6 Best Squat Calculator That You Should Try

best squat calculator
best squat calculator

Squat calculator is used for calculating your strength, performance and the number of squats your body can endure.

If you feel like you are not doing enough squats or workouts; or you are excessively doing squats and not getting any results, then squat calculator is the perfect tool for you.

Squat is an exercise in which your knees are bent and the heels are touching the back of your thigh.

People do squats to burn calories and get fit. This exercise is beneficial for strengthening your bones, ligaments and tendons.

Squat calculators are not only good for beginners, but also for experts and pros.

Why waste thousands on hiring a personal trainer or a coach on top of paying for the gym when you can get the required information at home through your phone for free.

Squat calculator is essential as it helps you save yourself from injury or attaining the wrong shape. These calculators are easy and accessible.

Nowadays, a large percentage of people go to the gym for keeping themselves in shape. You do not necessarily require a trainer or an expert to calculate your one-rep max (1RM), so these readily available calculators play their part.

You can easily calculate the percentage of your one-rep max by using different calculators with different programs as you do not know your actual strength level.

There are a few important points to keep in mind while calculating your squat rate; the lower the number of squats you enter, the more accurate results you will get.

For example; 3RM will give you more appropriate results as compared to 12RM.

You will be amazed to see a wide variety of squat calculators available in the market and online with multiple interfaces and programs.

Best Squat Calculator

1. Strength Level Calculator: Squat Calculator

squat calculator strength level

Strength level calculator is a very convenient tool for finding out your strength and the maximum number of squats your body can perform.

This calculator provides fitness and strength standards so you can compare your levels with these standards.

The interface of this calculator is free from any sort of advertisement. It has a very accessible guideline along with the option to sign up for their newsletter so you do not miss any updates.

It also provides you with the option of getting training from a coach, by simply signing up.

To determine the squat rate, you have to select the gender, put in your age, body weight, the weight you can lift and the repetitions.

Then click ‘calculate’ and the calculator will display the results along with the standards so you can compare.

Strength level calculator not only helps you calculate the number of squats but other exercises like deadlifts, bench press etc.

2. BodyBuilding Calculator: Squat Calculator

squat calculator bodybuilder

Bodybuilding calculator is a lucid tool that does not require too many numbers or information from you. It also motivates its users to build up their strength, and become bigger and faster.

The interface is a bit compounding as it has a lot of advertisements and cookies. The calculator itself is simple to use as not much information is required.

It only requires your body weight and provides the average number of squats you can perform. You simply have to insert the body weight and click ‘calculate squats’ and the calculator will do the rest.

This calculator has the option of reading bodybuilding articles, and exercises such as squats, bench press etc, so you just have to sign up to access these articles.

In case you want to follow a workout at home; bodybuilding calculator provides you with that opportunity as well, you just need an email address to sign up to become a member and follow the workout at home.

3. Workout Temple Calculator: Squat Calculator

squat calculator workout temple

Workout temple calculator is a very coherent tool that has a wide variety of things available such as calculating the number of squats, exercising videos, manual charts for comparing your strength with the standards, and some articles as recommendations; on how to perform squats and calculate them according to your body type.

The interface is quite straightforward as all the boxes with headings are displayed at the top. The headings are the requirements that you have to insert and you will get the results.

This calculator has the option of displaying the interface in English and Spanish.

Once you acquire the results you can either manually compare them with the available chart or select the option of automatically comparing your results with the standards.

4. BarBend Calculator: Squat Calculator

squat calculator barbend

Barbend calculator has a wide range of programs. You can select any program according to your preference. This calculator just requires your body weight to calculate the squat number, which is convenient and user-friendly.

The interface is constructive as it has multiple characteristics. It allows you to keep yourself updated with the latest news regarding bodybuilding and exercise.

The latest news appears on the right of the display and it also allows you to receive the news via email. You just have to register yourself by signing up through an email address.

It consists of a detailed squat chart through which you set up your goals according to your squat rate. The display is vibrant and clear, which makes it easier for the user to use and interpret the calculator.

It consists of general guidelines and some recommended products that you can use to maintain your strength and power.

The required information is your body weight and the number of squats you are currently able to perform. After entering these two details, click on ‘calculate’ and the calculator will do the rest.

The results will be displayed along with the standards chart.

5. Strengthlog Calculator: Squat Calculator

squat calculator strengthlog

Strengthlog calculator is a very understandable and comprehensible tool which requires only two numbers from you; the body weight and the number of squats you can perform.

It also provides you with a list of estimated squats you can perform according to a specific weight.

The interface is very comprehensible as there aren’t too many advertisements or cookies. The best part is that this calculator has charts of standards for men and women both.

You simply have to calculate the number of squats and compare it with the standards chart according to your gender and body weight.

Strengthlog calculator also consists of different charts like bar charts and pie charts to make it more user-friendly and easy to understand.

It also has an application on which you can sign up and use wherever you are without any internet.

It consists of a complete guideline on how to attain and maintain your required body weight and the number of squats. It provides tips and tricks on how to increase your efficiency and muscle mass.

6. Legionathletics Calculator: Squat Calculator

squat calculator legion athletics

Legionathletics calculator is a basic and easy-to-use calculator that does not have a complex program or compound interface. It consists of a basic body weight calculator and a manual standard chart for comparison.

The interface is also very basic and clear. There are no advertisements, automatic charts, website links or cookies.

It provides not only the calculation of squats but of other elements and exercises such as bench press, BMI and BMR for men and women, weight loss and body fat percentage.

This calculator provides coaching sessions and meal plans to follow to gain the weight necessary for your body to perform the average number of squats according to your age and body weight.

For determining the appropriate squat level, you just have to enter the body weight and press ‘calculate’ and the results will be displayed in front of you.

This calculator allows you to take a quiz to obtain the right weight to perform the right number of squats according to your age. This calculator is opportune to use and intelligible to interpret.

End Note

As technology is improving, so is the lifestyle of everyone. As a great majority of the population work from nine to five, there’s hardly left any time for healthy cooking or going out for a walk. Gyms are an easy and accessible way to stay fit and in shape.

If you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, then these squat calculators are the best way to determine which exercise to go for and in how much quantity you should perform them.

There is a huge variety of squat calculators available online and in the market with various programs and interfaces, you just have to choose the one that suits you the most.

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