5 Best Body Fat Percentage Calculator

best fat percentage calculator
best fat percentage calculator

Body fat percentage calculator is an effective tool that is used for estimating the total percentage of your body fat.

Many methods are used to calculate the fat percentage, but the most commonly used is the BMI method and in some places, the US Navy method is also used. The BMI method is considered better to attain appropriate results.

Body fat is actually a tissue that stores energy in the form of lipids and it also cushions and insulates your body. The body stores two types of body fats; essential and storage body fat.

Essential body fat is necessary to sustain life and support reproductive functions. Storage body fat is the additional accumulated fat.

There are different ways to calculate the body fat percentage. Some people go to physicists/doctors or require an expert or special equipment.

But body fat percentage is something that you can attain at home without following any lengthy methods or requiring any special equipment. It can be easily calculated at home with the help of many Body Fat Percentage calculators available online.

Body fat percentage calculator is considered an efficacious indicator to determine the composition and amount of fat present in your body.

The Body Fat Percentage calculator also helps to tell your body type and the amount of calories needed to burn, to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit.

Every person has a different body fat percentage that he/she has to attain and maintain.

For instance, the essential fat percentage in men is different from women. The essential body fat percentage helps in staying healthy, living a good life and for reproduction purposes.

The essential body fat percentage for women is greater than men, because of childbirth and other hormonal functions.

An easy and good example would be; if two people have the same height and weight, but their body fat percentage is different.

This is because both of them have different compositions; as their body fat is differently distributed among their bodies.

You will be surprised to find a huge variety of body fat percentage calculators available online with so many different methods and very convenient interfaces. 

Best Body Fat Percentage Calculators

1. Active Fitness Calculator: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

fat percentage calculator active

Active fitness calculator is very easy to use and interprets the results tool. It not only allows you to calculate your body fat percentage, but it also provides other quantifications such as; body mass index (BMI), caloric needs and BMR, nutritional needs, ideal weight, heart rate and running pace.

This calculator has a constructive interface which allows you to read articles related to essential body fat percentage; how to attain and maintain it, what foods you should eat and many other website links that can help you to get fit and healthy.

There are a few advertisements available, in case you would like to go for an exercise course or learn more about the body fat percentage or where to get healthy food from.

Active calculator has both options for calculating the body fat percentage of a male and a female.

To determine the Body Fat Percentage through this calculator, use a measuring tape to determine your waist, forearm, wrist and hip circumference. Then simply put your gender and measurements in the calculator and click ‘calculate’

You will receive your body fat percentage/index based on the average values. It is important to keep in mind that this percentage does not indicate your fitness level since the calculation is made without the height and weight of your body.

Active calculator also consists of a manual chart that allows you to see the essential and ideal percentages of men in women who are normal, athletes or obese.

2. Omni Calculator: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

fat percentage calculator omnicalculator

Omni calculator is an effectual tool that not only calculates your body fat percentage, rather it also provides you information on how to maintain healthy and essential body fat and offers you general guidelines on how to increase/reduce your body fat.

The interface of this calculator is advantageous as it consists of various clean eating and weight loss charts. There aren’t any advertisements or extra links that disturb the users to close them again and again.

To determine the body fat percentage, you have to fill the gaps with your gender, age, height and weight.

You just have to put in all the details and the calculator will do the rest, but in case you want to calculate the body fat percentage yourself; omni calculator has a few equations, through which you can calculate your Body Fat Percentage manually.

Whatever the results you get, omni calculator gives you the option to tally your results with the standard/ideal percentages that are present at the bottom.

There are bar charts present through which you can see the comparison between men and women in regard to their body fat percentage and age.

3. FatCalc Calculator: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

fat percentage calculator fatcalc

FatCalc has the widest range of methods with different formulas that you can use to find out your body fat percentage.

Usually, the most commonly used method is the BMI method, but this calculator offers other methods such as US Navy, Covert Bailey, Jackson Pollock and Durnin-Womersely methods as well.

The interface of this calculator is rich as it entails advertisements, weight loss videos, links to the websites for calculating Body Fat Percentage and losing weight along with some guidelines; how to estimate body fat percentage, what is the standard body fat percentage, what methods to use to get the best results and how to interpret the results.

The calculator is simple to use; you have to put in the required values and click ‘calculate’.

The calculator integrates the results with charts that consist of essential body fat percentages. This helps you to set a goal for yourself if your body fat percentage is high or low.

4. FITTR Calculator: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

fat percentage calculator fittr

FITTR calculator is an intelligible tool that helps you calculate your body fat percentage quickly and with ease.

They also have an application on which you can sign up and use whenever you desire. It also provides online coaching sessions and the option to talk to a FITTR expert.

You simply require an email address to sign up on the FITTR application or sign up on the FITTR calculator to take the coaching session or talk to the fitness expert in order to discuss your body fat percentage problems or get guidelines.

For attaining your body fat percentage, you select the gender, and put in your height, waist and neck circumference. Then click ‘calculate’ and you will get your body fat percentage.

Signing up on FITTR calculator or application is free. It also offers other tools to calculate your weight, BMR, total daily energy expenditure, your daily proteins, carbs and fat intake based on your goals.

5. VeryWellFit Calculator: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

fat percentage calculator verywellfit

VeryWellFit Calculator not only lets you attain your body fat percentage but it also allows you to compare your results with the results attained from other methods.

It lets you choose the method you would like to use for getting your Body Fat Percentage.

There are several guidelines available for you to follow according to your body fat percentage, how to use the calculator and how to take the measurements.

The interface is user-friendly, precise perspicuous. It also has the option to choose a different language; which means this calculator can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.

This calculator provides guidelines for taking measurements accurately for men and women in detail.

After getting the measurements you have to put in the numbers in the calculator and click ‘calculate’ and you will get the body fat percentage.

This calculator has a chart that is formulated according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

The chart consists of five body fat ranges or categories for men and women, through which you can compare your body fat percentage with the percentages given in the chart.

VeryWellFit Calculator also has a variety of links available which allows you to read about different diseases that are linked to low or high body fat percentage and how you can prevent them through different methods, exercises and changing your lifestyle.

End Note

It is very important to have a healthy and essential body fat percentage, so to regulate the temperature of your body, stay energetic and protect your organs.

But having excessive body fat is unhealthy and can lead to many health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

Nowadays, it is common to have high body fat percentages as the lifestyle of people have changed drastically due to growing facilities and improving technology.

A majority of the population only sits at home in front of the computer screens to earn money and eat unhealthy food like fast or junk food, because they do not have the time to cook healthy and the junk food is just a click away.

It is important to take out time for yourself. These calculators allow you to find out your body fat percentage at home. You can calculate and compare your body fat percentage with the standards and work towards your goal.

Body fat percentage calculators are convenient and easy-to-use tools. There is a wide variety available online and in the market with various methods, you just need to find the one that best suits you.

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