3 Best Inverse Tan Calculator

best inverse tan calculator
best inverse tan calculator

The inverse tan calculator is a computational trigonometry tool that can find the value of the inverse tangent function for an angle.

Not only inverse tan but all the trigonometric functions are used massively in mathematics.

The thing about trigonometry is that it can find its way in many other branches of math like algebra, calculus, and coordinate geometry. Apart from basic math, trigonometric functions are used in almost all areas of math.

Trigonometric functions may seem like a modern concept, but they have been around for quite some time now, although there weren’t any calculators around.

Tables of trigonometric functions and their values for certain numbers can be dated back to ancient Greeks in 190-120 BC.

Inverse tan is the inverse of on of the basic function of trigonometry, Tan, which is derived from Cos and Sin.

If you are a student who studies math, inverse tan is a function that you must have seen a lot, this function can even be found on traditional scientific calculators, but we are here to talk about inverse tan calculators that can be found on the internet.

There are dozens of calculator and math websites that can give you access to inverse tan calculators, finding inverse tan calculators is not at all a hard task, but if you want to find the best inverse tan calculators, this article can act as your ultimate guide.

This article has listed the best inverse tan calculators that can be found on the internet, all of the calculators mentioned below are well-equipped and qualified to give you accurate answers.

A small description for each calculator has been mentioned below, have a good read-through of them so you can decide the best inverse tan calculator for yourself.

If you follow the details given below, hopefully, you will be able to calculate inverse tan without any problems and you will be able to pin down the best choice for yourself.

Best Inverse Tan Calculator:

1. Rapid Tables: Arctan Calculator

inverse tan calculator rapid tables

Rapid Tables is a calculator website where you can a wide range of calculators related to different fields like; electrical calculators, financial calculators, grade calculators, lighting calculators, math calculators, and a few more.

Rapid Tables is one of the most used calculator websites out there, and if you are someone who uses calculator websites you probably already know about Rapid Tables.

Although Rapid Tables is a real calculator website, it’s not the only thing it’s known for, you can find web development, programming, and document tools as well there.

The design of the calculator may seem a little outdated but it is designed exactly like a calculator.

The design is fairly simple, and that is something that is similar for all the calculators on this list because you only really need one input to calculate the tangent inverse of an angle, and that is the value itself.

Enter the value for which you want calculate inverse tan, there isn’t much to the design of the calculator except for the action buttons and the input box.

Rapid Tables’ website has a mediocre design with a minimalistic approach. The creators haven’t focused on the aesthetics a lot but that isn’t something you look for in a calculator website.

There are no design elements on the website which actually make the website look approachable rather than boring.

There are few ads on the website but they don’t affect the look of the website as they have been placed quite smartly.

Once you have entered the value, click the ‘=’ sign next to it, and you will get your answer in terms of radians and degrees. You see the solution steps in the ‘Calculation’ section of the calculator.

2. Math Warehouse: Inverse Tangent Calculator

inverse tan calculator math ware house

Math Warehouse is a website that is totally focused on maths, you can find tools, methods, and concepts related to different areas of math, like, Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, and a lot more.

Math Warehouse may not be a website that you have heard about but this website supports one of the best  Inverse Tan calculators.

There is also a really useful section labeled  ‘Teacher Tools’, which can be used by instructors very efficiently.

Math Warehouse’s calculator gives you a few more options than the rest of the calculators on this list, although the input is still just a single value.

You can enter your input in two ways, entering a decimal number or entering the ratio of opposite and adjacent. Select which method you want to choose and enter the value.

You might feel like that website has a lot of colors for a math website and it does, but this gives Math Warehouse a unique look, and they even have the coolest logo that you have ever seen for a Math or calculator-related website.

The ads on the website could have been a little less, which won’t only enhanced the look of the website but also provides a better user experience.

Once you have selected your input method and entered the value, the result will automatically be displayed under the calculator. You can choose the units for your answer between radians and degrees and also select the rounding of the answer.

A right-angle triangle will also be constructed below the results corresponding to the details that you entered.

3. Inch Calculator: Inverse Tangent Calculator

inverse tan calculator inch caluclator

Inch Calculator is one of the most widely used calculator platforms on the internet, thousands of users use Inch Calculator for their everyday calculations and this website doesn’t only have math calculators but you can find calculators and tools related to fields like automotive, conversion, electrical, fitness and a lot more.

Inch Calculator’s inverse tan calculator is probably the simplest and easiest to use on this list.

Once you enter the calculator page you will see two boxes in the calculator section, one labeled as ‘arctan’ and one labeled as ‘angle’.

This calculator can be used for both, finding the tan inverse and the tan of an angle, just enter the one that you want to determine, which in this case would be the arctan.

There isn’t much in the calculator apart from the inputs which may make the calculator seem a bit less engaging.

Inch Calculator has a very signature design, the colors that have been used on the website are not commonly used for calculation websites.

There are a few ads on the website which make it seem a little congested and annoying but they won’t interfere in your operations with the calculator.

The website gives a composed and uniform look in general and it is completely error free.

Once you enter a value in the arctan section the angle will be displayed automatically, you can choose whether you want to display the results in degrees or radians.

If you scroll down you can find a table that has tangent values for some commonly used angles.

End Note

Inverse tan is a basic function of trigonometry and it’s almost impossible to solve trigonometric functions without solving inverse tan or inverse of any other function.

Determining the inverse tan is impossible without a table or calculator, an online inverse tan calculator makes the process of finding multiple functions easy and error free.

All the calculators mentioned above carry out the same calculations, the differences between them are mainly in interface, design, and user experience. Make sure you find the one that you feel most comfortable with.

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