4 Best Carboplatin Calculator You Are Missing Out On!

best carboplatin calculator
best carboplatin calculator

A Carboplatin calculator is a software based medical tool that is used to calculate the dosage of carboplatin for Cancer patients.

Carboplatin is a highly used drug in the treatment of various cancers like head cancer, neck cancer, brain cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. Carboplatin calculators can prove to be very useful when dealing with cancer.

Cancer is one of the most widely known and dangerous diseases out there, it is estimated that almost 10 million people die from cancer every year but with advances in medical science and better awareness in common people this number is expected to decrease, Carboplatin is an example of one of the wins against cancer.

There are a lot of Carboplatin calculators that you can find online, but when it comes to something as serious as this you can’t take any chances.

The calculators generally ask you a bunch of questions regarding patients and once you are done with that they give you the amount of dosage (mostly in miligrams).

Carboplatin calculators can be used by anybody, doctors, nurses, a patient themselves, and even medical students.

This article will try to list some of the best most trustworthy carboplatin calculators so you can pin down the best Carboplatin calculator for yourself.

These calculators are just to give you an idea and shouldn’t be treated as a substitute for medical advice, please refer to a medical expert when taking your Carboplatin.

Hopefully, after going through this article you will have a better idea about carboplatin consumption.

Best Carboplatin Calculator

1. Global RPh: Carboplatin AUC Calculator

carboplatin caluclator global rph

Global RPh is an online medical guidance platform where you find calculators, resources, advice, etc regarding clinical drug therapy.

Along with calculators and resources, there is a bunch of other medical stuff to check out, you can go to their medical abbreviations section where you can learn about clinical nomenclature.

Global RPh’s Carboplatin Calculator has a  really basic and simple interface, all of the inputs that are required from the user are labeled in different sections.

In the first section, you have to input the Age, Scr (creatine intake), and gender, followed by weight and height in the next section. Then you have to enter the targeted SUC with some questions related to the patient’s conditions.

The design of the Global RPh’s website and calculator is not bad practically but from an aesthetic point of view, it is not that great.

The website looks mismanaged and organized due to the non-uniformity of design elements used throughout the website, and the ads are also placed quite poorly compromising the website’s look.

Once you are done with the inputs click ‘Calculate Carboplatin Dose’ and you will get the outputs below the calculator.

The first section shows the inputs that you entered, you can double check your inputs from here and the second section has the results.

2. Medscape: Carboplatin AUC Dosing (Calvert)

carboplatin calculator medscape

You will mostly find carboplatin calculators on medical websites rather than calculator websites due to their technical nature.

Medscape is also a medical website where you can find news and knowledge related to different medical terms and procedures. They have a separate section for drugs and diseases where you can their carboplatin calculator.

The interface of Medscape’s Carboplatin calculator is totally different from the one that was discussed above.

While Global RPh had all the questions in front of the user on one page, in Medscape you have to click ‘next’ after answering each question, this interface might be preferred by most users.

On the left side of the calculator, you can see the list of questions that the calculator will ask you.

The design and UI of the website itself are really great, both from a practical point of view and an aesthetic point of view. A very subtle color scheme has been chosen which is used uniformly throughout the website and goes well with the medical theme.

There are no third-party ads on the website but you can see a few advertisements for Medscape itself.

You will have to enter the Age, Weight, Creatine, Target AUC, and Gender of the patient one by one in the question boxes. After filling out the answer to the last question you will have the total dose of carboplatin without any other extra details.

Medscape is well-suited for individuals who want simple results with a good user experience, you also have the option to share the results directly from the website.

3. Omni Calculator: Carboplatin Calculator

carboplatin calculator omnicalculator

Omni Calculator is the only non-medical website that we have discussed which has a carboplatin calculator. Omni Calculator is probably the most used calculator website on the globe, it is hard not to find a calculator here.

You can find a wide variety of calculators related to all sorts of fields, Sciences, Maths, Construction, and Health.

All calculators on Omni Calculators carry the same UI and design, you have a section for inputs on the top and a section for results on the bottom.

Just like the calculators discussed above you have to enter Age, Weight, Creatine, Target AUC, and Gender. You have the option to change the units for weight and creatine.

Omni Calculator has a signature abstract design that is unique to it, they have tried to give the website a sort of artistic look which they did pull off pretty well.

Omni calculator doesn’t follow one color scheme they have different designated colors for all of their calculators, for example, for math they have red, for sports, it is purple and for health it’s turquoise.

Once you have entered all the inputs the results will be displayed automatically, giving you the GFR and Carboplatin dose.

You can also use the advanced mode of the calculator but all it does is add an extra section for the maximum dose in the results section.

On the right side of the calculator, you can see a table of content for the page which includes different

sections related to knowledge about carboplatin and how to use the carboplatin calculator.

4.MDApp: Carboplatin AUC Calculator

carboplatin calculator mdapp

MDApp is a website that provides medical calculators, scores, and algorithms for people and also medical experts. Their specialties include; Allergy and Immunology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, and Deficiency.

They have tools and resources on a lot of other medical subjects as well, and they also have a dedicated blog section that you can go through.

MDApp is not the best designed website on this list but it is also not the worst designed, it is designed pretty well if we talk about the convenience as you can easily move from one page of the website to another without wasting much time.

The font sizes used are also quite huge, a bit smaller font size would have given the website a more organized look. There are a lot of poorly placed ads on the website which not only make the website look bad but are also kind of annoying.

The UI of the calculator is pretty simple just like all the carboplatin calculators, it comes down to your personal preferences as all of them are pretty practical.

The inputs for MDApp are similar to the calculators discussed previously, but a thing that you’ll notice is that on the top of the calculator there are a few drop down menus that tell you the purpose and formulas used in the calculator.

Once you are done with all the inputs, click ‘Calculate’, you will get the results which include; Estimated creatinine clearance rate, Estimated ideal body weight, and the carboplatin dosing.

If you scroll down you find a list of formulas and variables used in the calculation.

End Note

Cancer has existed ever since there’s been life, and any form of life can be diagnosed with it. It is one of the most tragic and dangerous diseases in the world.

The thing that makes cancer so dangerous is the fact that it has a high chance of being lethal and we yet we don’t have a cure, but with recent advancements, we are getting there.

All of the calculators mentioned above are pretty high end and will give you accurate results, they are all quite practical and it comes down to each individual user to find the best carboplatin calculator for themselves, but you should always refer to medical experts when it comes to cancer medication.

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