4 Best x and y Intercept Calculator

best x and y intercept calculator
best x and y intercept calculator

x and y intercept calculator is a tool that is used to find the point of interception of a line on the x-axis and y-axis. You can use a line’s equation, function, or expression to determine these coordinates.

In these coordinates, one value is always zero when in case of y intercept the x , coordinate of that point will be zero, for x intercept the value of y coordinate will be zero for that point.

Coordinate geometry is one of the basic parts of mathematics, it mostly deals with lines, coordinates, graphs, etc.

Almost all the branches of maths are related to coordinate geometry directly or indirectly, it was discovered in the 17th century and has been part of our lives ever since.

Calculating the intercept of different elements of a graph is a crucial part of coordinate geometry and as x-axis and y-axis are the most important part of a graph, x and y intercept become even more important.

x and y intercept calculators are tools designed for this task specifically.

There are a lot of x and y intercept calculators that you can find online and most of them are pretty good. But if you want really want the best x and y intercept calculator for yourself stick with this article as it discusses some of the best calculators.

After reading this article, you will be able to calculate x and y intercept efficiently.

Best x and y Intercept Calculator

1. Symbolab: Functions Intercepts Calculator

x and y intercept calculator symbolab

Symbolab is one of the most popular calculator websites out there, the majority of their calculators are related to math subjects, like, algebra, calculus, statistics, etc, but you can also find calculators and tools related to science and finance.

Symbolab’s x, and y intercept calculator is certainly one of best you can find.

The UI of the calculator is pretty simple, you have a long white bar in which you have to input the equation or function for which you want to calculate the intercepts.

You’ll see that “intercepts f(x)=” would already be written in the input bar, you just have to input your equation after it.

Symbolab is designed pretty well, all of the contents and tools of the website are accessible from the home page, practically this might be the design of a website on this list.

The website has a quite organized look and the colors and design elements used on the website are exactly how you would want a calculator website to be.

With the command ‘intercepts f(x)=’ the calculator will give you the intercepts of the equation after you click ‘Go’. To see the steps for both intercepts you will have to register on the website with a paid account.

You share the results or print them directly from the website, and you can also save the results as a PDF.

2. Atoz Math: X and Y Intercept Calculator

x and y intercept calculator atozmath

Atoz Math is not really the most well known website when it comes to calculators but that does not mean that it is less capable than any other website when it comes to calculating x and y intercept.

Atoz Math not only has mathematical calculators, but you can also see resources related to different methods and word problems.

The UI of the calculator is simple but not that well designed, it seems like a part of a simple document, and there is no attention given to the aesthetics of the calculator.

You have a small yellow bar in which you have to input your equation and press one of the action buttons given below.

The design of the website is similar to that of the calculator, the website seems completely mismanaged and organized, and even the font of the main logo on top of the website is pixelated.

Also from a practical point of view, the website’s design falls short as it is hard to navigate tools and other content on the website.

Once you have entered your equation in the yellow bar click the ‘XY intercept’ button, the page will refresh and you will have to click on it once again to get the results, this unnecessary clicking results in a bad user experience.

The results will be shown below, giving you the x and y intercept of the equation with the graphical representation as well.

3. BYJU’S: Find X and Y Intercept

x and y intercept calculator byju

BYJU’S is one of the biggest education technology companies in the world, there are tons of study materials that you can find here related to all sorts of academics.

BYJU’S is a platform used by not only students but also teachers and instructors, it is a widely trusted website, and their x and y intercept calculator will be a safe choice for you.

The interface of BYJU’S x and y intercept calculator is a bit different from the calculators that we have discussed above.

The standard equation of the line is already specified on the calculator, and you just have to input the variables A, B, and C in the question boxes.

This calculator does have one downside though if the equation that you are dealing with has an order above 2 you won’t be able to input it.

It is a no-brainer that a company as big as BYJU’S would have a great website. The website is quite uniform, you see the brand’s purple color is used throughout the website together with the other design elements.

There are no external ads on the websites all the ads you see are about BYJU’S themselves which helps maintain the look of the website.

Once you have entered the values of the variables in the calculator, click ‘Solve’, you will get the coordinates for x and y intercept of the equation, without any added details.

If you scroll down a bit, you can find the instructions for using the calculator and the method used to find the x and y intercept.

4. Omni Calculator: y Intercept Calculator

x and y intercept calculator omnicalculator

If you are someone who uses math calculators regularly then you must know about Omni Calculator, it is probably the largest calculator website, you can have access to hundreds of tools for not just math but any subject or field that you think of.

Omni Calculator is a widely trusted platform, and its x and y intercept calculator is a must to try out.

All the calculators on Omni Calculator have the same design and it is a really convenient one. First select the type of equation (you have two options) that you have and then enter its variables just like BYJU’S.

You can also find the equation of the line from this calculator if you input the x and intercept by selecting ‘to be determined’.

Omni Calculator is one of the best designed calculator websites out there, they have a unique abstract design for the webpages that remains the same for all types of calculators, while the color for the calculators is different depending on their type. There are no first party or third party apps on the website at all.

Once you have entered the variables of the equation, you will get the x and y intercept in the results section together with the slope of the line.

Omni Calculator gives you the perfect balance between design and practicality, there’s a reason this website is popular. But you don’t get any extra details or information.

End Note

Coordinate geometry is a huge part of mathematics, it is taught to students from early stages in one form or another.

Calculating the intercept points is not that hard as it requires a simple method but still, it can be tricky for some people, that is where the x and y intercept calculators come in, they can be used by teachers, students, and even professionals.

This article has listed the best x and y intercept calculators that the internet has to offer, they have different designs and interfaces so you can pick the one you’re most comfortable with.

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