What Is The Best TIRADS Calculator? (3 Websites)

best tirads calculator
best tirads calculator

TIRADS calculator is a software-based medical tool that is used to calculate the TIRAD (abbreviation of Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data Systems ) score of a thyroid imaging result.

This score is used to judge the risk of thyroid cancer based on ultrasound tests. TIRAD results are classified into 5 points, T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5.

The risk of cancer increases as the number on the classification increases.

There are 5 features of an ultrasonic test on which the risk is assessed, these include; composition, echogenicity, shape, margin, and echogenic.

As you can see the terms that are used here are pretty technical and can only be analyzed by a health professional or a medical student. TIRADS is actually a recent development in medical imaging.

It was created in 2009 by Horvath and made the process of analyzing thyroid images a whole lot easier but was still a complex method that required analyzing 10 features of an ultrasound.

It was later studied and optimized to a relatively simple 5-pattern method.

It is estimated that more than 40000 people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer every year in the US alone, and it is more likely to happen in women.

TIRADS has made the diagnosis of thyroid cancer more successful. When it comes to something as serious as cancer, you need the best and most reliable tools.

There are a bunch of TIRADS calculators online supported by medical websites. But if you want to find the best TIRADS calculator for yourself, you need to stick with the details below.

This article will list some of the best calculators you can find for TIRADS online.

A summary of features will also be given below each calculator to highlight their best and worst features, so you can make an informed decision.

Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in calculating the TIRAD score but remember that these calculators can not be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Best TIRADS Calculator

1. TIR-ADS Calculator: Calculates TIR-ADS Score

tirads calculator ti-rads

The name of the website is TRI-ADS calculator itself and that should give you a pretty good idea of where it stands as a TIRADS calculator.

This is not a high-end website but it certainly is one of the most used when it comes to TIRADS scores.

Most of the websites that have a TIRADS calculator are medical websites that support a lot of other software-based medical tools as well, but not this one.

It is solely focused on calculating the TIRADS score and the rest of the website is just full of supporting material. The calculator’s design couldn’t have been simpler.

It only has a list of ultrasound features and their options. There is a link just above the calculator that you can use to get the description of all the constituents of the ultrasound.

The design of the website is so simple that it seems like a word document when you first enter it. It is just plain text on a white background.

As stated earlier, there isn’t much to do or look at except for the calculator.

There is an ‘About’ section which you can check out if you want to know more about the tool and the website. Once you have made all the selections regarding the ultrasound, total points, the TIRAD level, and its recommendations will be displayed below.

If you scroll down to the end of the calculator you can see an image that describes all the features of ultrasound and their respective points.

2. Radiogyan: ACR Tirads Calculator For Thyroid Nodules

tirads calculator radiogyan

RadioGyan is a medical tools website that mainly focuses on radiology. You can find tools like radiology calculators, radiological anatomy, and radiology software.

There is also a lot of helpful material related to radiology like guides, videos, case studies, etc, which can use to improve your knowledge of radiology.

This website is actually made for medical students but will be useful for everyone.

Radiogyan’s TIRADS calculator has a horizontal layout unlike the one discussed above. The inputs as you already know remain the same for all calculators.

The design is simple but is very poorly managed, the text on the right side of the calculator is going out of the lines, ruining its whole look.

The size of the calculator is too big, a smaller size would have been more appropriate.

The rest of the website is designed like all the average low-end websites. There isn’t a prominent flaw but the website has a very dull and basic look, some colors could have helped the design a lot.

There aren’t any ads on the website which is a rare thing when it comes to websites like this.

On the top of the calculator, you have the option to change the language.  In addition to English, you can also operate the tool in Spanish and Portuguese.

Once you have selected all the inputs, your total score will be displayed below. If you scroll down you can find the suspicion level of the TIRAD results.

3. Radiology Calculators: EU-TIRADS Calculator For Thyroid Ultrasound


tirads calculator radiology calculators

Radiology Calculators is a website that scoring and reporting system calculators related to radiology tests and results.

There are numerous medical radiology calculators that you can use, the main categories for these calculators are; Abdominal imaging, Chest imaging, Neuroradiology and H&N imaging, Volume calculators, and Thyroid ultrasound.

This website has the largest collection of radiology calculators out of all the online platforms. If you are interested in radiology, this website will be a great help.

The calculator is pretty similar to the ones discussed above as all the TIRAD calculators require the same inputs.

Read the small paragraph on the top of the calculator if you are a first-time user and then make your selections below.

The calculator’s design is fairly simple but has a bit more detailing when compared to the other calculators on this list.

The website’s design is also the best one on this list. There isn’t much to see aesthetically, as the website is almost grey which gives it a dull look.

But its UI is user-friendly, all the contents of the website can be viewed and accessed from the header and the website runs pretty smoothly.

Once you have made all your selections, your TIRAD score, and its explanation will be given below. If you scroll down from the results you can read a few notes regarding the calculator.

Which TIRADS Calculator is the Best?

All the calculators mentioned above are efficient enough to give you the right answers in minimum time.

They are supported by trustworthy websites and they are pretty similar when it comes to functionality but also differ a lot in terms of design, UI, and representation of results.

Naming one calculator as the best one is a tricky thing. Preferences and needs for certain features of the calculator vary from user to user.

If you want a very focused and simple experience with a calculator, TIR-ADS Calculator will be a viable option for you.

As its website has a very simple design and the TIRAD calculator is the only tool on this website.

RadioGyan doesn’t have any clear advantage over the other two but a distinguishing feature about this website is that it is designed for students.

In addition to the calculators you also get access to some helpful material. But the design of the calculator isn’t that great and that is something you might want to consider before using it.

If we do have to name one particular calculator as the best one, it would be Radiology Calculators’ TIRAD calculator.

This calculator has a great UI and design and gives off a more professional vibe when compared with the rest and its website also has a much larger collection of tools and calculators.

Finding the best calculator comes down to your personal choice and preferences, but you’ll be fine as long as you stick with any calculator on this list.

End Note

TIRADS test is a globally acclaimed system and using it has been a successful practice since it was first created in 2009. A TIRAD calculator makes calculating the points of TIRAD much simpler and quicker.

But do keep in mind that thyroid cancer or other thyroid diseases aren’t to be taken lightly and you should always consult a healthcare professional if you feel something is wrong.

Go through each of the calculators thoroughly and try all of them out before coming to a decision.

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