What Is The Best Z-Score Calculator?- 4 Options

best z-score calculator
best z-score calculator

A z-score calculator is a tool that calculates the value of z for a certain value in a given data.

This z-score is also known as the standard score and is used to show the relationship between a targeted value and the mean of the entire data.

Z-score is actually the number of standard deviations from which the value of interest is higher or lower than the mean.

All these terms and definitions might seem confusing to you but the whole concept comes down to a single formula, which is;

 z = (x-μ)/σ

Where x = the targeted value, μ = mean of all the values, and σ = Standard Deviation.

All the calculators use the above-mentioned basic formula to give you the z-scores. Calculating this value is not just limited to math textbook problems, it is used in practical data analysis in almost all subjects.

If you are someone who deals with data in professional situations or even in everyday life, a z-score calculator can help you immensely.

Even though its formula is pretty straightforward, a calculator can make the calculations way quicker than a manual approach.

You can find a great bunch of these calculators if you start searching online. Almost every calculator and statistics-related website have one, but only a few of them can be categorized as good calculators.

If you want to find the best z-score calculator out of them all, you need to read this article.

The details given below include some of the best well-functioning calculators. To make your choice easier, a small review for each of them will also be given.

You can read through the pros and cons of each calculator and come to a decision.

Hopefully, this article will help you analyze your data more efficiently, or if you’re just a student it will greatly help you with your stat problems.

Deciding The Best Z-Score Calculator

1. Calculator Soup: Z-Score Calculator

z-score calculator calculator soup

Calculator Soup is one of the largest and most used calculator platforms you can find online. They mostly focus on mathematical and financial calculators, but you can find several calculators related to other categories.

Some of the most popular categories besides finance and math include; time and date, business, statistics, and science. There is no more content on the website except calculators and tools.

The design of the calculator is well-structured. All the constituents of the calculator are placed in an orderly manner. The inputs of the calculator are pretty self-explanatory as it uses common notations for the variables.

Inputs of the calculator depend on the data that you have. You can select a different set of inputs by using the drop-down menu at the top of the calculator accordingly.

The most basic form of the calculator requires you to input the data point that is being observed, the mean, and the standard deviation.

The design of Calculator Soup is pretty basic and gives off a vibe of being outdated. There are no particular design elements on the website, making it look boring and dull.

On top of that, there are numerous advertisements on the website that further degrade its look.

Once you are done with the inputs, click ‘Calculate’. The z-score will simply be displayed below without any extra information or solution steps.

You can also get a widget for this calculator for more convenient access by clicking the link given below.

2. Omni Calculator: Z-Score Calculator

z-score calculator omni calculator

Omni Calculator is a website that you have probably heard about or used if you are someone who uses math calculators.

It is probably the largest calculator website when it comes to online calculators. This website has a wide array of calculators related to all sorts of fields and subjects.

Omni Calculator’s z-score calculator is a tool that you must try out if you are looking for a good z-score calculator.

The design and interface of calculators on this website are pretty much similar across all the categories, which brings consistency to the whole platform.

This z-score calculator requires you to enter three inputs (the value of interest, the mean, and the standard deviation), just like mentioned above for Calculator Soup.

This calculator gives you the option to auto-save any value so that the value isn’t erased even if you reset the calculator.

Once you have entered all the inputs, the z-score will be displayed in the lowermost section of the calculator.

Omni Calculator’s design as a website is flawless, both practically and visually.

The whole website has an abstract aesthetic in the background which really lifts up the whole website.

Each category of the calculator has a different color assigned to it, and the color of the background changes according to the category that you’re using.

The general interface of the website is very convenient and simple. You can easily jump from one calculator to the other without getting lost between the pages.

You can read through the table of contents if you want to learn more about the calculations and the concept of z-score.

3. Calculator.net:  Z-Score Calculator

z-score calculator calculator.net

Calculatot.net is a calculator website that mainly focuses on calculators related to finance, fitness and mathematics, although they have calculators related to other topics as well.

Just like Calculator Soup, this website also only has calculators.

There isn’t really a distinguishing feature that separates this website from the rest, but its calculator has to be one of the best out there.

Calculator.net’s z-score calculator is a focused and compact tool.

The inputs here are similar to the calculators discussed earlier. You are required to enter the value being observed, the mean of the given data, and its standard deviation.

There are a few more calculators on this page that can be used to determine the probabilities by using the z-score. Each one of these calculators has a simple and convenient design.

Calculator.net has a good website design as far as basic design elements and practicality is concerned.

The dark blue color theme has been used even through the website and its tools, making the whole experience uniform.

You can see ads here and there, but you will hardly notice them, and they won’t cause any operational problems for you.

Once you have entered all 3 inputs, click the green action button given below, and the result will show up.

The z-score will be displayed at the top with different probabilities of x given below. Small graphs can also be seen for each probability.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see a detailed explanation of the concept of z-score and also a table that you can use to find certain values of z-score.

4. Social Science Statistics: Z-Score Calculator

z-score calculator social science statistics

Social Science Statistics or socscistatistics.com is a website that many people haven’t heard about. It is a platform dedicated to tools and other material related to stats.

They have numerous simple and intuitive calculators related to different statistical fields.

With statistics tools and calculators, you can also find tutorials, quizzes, and descriptions related to statistics.

This may not be a widely used website, but that does not make it any less than the rest of the calculators when it comes to calculating z-scores.

The design of the calculator is so basic that it is almost non-existent. The whole calculator section feels like a document rather than a tool.

There are absolutely no colors or artistic elements in the calculator.

You just have text on the white background with a few text input boxes. Even though there isn’t much detailing on the calculator, it is still pretty much organized.

The inputs of this calculator are again similar to all the calculators mentioned above because they are the simplest values that you can use when calculating the z-score.

The aesthetics of the website, as you would have already guessed, are pretty much absent. The website design looks a bit musty as if they haven’t updated the UI in a decade or so.

Once you have filled in the entries, click ‘Calculate’, and you will have your results below, which will have the z-score and a few steps of the calculation.

End Note:

A good z-score calculator can make a lot of difference in how you approach a statistics-related problem.

If a good and efficient calculator is used, it can make all the difference in the world for your calculations.

Make sure the values for data that you have before your calculations are totally accurate because that is what the z-score depends on.

Make sure you go through each of these calculators in detail and try out all of them.

Each one of these calculators is qualified enough to give you the right z-score, find the one that best fulfills your needs.

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