8 Best Road Trip Cost Calculator Options

best road trip cost calculator
best road trip cost calculator

Road trips are extremely fun, but they need to be planned properly if you don’t want to end up broke or on the road with insufficient fuel.

In addition, it’s important to have a clear idea about the total cost estimation to make sure you are fully prepared for the trip and are mentally prepared.

It’s needless to say that fuel cost is the most important consideration for a road trip, but it can be a complicated and intimidating experience.

So, if you have a road trip coming up, we are sharing the best road trip cost calculators but make sure you know the fuel price and distance in kilometers to get accurate estimates.

Now, are you ready to check out the calculators?

Best Road Trip Cost Calculator

  1. GasBuddy

road trip cost calculator gasbuddy

GasBuddy is an excellent and reliable choice as it has been around for two decades and has more than 3 billion users.

This platform has a gas price chart, which allows the users to gain historical data about the national gas prices (these are average prices) as compared to your destination.

The users have the option to customize the gas price chart with three locations – the prices are shown in American and Canadian dollars.  

In addition to the price chart, you can get access to the outage tracer, gas price map, insights about the fuel, fuel demand, logbook for fuel, and vehicle recall.

GasBuddy is pretty convenient to use as you can add the destination, starting location, vehicle information, measurements, and type of trip.

What we love about this app is that you can find the nearest fuel/gas stations. Also, the app is pretty easy to use, and you can use the brand, province, state, and city filters for more accurate results.

  1. Fuelly

road trip cost calculator fuelly

Fuelly is a well-known service and MPG tracker and is one of the most convenient calculator apps available on the internet.

It allows the users to track the fuel economy of the vehicle, and you can gain access to the vehicle’s maintenance records.

The users have the option to store important vehicle documents, including images and PDF files. The app can be integrated with the website.

It is a promising choice for tracing gas mileage, and you can gain information in the form of charts for better understanding.

The charts usually have information about gas expenses, service costs, MPG, and prices. Also, you’ve got the option to set up the vehicle maintenance tasks, such as tire rotation and oil change.

The app can be used with multiple vehicles without any compatibility errors.

You can use it in two modes – there is a free version, but you can pay monthly or annual subscription fees for premium features.

With the premium version, you can add images and PDF files, and remove ads. The only issue is that this app is only available for iPhones.

  1. Fuel Cost Calculator & Tracker

road trip cost calculator fuel cost calculator and tracker

If you need access to an array of features and a user-friendly interface, you can opt for this smartphone app. This app has multiple measurement units for calculating fuel mileage.

There are in-app stats available about the prices of vehicles, gas consumption, and fuel price. The best thing about this app is that it works offline, and you don’t need an internet connection.

This means that even if you are in some remote area, you will be able to calculate the fuel and other trip costs.

The app is available for iOS users and is suitable for managing multiple vehicles and selecting different types of fuel.

  1. My Cars (Fuel logger++)

road trip cost calculator my cars (fuel logger++)

This is a reliable, intuitive, and convenient-to-use app for calculating trip costs. You will be able to customize the app according to your preferences, such as fuel types and types of bills.

It can be used with different types of vehicles, such as boats, trucks, cars, tractors, and bikes. The app shows the fuel cost, fuel quantity, fuel efficiency, distance covered and left, and bills.

Moreover, you will get charts related to the overtime of the odometer and average lines. The app can record the refuels, including the missed ones. Also, you can set reminders for vehicle maintenance.

The users have the option to store their vehicle records, including the insurance number and picture. This smartphone app is free to use, but there is a premium version available.

With the premium version, you can manage the trip, convert currencies, and back up the files from and to Dropbox. However, you can only use this app if you have an Android smartphone.

  1. MyFuelLog2

road trip cost calculator myfuellog2

Planning a long road trip is a challenging process, but MyFuelLog2 is a promising option. It allows the users to keep an eye on vehicle expenses and gas consumption.

The app has a user-friendly interface, as you can add the car’s image on the main page and customize the details.

The app provides multiple charts, such as the distance that should be covered in a day, along with fuel expenses.

You can also set reminders if you have to take the vehicle for maintenance. In addition, you have the option to import data from other smartphone apps, or you can back up the data on Google Account or OneDrive.

MyFuelLog2 allows users to manage several vehicles at once and tracks different service costs. The users can also take pictures of bills and receipts and export them into CSV, PDF, and Excel files.

Also, the app can be downloaded on Android smartphones and iPhones without any support issues.

  1. Fuelio

road trip cost calculator fuelio

This is one of the most premium smartphone apps available. This calculator app is available for iPhones as well as Android smartphones.

This calculator app has been around since 2011 and can help you gain information about gas costs, mileage, and gas consumption.

In addition to cost estimates, this app can be used for vehicle management. There is a fill-ups feature that allows users to track gas prices, GPS location, fuel consumption, and mileage.

Fuelio is a promising choice for calculating vehicle expenses and categorizing them according to service charges and parking fees.

On the other hand, if you forget about maintenance or service visits, you will get on-time reminders. For this purpose, you can set reminders and get on-time notifications.

The app can be customized as you can use it in a light or dark theme, depending on what you prefer.

  1. Fuel Tracker Gas & Mileage Log

road trip cost calculator fuel tracker gas and mileage log

This is one of the most popular apps for calculating the cost of road trips. To begin with, it provides geo-location, and you can keep an eye on the nearest fuel stations.

The app automatically keeps a record of fuel price, odometer, and quantity. In addition, the stats related to gas/fuel consumption and mileage are also available.

The app supports different units, such as Imperial, SI, and US. Moreover, you can get fuel consumption information in the form of MPG, MPL, or L/100km.

This smartphone app is extremely user-friendly. Also, whenever you purchase the fuel, you have to enter the spend charges along with the current odometer value.

Once the information is added, the smartphone will calculate the mileage automatically and will keep a record as well. However, the app is only available for iPhones.

  1. Fuel Manager (Consumption)

road trip cost calculator fuel manager (consumption)

If you have an Android smartphone and need the dual-fuel consumption feature, this is one of the best choices. As a result, you have the option to track the fuel economy for gas as well as petrol.

The users can access the stats and graphs, or you can gain information about fuel consumption from both fuel tanks (the stats can be separate or combined, depending on your convenience).

Fuel Manager (Consumption) is a promising choice if you want to export or import the data. The users can also control and manage several vehicles at once.

However, if you have to manage several apps, you’ve to pay the subscription fee and get a premium version. The premium version can be synced with the cloud for automated information backup.

The smartphone app is customizable, as there are sixteen themes available. In addition, the settings are user-friendly, and you can add or remove widgets.

Tips To Set The Road Trip Budget

Using the road trip cost calculator is one of the best ways of defining your entire budget. However, if you don’t know which factors should be considered, we have some pointers;

  • Make sure you take out a specific chunk from your income to make sure you are saving up for the road trip rather than making a new expense (you can use the 50/30/20 rule for saving)
  • Use the calculator apps to get an estimate of the travel costs
  • When you have the estimated cost or budget from the app, you can compare it with the budget and make necessary changes

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, road trips should be properly planned to make sure there are no hiccups when you are meant to enjoy and relax.

So, use these calculators to set up your budget and avoid making unnecessary purchases to make sure your travel budget doesn’t go beyond the set value.

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