift tutors

This is one of the simplest calculators out there that utilize the molar concentration, number of ions, absolute temperature, and osmotic coefficient.

It only showcases the osmotic pressure in the Bar unit and also showcases the formula that’s used to perform and complete the calculation.

There are various other online calculators available, including molar concentration, number of moles, the molarity of PPM, and molality.

  1. calculatorhut.com

osmotic pressure calculator hut

There are more than 150 calculators available on this website from different fields, such as physics, health, finance, and math.

There is a special calculator available for calculating the osmotic pressure but you can also calculate the osmotic coefficients, number of ions, temperature values, and concentration.

Moreover, you can access the percentage error calculator, bond order calculator, log calculator, factorial calculator, and normality calculator.

Best Blood Pressure Calculators

We have previously added calculators for people who want to calculate the osmotic pressure. However, if you want to calculate your blood pressure, we are sharing some options with you!

  1. Blood Pressure Companion

blood pressure calculator companion

This is one of the most multifunctional apps out there that helps measure blood pressure. This app also allows the users to track the data, gather all the stats, and keep an eye on the daily progress.

The app has an extremely user-friendly interface, which means it’s easier to use and navigate through. In addition, you can calculate the mean of every stat.

The app allows the users to set reminders, so they can measure their blood pressure and it also allows the users to set up doctor appointments.

In fact, you can share the blood pressure stats from the app. The best thing about this app is that there is extra information for classifying blood pressure.

  1. Blood Pressure – SmartBP

blood pressure calculator smart BP

This blood pressure calculating app is one of the best choices for Android as well as iPhone users. It’s a great way of calculating and monitoring blood pressure.

The app has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so you can monitor the changes in blood pressure pretty easily. You can access the information in different forms, such as stats and graphs.

Blood Pressure – SmartBP is a reliable option to record diastolic and systolic pressure, weight, pulse, time of measurement, and pulse pressure.

It’s extremely convenient to manage the records with average calculations and charts. In addition, you can send the health information through email – you can send the stats to the doctor.

It works as a database tool, so you can share the blood pressure information with the doctor. The app can be used to calculate pulse pressure and arterial pressure.

On top of everything, entering data in this app is quite convenient and you can set reminders to take blood pressure measurements.

  1. Cardio Journal

blood pressure calculator cardio journal

If you have to track your blood pressure regularly, Cardio Journal is the right option. You can calculate your pressure and put everything down in the app.

The app provides regular stats of blood pressure calculations. The app is extremely convenient to use and it’s quite easy to add blood pressure.

The users can check the stats and history. Cardio Journal has a simple and easy interface. There are heart indicators on the app that show if the blood pressure is in the normal range or not.

This app can separate the day and night measurements and you have to option to turn on notifications, so you can check your blood pressure regularly.

On top of everything, you can get free consultations with a heart specialist but it’s recommended that you consult with your own doctor.

  1. Blood Pressure

blood pressure calculator bp app

This is an Android app that’s perfect for people who want to monitor their blood pressure and get rid of hypertension.

Blood Pressure is one of the best apps to keep track of blood pressure and the measurements are securely saved in the database.

In addition, you can add more information about hypertension’s treatment – this information can be shared with the doctor.

The app has a convenient and user-friendly interface, making it easier to navigate through. The users can edit, describe, and update the measurements.

Blood Pressure allows the users to add special markets, such as measurement location, weight, pulse, and high-figures information.

The app shows visual graphs, so you can keep track of your health. There is a separate page available for accessing average blood pressure and pulse information.

You can also calculate the blood pressure for multiple users and the data can be exported in XML and CSV formats. The information can be saved in PDF files as well.

Blood Pressure has filters, with which you can remove the output parameters that you don’t want. Overall, the app has an appealing design and you have the option to change the theme.

On top of everything, it’s recommended that you keep a tonometer at hand to ensure accurate results.

  1. Blood Pressure Tracker

blood pressure calculator tracker

If you want to observe and track changes in blood pressure over the course of time, Blood Pressure Tracker is the best option.

This app allows the users to track their heart rate as well as their blood pressure. It can record the diastolic and systolic blood pressures automatically.

Blood Pressure Tracker can be used to track the heart rate and you will be given information about the calculation time. In addition, it can store and analyze the results.

Last but not least, you can also export the data in the form of CSV files!

  1. Blood Pressure Log

blood pressure calculator bp log

This is an Android app that’s a perfect option to collect blood pressure information and analyze the data. In addition, you can add other parameters, such as weight, exercise, and heart rate.

The app shows the stats and graphs, making it easier to track the results and monitor the pressure. There is a reminders option, so you don’t forget to calculate the blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Log can be used for recording blood pressure but keep in mind that it won’t replace professional consults.

The bottom line is that there are different types of pressure calculators available on the market, ranging from osmotic pressure calculators to blood pressure calculators. So, which one will you choose?

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