5 Best Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

best fundamental theorem of calculus calculator
best fundamental theorem of calculus calculator

Calculus is a major part of mathematics, it usually consists deals with changes in rates of specific values which are calculated through derivatives and integrals.

Calculus was invented by one of the greatest minds that ever walked the earth, Isaac Newton, and we are using calculus more actively than ever.

Calculus is not only used in mathematics but is also an important part of physics as it deals with changes in rate area under the graphs.

Being such an important part of mathetics also makes it a tricky one and is said to be one of the hardest branches of maths.  The fundamental theorem of calculus is the basis of all the calculus that is performed today.

Using this theorem can be a difficult and lengthy task, there is fundamental theorem of calculus calculators that can make the calculations for you.

If you are someone who is looking for a good fundamental theorem of a calculus calculator, this article will discuss some of the best fundamental theorems of calculus calculators, so you can find the best fundamental theorem of a calculus calculator based on your needs and preferences.

Hopefully, you won’t be nervous about dealing with calculus after going through this article.

Best Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

1. Symbolab: Definite Integral Calculator

fundamental theorem of calculus symbolab

Symbolab is a website that is all about mathematics, you find tools and calculators related to almost any topic of maths, like trigonometry, algebra, calculus, stats, etc.

This website is mostly focused on mathematics but you can also find tools related to physics, chemistry, and economics as well.

Symbolab has a really intuitive design, it is exactly the design you expect from a calculator website. The design is not boring and at the same time, it is not too flashy.

There are a few ads on the website which make the website a little congested but they are placed pretty well so it’s not bad.

The calculator can be found in the calculus section of the website, the interface of the calculator is really user-friendly and simple.

Write down the expression for which you want to calculate and enter the upper and lower limits of the function.

A few common functions and signs have been given at the top of the calculator if you want to use them in your expression.

Once you are done with all the inputs, Click ‘GO’ to get the answer and you will the results at the bottom. Symbolab shows you all the steps leading up to the answer.

Symbolab is a very practical fundamental theorem of calculus calculator, if you are looking for a simple interface and detailed answers, you should go for this calculator.

2. eMath Help: Definite and Improper Integral Calculator

fundamental theorem of calculus emathhelp

eMath Help is dedicated to all types of mathematics calculators and tools, they have numerous tools related to all sorts of math subjects, but the website is not just limited to this.

You can find math notes and games on the website as well, along with some other useful stuff.

The design of the website isn’t bad, but it still feels a little incomplete, it would have been much better if they used more defining elements on the website like lines, arrows, and bold fonts.

The ads are also something that affects the look of the website, they keep flashing in front of you while you are using the calculator.

The calculator’s interface is quite simple; you have to enter the inputs one by one rather than in a single expression like the Symbolab.

First, you need to enter the function that you want to integrate, there are no options for selecting terms in the expression, and you will have to enter them manually.

Then select the variable you want to solve the function for, and then enter the upper and lower limits.

Click compute, and you will have your answer and solution at the bottom of the calculator. eMath Help represents the solution and the steps better than any other calculator on this list.

3. Integral-calculator.com

fundamental theorem of calculator integral calculator

Unlike the websites that we have discussed above, this one is totally dedicated to finding the integral of an expression by fundamental theorem of calculus and has no tools other than that.

The website which only has one tool, may seem a little credible and authentic but  Integral-calculator.com is far from that.

The design of the page seems a little outdated at first glance but is actually pretty practical and simple, it is exactly how you would want a calculus website to look.

There are sections made for advertisements all over the website but they are empty, which makes this calculator less distracting for the user.

Write the function you want to integrate into the section titled ‘Calculate the Integral of …’ you will see a section on the right side of the calculator, where you have to enter the variable you need the integral to be calculated for and also write the upper and lower limits of the functions.

Your final expression will be displayed under the ‘This will be calculated’ section. Press ‘Go!’ to calculate the integral.

You will be directed toward the bottom of the page, where you can find the solution and the results. If you scroll down a little more, you can also see the graph corresponding to your calculations.

4. WolframAlpha: Online Integral Calculator

fundamental theorem of calculus wolframalpha

It is hard to name an answer engine as famous and efficient as WolframAlpha, it has software, tools, and calculators related to all sorts of subjects.

WolframAlpha is a widely trusted website by not only students but all sorts of users. Their Online Integral Calculator is a very practical and easy to use calculator when it comes to the fundamental theorem of calculus.

The design of the website is probably the best one on this list, it is quite simple and clean but not at all boring, WolframAlpha’s colors seem really inviting and fun.

The interface of the calculator is quite intuitive, you don’t have to input most of the stuff manually you can just select it from the ‘calculus and sums’ board.

Enter the limits and the expression you want to solve and also select the type of integration you want to perform from the ‘calculus and sums’ board. Click the purple ‘=’ to get your answers at the bottom of the calculator.

This calculator not only gives you the integral but constructs a graph, gives you the Riemann sums and the indefinite integral. You can also get the step by step solutions for all of these answers.

5. Integral Calculator with steps by Bazzigate Corp

fundamental theorem of calculator integralcalculator steps

All the calculators that have been mentioned above are websites, they are designed for desktops and PCs but will also work fine on your mobile browser.

But still, apps are something that we prefer over websites nowadays. There are dozens of fundamental theorem of calculus calculator apps, but we have tried to list the best one.

Integral Calculator by Bazzugate Corp is the best app you will find when it comes to integrals.

It has a really organized and clean design and can calculate all sorts of integrals for you. The app has a few popup ads but you won’t find any glitches in it.

Select the type of integral you want to find from the main menu of the app and the app will take you to the respective calculator.

A unique thing that you will notice about this app is that its keyboard to input the equation is designed like a traditional calculator.

Enter the equation that you need to calculate along with the upper and lower bounds (if any) of the equation.

Click calculate, and you will have results in front of you. Like the calculators, we have discussed previously, this calculator also gives you extra answers.

End Note

Calculus is an important yet complicated branch of mathematics, and the fundamental theorem of calculus is something on which all of calculus depends.

Not everyone is good at finding out integrals and derivatives and even the people who are good at it make mistakes.

Fundamental theorem of calculus calculators can help you solve equations quickly, and without any mistakes, even if you want to perform the calculations yourself, these calculators can just be used to see the accuracy of your calculations.

Go through all of these calculators and find the one that you are most comfortable with and that best suits your requirements. All them are pretty and do the same basic calculations, you’ll be fine with any one of them.

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