4 Best Wet Bulb Calculator That You Are Missing Out On!

best wet bulb calculator
best wet bulb calculator

Web Bulb Calculator is a tool that can be used to simulate the wet Bulb test. The wet Bulb test is actually used to calculate the cooling effect of a human body depending on the conditions of the environment.

This method gets its name from the procedure that is used to calculate it. You put a wet towel or cloth on the Bulb of the thermometer and see how quickly the temperature drops on the calculator.

The wet towel in this method is supposed to act as the sweat from the human body and the effect that the wet towel has on the Bulb of the thermometer.

Water, whether it’s on a wet paper towel or on human skin in form of precipitation, has a cooling effect when it evaporates.

A wet bulb calculator can tell you whether the cooling effect of your body is efficient enough to help you be safe in a hot environment.

There are a few more details about the environment that you need to input in the calculator before you can calculate the safety of the environment which can be easily extracted from a weather app or website.

There are a lot of wet Bulb test calculators that you can find online and all of them work pretty smoothly but if you want to find the best-wet bulb calculator stick with this article.

This article has discussed a few high-functioning calculators that can be found online.

They have been selected on the basis of their design, UI, authenticity, and representation of results.

A small review of each calculator has been given highlighting their pros and cons. These calculators can be used by athletes, students, or people who just have to go out on a hot day.

After reading this article you will hopefully be able to know if the weather outside is safe for you or not.

Best Wet Bulb Calculator

1. Omni Calculator: Wet Bulb Calculator

wet bulb calculator omni calculator

Omni Calculator is a website about which you have probably heard, it is one of the most used calculator websites that you can find on the internet.

They have a wide range of different calculators, you can find calculators related to math, physics, chemistry, finance, construction, and a lot more. It is actually hard not to find a calculator on this website.

The design and UI of the calculators on Omni Calculator are generally the same for all calculators.

The layout of the calculator is quite structured, you have to enter 2 inputs in order to calculate the wet bulb effect, temperature, relative humidity, and wet. There is also an advanced mode on the calculator which adds extra details in the input section.

If you use online calculators often you will know that Omni Calculator has the best design when it comes to websites, not only on this list but out of all the calculator websites.

They have an artistic abstract pattern that is used uniformly throughout the website.

Another unique thing about the design of Omni Calculator is that they use different color schemes for different types of calculators which seems pretty cool.

Once you have entered all the inputs, the wet bulb temperature will be displayed automatically.

If you scroll down, you can find other calculators related to the web Bulb calculator, and you can also find tables of contents of the calculator that gives you different information about the wet bulb method.

2. Kwangu: Psychrometric Calculator

wet bulb calculator kwangu

Psychometric Calculator might be a new word for you, but don’t be confused by that, as it is just a more scientific name for Wet Bulb Calculator.

Kwangu is probably a website that you have never heard about, and to be honest, it doesn’t really have anything that should make it popular.

It seems like a website managed by a single person with specific tools, but it has just the right tool for you, Kwangu’s Wet Bulb Calculator is a really detailed and technical tool.

If we talk about the design of the calculator, it is pretty simple, and there is no detail or extra design elements added to the calculator, it is as simple as it could be, which does make it straightforward but also makes it really boring and unattractive. You need to enter a total of 5 inputs in this calculator.

There isn’t much to the design of the website either, which actually even isn’t a website but rather a small webpage.

A purple monochromatic color scheme has been chosen through out the website and the calculator making the whole experience a little dull. There are no ads on the website and generally, the calculator runs pretty smoothly.

Once you have entered all the details click ‘Calculate’ and you will be able to see your answer in the above section. You can see a few extra results in the results section but the Wet Bulb Temperature will be displayed above.

3. Calculator Academy: Wet Bulb Calculator

wet bulb calculator academy

Just like Omni Calculator, Calculator Academy is also an online portal that supports different calculators related to different sorts of fields.

Calctlator Academy might not be as popular as  Omni Calculator but that does not mean that this website is less capable in any way, although the variety of calculators a bit more limited here.

The design of the calculator is pretty simple and straightforward but the place is a little odd.

Calculator Academy’s Wet Bulb Calculator is placed on the right side of the webpage, it would have been a lot more convenient if it was just placed at the center.

The formula of the wet-bulb temperature is also provided in the calculator and you just need to input the relative humidity and the current temperature to find the wet bulb temperature.

The design of the website from a practical point of view is not bad, you can easily navigate the contents of the website and there are no glitches in the website.

There are a lot of ads on the website in any direction you look which really brings down the look of the website and also makes look congested.

Once you have entered both the inputs,  just click ‘Calculate’ and the wet bulb temperature will be displayed above in the calculator together with a summary that just includes the inputs that you entered.

You can also read through the steps of calculating the wet bulb temperature if you want to.

4. Calculator Online: Wet Bulb Calculator

wet bulb calculator online

Just like Calculator Academy and Omni Calculator, Calculator Online is also a calculators website, Wet Bulb Calculators are usually found on websites like these and don’t have dedicated websites.

You can find a fairly large amount of calculators and converters on this website, related to Health, Math, Finance, Physics, Chemistry, and information.

Just like all the calculators discussed on this list, Calculator Online’s Wet Bulb Calculator is also pretty simple to use.

You need 2 compulsory inputs which are temperature and relative humidity and an optional one, globe thermometer temperature.

The calculator’s layout is pretty well structured and it’s hard to get confused by it, you also have the option to change the units of temperature for your inputs.

The design of the website is probably not the greatest one on this list visually. From the top navigation bar to all the extra buttons on the website, all of it is pretty unorganized.

You will notice straightaway once you open the website that it looks kind of musty and incomplete.

Click calculate once you are done with all the inputs, you will get the wet bulb temperature in 3 different units which are Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.

This calculator also lets you know whether the temperature is within the safe range or not.

If the design is not your priority and you like detailed answers, then Calculator Online’s Wet Bulb Calculator just might be the right choice for you.

End Note

Wet Bulb Calculators are a very useful tool if you know how to use them. They can be a life savers for you and help you avoid conditions like a heat stroke which can be lethal in certain cases.

Make sure you enter all the details in the calculator correctly because you can never be too careful when it comes to health.

If you are someone who regularly deals with a hit whether it is important that you use always use protective measures and also know how to treat someone in case of a heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Go through all of the calculators carefully and find the one that fits all of your requirements.

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