3 Best Social Security Benefit Calculator

best social security benefit calculator
best social security benefit calculator

Social security benefit calculators are recently introduced helpful tools in the market. These tools are a convenient way to calculate your social security benefits for the future and secure them.

Social security is the financial support provided to pensioners or unemployed people. It is basically the security provided by the society to individuals and households; which ensures their access to healthcare and guarantees income security, especially in cases of old age, unemployment, sickness, maternity, injury, invalidity or the loss of a breadwinner.

An example of social security is that if a person is disabled and meets the medical and insured criteria of society, then it is the responsibility of the society to pay that person his social benefits.

The main purpose of social security is to protect the old and disabled people against the expenses of sickness, to keep families together, and to give a chance to children to grow up healthy and secure.

There are different types of social security systems; retirement benefits, supplemental security income, and disability benefits. These are the three major types into which the benefits are divided.

The social security benefit calculators have made the lives of people easy, as they do not have to travel to different banks or agencies to get their social benefits. These calculators save your travel cost, time and exhaustion.

Social security benefit calculators are user-friendly and opportune tools. They provide you with complete/detailed results in the comfort of your home.

They help you to plan your future and verify your earnings with just a few clicks. Go through the details given below to find the best Social security benefit calculator for yourself.

Best Social Security Benefits Calculator

1. Bank Rate Benefits Calculator: Social Security Benefits Calculator

social security calculator bankrate

Bank rate benefits calculator is a highly efficient tool for people of all age groups. It gives an estimate of the total social security you will receive at the time of your retirement.

But it is important to bear in mind that the results are just an estimate and not the actual amount. The actual amount depends on your work history and income.

The interface is practical with no unnecessary advertisements. It has a complete guidelines on how to use the calculator and calculate your social benefits.

Bank rate benefits calculator requires a few particulars from you and the best part is, that all the particulars are explained in detail along with their importance.

It has a manual graph that shows you the average income and how it increases with age and experience. It gives you a rough idea about how you can calculate your social benefits and how to tally them with the average.

Bank rate benefits calculator also allows you to compare your investments and savings. It gives you the option to look for the best strategies and methods to adopt for saving and investing.

To calculate the social security benefits you have to insert your current age, retirement age, annual income, expected salary increase and expected rate of inflation.

Then you have to click ‘calculate’ and the calculator will display the estimated results in front of you. In case you require a report, then simply click on ‘report’ and an annual report will appear in front of you.

Bank benefits social security calculator is comprehensible, and it allows you to calculate your social security without signing up or creating an account.

There are many social security calculators available on the internet, but a lot of them require you to sign up or have an account to obtain the results.

2. Smart Asset Social Security Benefits Calculator: Social Security Benefits Calculator

social security calculator smartasset

Smart asset social security benefits calculator is a useful tool that not only helps you calculate your social security but it also helps you understand the benefits, societal standards and criteria for receiving the benefits, how to use the calculator and how to calculate your social security benefits.

The interface is favourable with no advertisements and pop-up cookies. It is clear and easily accessible.

It has a wide variety of options that allow you to find an advisor online or in case you are an advisor yourself, you can sign up by registering yourself through an email address.

It offers you financial advisor aid along with detailed and helpful guidelines; how to choose a financial advisor, what is the cost of a financial advisor and what are the tasks done by the financial advisor.

In case you are not feeling up to hiring an advisor for the long term, you can choose the option of a ‘one-time checkup with a financial advisor’ so you can clear your doubts and move on with your calculations.

It offers other beneficial options and guidelines such as banking, taxes, home buying and investing.

Smart asset social security benefits calculator even asks your age of retirement in the beginning so it can assess how much estimated income you will receive according to your years of service.

The retirement age box pops at the top of the screen, right when you open the calculator.

To calculate your social security benefits, you have to insert your birth year, the age of your election when you will start receiving benefits, marital status and your annual income.

There is a selection bar that you have to swipe right to increase the number on the bar. As the number increases, the amount of social security benefits increases, because the increasing number is basically your social security election age.

There is a graph that shows and explains to you how much average financial social security benefits are provided to people of different ages.

As the age increases, so does the social security because your age is directly proportional to your years of service.

There is a brief description present at the bottom that allows you to understand the method smart asset social security calculator uses for calculating your social security.

It also has a detailed question-answer session at the bottom of the calculator so you can read the most common and frequently asked questions. These common questions are addressed to ensure your satisfaction and clear out any doubts.

There are a few side links available that consist of relevant content regarding social security.

Smart asset social security calculator recommends places/countries where maximum social security benefits are provided (in case you looking to settle down with a permanent/long-term job).

At the very bottom of the smart asset social security calculator, there is a list of the top ten countries that offer the highest/furthest social security benefits.

The list is formed inside a table which shows the complete breakdown of annual and monthly finances.

3. Ameriprise Social Security Benefits Calculator: Social Security Benefits Calculator

social security calculator ameriprise

Ameriprise social security benefits calculator is a free tool, but it is necessary to create an account on it to achieve the results of your social security. For creating the account, you require an email address so you can sign up to become a member.

The interface is clear with no advertisements or pop-up links. Ameriprise social security benefits calculator has detailed descriptions on how to use the calculator, how to calculate the social security, what data is required, how to insert the particulars, what ways to adopt for saving up for the future and how you can hire an advisor to calculate your calculations.

To calculate you have to enter your annual income, age at the time of election and age of retirement. Then click on ‘calculate’ and the result will be displayed in front of you.

In case you require a report of all your calculations, simply click on ‘report’ and you will receive a complete report via your email address.

Ameriprise social security benefits calculator offers you to get assistance from an online advisor if you are unable to understand how to proceed and interpret your calculations.

End Note

Social security benefits calculators have made lives of the people easy as they do not have to travel long distances to go to the banks or hire someone to do the task on their behalf (old people who cannot do much of the work due to their age).

Social security is provided to different people in the society like the retired ones, disabled or injured etc.

In such conditions, it is hard to go to different agencies to get your social security. For this purpose, the social security benefits calculators are proved extremely valuable and time-saving.

Instead of hiring a lawyer, you can simply hire an online advisor who does all the work for you. There are many social security benefits calculators available online that offer free financial advisor sessions.

There are various effective social security benefits calculators available in the market and on the internet with different interfaces and methods, you just have to select the one that suits you the most.

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