4 Best Acres to Feet Calculator Sites

best acres to feet calculator
best acres to feet calculator

An Acres to feet calculator is an effective online tool that is free to use and provides you with accurate results. Conversion can be a difficult task as it involves lots of multiplication.

Manually multiplying has a high chance of incorrect answers and it affects the overall result and calculation.

Now one acre is almost equivalent to 208.71 feet x 208.71 feet (a square). The value keeps on getting complex by further simplifying the units.

Values in square feet and yards are different depending on the system you are using.

There are two international and most used systems; British Imperial System and the United States Customary System.

The units and values change according to the system you use for the calculation. Acres to feet conversions are most useful for commercial usage.

For example, you are buying land that is several acres and you want to estimate the area in feet so you can divide the portions and allot every portion with a different range.

If you want to give several feet to shops, the playground and much more.

Then acres to feet calculator is the best tool for you.

It will save you time and stress to manually convert acres into feet along with units. In previous times, people had to hire an expert to help them calculate the land and convert the units.

Now the answers are just a few clicks away. The best part is that you can calculate everything in the comfort of your home.

You do not have to visit the area every time you convert acres to feet or allot portions to a different range.

You will be surprised to find a variety of best acres to feet calculators with different interfaces that are enlisted below.

Best Acres to Feet Calculator

1. Housing.com: Acres to Feet Calculator

acres to feet calculator housing.com

Housing.com’s calculator is a basic tool that assists you to convert acres to feet with just a few clicks. It operates on the basic formula and avoids any kind of complications.

It is rather a descriptive calculator as it has detailed guidelines for you to go through before using the calculator. The interface is clear; there are no distractions.

This calculator is free of advertisements, cookies, and website links. The display is very prominent and the font size is readable; it is not too small nor too big. Everything is moderate and unblemished.

For calculation, you simply have to select the acres that you want to convert and choose the unit in which you require the correct answer. Once you fill in both requirements; the answer will appear in front of you.

You will find all the basic/prime definitions, guidelines, and conversions below the calculator. Acres can be converted to feet, square feet, square yards, and hectares; depending on your requirement.

Housing.com’s calculator has a table that has one acre equivalent to feet, square feet, square yards, and hectares; so you should know about the main conversion.

You will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the bottom; all the common questions are mentioned and addressed there, so it saves you time to ask them again.

If you have a different question or confusion you can contact housing.com’s team member.

At the top right of the calculator, there is a sign of a man; you have to click on it to contact the member. You can ask your question and you will receive a reply within a few seconds.

There is a wide variety of acres conversion to so many different units from all around the globe.

You can select any of the units according to your preference and requirement and that specific calculator type will open in front of you.

The best thing about housing.com’s calculator is that it provides you with a list of properties available near your vicinity that is up for sale.

You can choose the area or get a rough idea about the lands available for purchase.

You can download the application of housing.com’s calculator on your smartphone through the Google play store or Apple store (depending on which model you use).

Application on your smartphone means you can use the calculator anytime; with or without the internet.

2. Unit Converters: Acres to Feet Calculator

acres to feet calculator unit converters

This calculator is an effectual and descriptive tool that provides you with a couple of options in the conversion of acres to different units.

It has descriptions under every heading that covers all the basic and complex topics.

The interface is mostly clear with just a couple of advertisements that do not intrude on your calculations. It has a green and white theme. All the headings are written in big green letters.

Every heading covers the basic definition, history, and current use of the topic.

For calculation, you have to enter the acres and select the unit. Then press on ‘convert’ and the final answer will appear in front of you.

Unit converter’s calculator not only converts acres but converts other parameters as well into several different forms and units. You will find a table that has all the parameters on the right of the calculator.

You can click on any of them according to your requirement. This saves you time and effort to search for a new calculator from scratch for a different parameter.

You can perform all your tasks in one place without switching tabs.

This calculator has a few examples that you can check to understand the conversion process and know about the formulas and values used in the conversion.

3. Metric Conversions: Acres to Feet Calculator

acres to feet calculator metric conversions

Metric Conversion’s calculator is an online free tool that helps you convert acres to feet. It has all the values and formulas enlisted below the calculator that is used around the world.

It has explained the two common unit systems as well to clear your concepts.

The interface is quite distracting as there are so many irrelevant advertisements and pop-up links that come in between your calculations and distract you.

The main theme of the calculator is brown. It has a couple of images and tabular data to make the display catchy and attractive.

For calculation, you just have to enter the acres and the square feet will automatically appear in the front empty bar. This calculator converts the acres to square feet only.

It is available in different languages so you can select any language of your preference and the whole interface will display in that language.

The multiple languages option makes it easier for you to work more comfortably.

This calculator has a table that consists of smaller to larger acres values so you can have a general idea and tally your final answer from the data provided in tabular form.

You can also convert square feet to acres with the help of this calculator.

If you have any confusion or query, you can click on the envelope icon on the top of the calculator and send in your questions. You will receive the answers via the email address within a couple of hours.

You can leave your feedback on Metric Conversion’s official website.

4. End Memo: Acres to Feet Calculator

acres to feet calculator metric end memo

End memo’s calculator is a basic and conventional tool that provides you with accurate results.

It has a huge and detailed acres-to-feet conversion table that has a wide range of values so you can double-check your answers.

The interface is compounding with a lot of advertisements and cookies that come in between your calculations and disturb you.

The display is like a conventional calculator and it can be very difficult sometimes to use it. For calculation, you have to enter the acres and select the units.

Then click on ‘calculate’ and the final answer will appear in front of you. You can also reverse the calculation if you want to convert the feet into acres.

This calculator is a bit difficult to use so it offers you tutorials that you can watch to understand how to use the calculator and what method is used for the conversion.

There are a few guidelines at the end that you can take into consideration before proceeding with the calculations.

This calculator can be used for other subjects as well; like physics, chemistry, statistics and so much more.

You will find a list of all the possible subjects on the right of the calculator enlisted in tabular form along with little images that catch your attention.

End Note

You can go through all the above-mentioned acres to feet calculators and decide the best one for yourself according to your preference, requirement, and the type of interface you like working on.

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