4 Best Area Between Two Curves Calculator

best area between two curves calculator
best area between two curves calculator

An Area between two curves calculator is a capable tool that helps you calculate the area/value between two curves (denoted by x) with just a few clicks.

It operates on the latest formula and provides you with accurate answers that have no chance of error. This article will help you find the best area between two curves calculator for yourself.

The basic formula used for finding the area between two curves is;

Area = ∫ba[f(x)−g(x)]dx ∫ a b [ f ( x ) − g ( x ) ] d x absolute value of the area

This formula assists you in finding the area between two curves and solving the integration problem.

Mathematics is a tricky subject but solving equations and putting values in such a formula can be more difficult especially if you are weak and do not get the primary concept.

But thanks to the calculator, now you do not have to learn the formula or put in the values manually, rather the calculator will do it for you. The solution to your problem is just a few clicks away.

Calculating the area between two curves is an essential part of the integration.

The calculated area is basically the space between two intersecting lines/curves.

Normally integral calculus is required to find the area between two curves, but this calculator just asks you for the two-point values and provides you with the result.

There are different calculators with different functions; if you are looking for an accurate answer.

But, at the same time want to understand the concept, then worry no more because these calculators offer you complete guidelines along with formulas and explanations to better comprehend the procedure/process.

Hopefully, after reading this article, calculating the area between curves won’t be a problem for you.

Best Area Between Two Curves Calculator

1. Voovers: Area Between Two Curves Calculator

area between two curves calculator voovers

Voovers’ calculator is an online tool that is free and provides you with an accurate value of the area that you are trying to attain and solve the problem statement. It is a known and functional calculator.

The interface is not clear as there are many advertisements on the display that distract you.

The overall theme is red and white. The display is vibrant and all the prime specifications are displayed in bright red color.

For calculation, you have to enter the two known values; f (x) and g (x). Then press ‘calculate’ and you will get the final answer.

The space provided for calculation is present like a scientific calculator that has all the keys you can use to type in your values.

Voovers’ calculator has a wide range of functions that you can use to obtain all your required data in one place rather than searching for a completely different calculator and starting everything from scratch.

This calculator has online lessons for you that are pre-recorded and also present in descriptive form.

You can study in any form depending upon your requirement and preference. The lessons cover all the basic to complex topics.

This calculator offers you graphical explanations and written formulas for better understanding and comprehension.

The graphs are present in multiple colors so you can easily differentiate between points; a and b.

You will find a variety of educators and teachers working for voovers’ calculator.

You can contact them to learn more about the area of curves or you can create an account on the calculator; become a member and receive a monthly lessons package along with guidelines on integration.

2. Wolfram Alpha: Area Between Two Curves Calculator

area between two curves calculator wolfram alpha

Wolfram alpha’s calculator is a simple and effective tool that has a different display and interface as compared to other calculators.

It asks you for details in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The interface is clear with no disturbance or distraction.

The major theme of the calculator is purple which is attractive and instantly captures your attention when you open the calculator.

This calculator is available in several languages; you can switch to any language and the whole interface will change and will be displayed in that selected language.

For calculation, you do not have to insert anything rather you have to select one answer from under every question from the multiple choices that are present below every statement.

Once you select all the answers, press ‘calculate and the most appropriate answer will appear in front of you.

This calculator has a set of examples that you can go through and practice so to enhance your skills and improve your concepts.

You will find the set of examples in the right corner of the calculator. Users can even browse the latest online examples by clicking on ‘browse examples’.

If you are facing difficulty in using or understanding the calculator then you can take a tour of the calculator. On the tour, you will learn all the specifications and functions of the calculator.

This calculator uses and operates on the basic formula, but it allows you to upgrade to the premium version anytime you like.

The upgraded version is not free, it is paid. You will have to connect your bank account with the calculator so that every month the subscription charges are deducted from your account.

You can download this calculator on your smartphone through the Google play store or Apple store.

You can follow wolfram alpha’s calculator on social media; Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and news.

3. Kio Digital: Area Between Two Curves Calculator

area between two curves calculator kio digital

This is a fundamental calculator that does not have a complex or complicated display.

It provides you with brief descriptions of how to use the calculator, how to interpret the process and so much more. The interface is clear with no irrelevant advertisements or cookies.

The display is green in color with a few pictures and tabular data. The display font is a bit small which causes difficulty for people with weak eyesight but the operation of the calculator covers it.

For calculation, you have to fill in the particulars asked. You have to insert function 1, function 2, left bound, and right bound. Then click on ‘submit’ and you will get the area between two curves.

There are tutorials available for you to watch and understand the process. It is a complete guide about how to use the calculator, how to comprehend the answer, and much more.

4. Symbolab: Area Between Two Curves Calculator

area between two curves calculator symbolab

Symbolab’s calculator is a well-known and constructive tool that is used for solving mathematical problems with accuracy and efficiency.

It has a huge variety of functions that allow you to attain other values as well; all in one place.

The interface is mostly clear with just a couple of advertisements but they do not necessarily come in between your calculations.

The display font is of moderate size; easily visible and readable. For calculation, you have to simply enter the problem statement in the rectangular space bar.

Then press on ‘go’ and the final answer will appear in front of you.

This calculator has a scientific calculator keyboard that you can use to insert the symbols and signs that are not usually present in a regular keyboard.

Those signs and symbols come in handy when typing algebraic or integral expressions.

It has a wide set of examples that are online and keeps on replacing with time as the advancements keep on progressing.

The old examples are replaced by the new/advanced ones according to the new syllabus and curriculum. You have the option to upgrade the calculator.

You can pay a monthly subscription amount and use the latest version of symbolab’s calculator. You can unsubscribe anytime you like.

It is available in more than one language. You can open the list of languages and select the one you require or prefer. The entire interface will change into that selected language.

You can download the application of this calculator on your smartphone.

The application is available on the Google play store and Apple store. Having the application on your smartphone is more convenient and time-saving.

You can read relevant articles that are present on the right bottom of the calculator.

Leave constructive feedback regarding the performance and overall interface of the calculator, so it can further work on the improvements and shortcomings.

End Note

A calculator can be immensely important when you are calculating the area between two curves.

All of the calculators mentioned above are more than capable of giving you the right answers. Stick with the one you think best suits you.

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