3 Best Five Number Summary Calculator

best five number summary calculator
best five number summary calculator

A Five number summary calculator is a statistical tool that calculates five important values for your data.

These five values alone can tell a lot about the nature of data.  These five values include; maximum, minimum, median, first quartile, and third quartile.

Maximum and minimum are the largest and smallest values in the set of data points, respectively.

The Median is the middle value of the entire data, and the first and third quartiles are the 25th percentile and 75th percentile, respectively, in the data.

This concept of statistics may be comparatively new, but the values used in the summary have been around for some time and are a very basic part of the statical analysis.

You find these values pretty easily by using some basic formulas if you are dealing with a small volume of data. In larger data chunks, calculating these values is practically impossible without using a calculator.

To make it simple, having a good five summary calculator when dealing with a huge amount of data is not a convenience but rather a need.

These calculators aren’t hard to find. If you start searching for them, you can find dozens of websites that give you access to these tools.

But, if you want to find the best five summary calculator, you need to read this article. The best calculators that you can find online have been listed below with a compact review for each of them.

Try focusing on the features of each calculator and pin down the one you think is right for you.

Hopefully, this article will help you analyze your data more efficiently. 

Best Five Number Summary Calculator

  1. Easy Calculation: 5 Number Summary Calculator

five number summary calculator easy calculation

Easy Calculation is a calculator website that has a decent range of calculators related to all kinds of subjects.

Despite having a pretty good collection of calculators, Easy Calculation isn’t used that much. It is certainly the most underrated website on this list.

There is tons of stuff other than the calculators on this website. You can find all kinds of formulas, charts, currency converts, and a bunch of other stuff.

Practically the design of Easy Calculation’s calculator is pretty simple and intuitive. It is unlikely that even a new user will face difficulty using it.

The calculator also does fine when it comes to visual design, but it does not go with the rest of the website.

You have to enter your data point in the big input box given at the top of the calculator. Make sure you separate each value with a comma or space.

The design and structure of the website would have been okay for the most part if it wasn’t that congested. The advertisements and contents of the website are placed so poorly that they almost overlap.

Apart from this, the website runs pretty smoothly, and you won’t face any operational problems with it.

Once you have entered all of your data, click the huge ‘Calculate’ button and your results will be displayed in their respective boxes below.

In addition to the 5 numbers, your data will also be presented in ascending order.

There is a lot of other stuff on this website that you might find useful, it is recommended that you check it out.

  1. Math Cracker: Five Number Summary Calculator

five number summary calculator math cracker

Math Cracker, as you can tell by its name, is a website that has different tools related to Mathematics.

You can find online calculators, graphing tools, and methods related to all sorts of different areas of math.

They even have a section for finance calculators, which is something you don’t normally see on websites like this.

You will this calculator to be immensely helpful and simple when calculating 5 number summary.

The calculator has a very basic design which is something that is hardly preferred, but in this case, it goes well with the rest of the website.

Just input your values in the box at the top of the calculator, and if you want to assign a variable to the data points, you write in the box given below.

For someone who is looking for a really simple and basic design, Math Cracker can be a good option. The UI of this website is pretty aesthetic.

The black header and menu look great with the colorful logo and white background of the website. All the tools and important parts of the website are easily accessible from the menu.

There are a few ads on the website which can be annoying at times but if you focus on your calculations you might not even notice them.

Click the button labeled as ‘CALCULATE’, and your data will be displayed below in a tabular format. Steps for calculating each value of the 5-number summary will be displayed below.

This calculator represents the results better than any other calculator on this tool.

  1. Hack Math: Five Number Summary Calculator

five number summary calculator hack math

Hack Math is a website that focuses on mathematical calculators, worksheets, and word math problems.

There is a wide of calculators that you can find on this website related to subjects like geometry, calculus, algebra, equations, combinations, and pretty much any other topic that you can think of.

Hack Math might not be a very popular website, but it certainly is a very capable one.

The operations of this calculator are pretty much the same as those discussed above for other calculators.

You just need to enter the data points in the huge box given in the calculator section and separate them by a comma or space.

There isn’t much to talk about its design, as the calculator only consists of a text box and an action button given just below it. The website is designed with a basic and minimalist approach.

Most math and calculator websites have a color theme that is used throughout. This website has no colors, apart from the dark blue color used in some detailing.

The layout of Hack Math is practically viable as you can easily track your way through the different contents of the website. Click the action button after you have entered your data in the input box.

The values of 5 number summary will be shown below, with your data on top of it.

A lot more information about your data points will also be calculated, like, the mean, standard deviation, variance, etc. If you scroll down you can also find a frequency table for your data points.

This calculator is well-suited for users who want additional information regarding their data.

How is the Five Number Summary Calculated?

A five-number summary calculator can do the calculations for you pretty conveniently and quickly.

But, it is a good idea to have the basic concept of this summary before you start using these calculators. It is nothing more than basic statistics.

As you already know, the 5 values that we calculate are maximum, minimum, 1st quartile, third quartile, and median.

Let’s see how each of these values is calculated by using a simple example from a data sample.

Data Values: 1, 5, 23, 6, 67, 34, 4, 44, 5, 44, 34, 10

Determining the value of maximum and minimum is pretty simple, just closely observe the data and find the largest and the smallest value from the data.

In this case, the maximum is 67, and the minimum is 1

To calculate the median, you need to set the values in ascending order, which gives us;

Data Values:  1 4 5 5 6 10 23 34 34 44 44 67

Now, count the number of data points and divide that number by two, which will give us 6.

The 6th value of the ascending data will be the median, which is 10. If the number of data points is odd, add one to the total count before calculating the median.

To get the first and third quartiles, you can use the formulas for the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively. Which will give us 4.5 and 39.

End Note

The five-number summary can give you a great deal of information about any kind of data that you are dealing with. A calculator can find out the values of the five-number summary in a matter of seconds.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is that all the values entered in the calculator are accurate because that is what it all depends on.

Make sure you go through all of these calculators one by one and try them out. As words alone can’t do justice to these tools. Find the calculator that you think possesses all the features that you need.

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