4 Best Mixed Numbers Calculator To Try!

best mixed numbers calculator
best mixed numbers calculator

Fractions are one of the most basic things in mathematics and even in sciences, these are one of the concepts that can be called the building blocks of mathematics.

Fractions have been a part of human lives for almost as long as mathematics itself. That is why fractions are taught to students from a very early age.

Mixed numbers are a type of fraction that has both a fraction and a whole number, mixed number are a way of representing a decimal number, for example, the number 2.5 can be written as 2 ½ and it would mean exactly the same thing.

Carrying out mathematical operations and arithmetics mixed numbers are tasks in which a lot of individuals get confused or their basic concept of these numbers isn’t that strong, like if you have add

3 ⅚  and 2 ⅔ . Mixed numbers calculators can serve as a massively helpful tool in these situations.

Mixed number calculators are arithmetic tools that help you solve mixed number problems, these calculators can carry out all sorts of calculations between mixed numbers for you in a matter of seconds.

There is a wide variety of mixed numbers calculators that can be found online, this article will pin down the best ones out there so can have the best mixed numbers calculator for yourself.

Hopefully, mixed numbers won’t be a problem for you after going through this article.

Best Mixed Number Calculator

1. Calculator Soup: Mixed numbers calculator

mixed number calculator soup

Calculator Soup is one of the most popular calculator websites out there, while they mostly focus on financial and math calculators, you can find some other pretty good calculators related to various fields on this website.

Its Mixed numbers calculator can be found in the ‘fractions’ section and is one the best calculators in this category.

The UI of the calculator is quite structured and self explanatory, you won’t face any problems interacting with it.

You perform functions between two mixed numbers, there are 3 inputs that are required from you 2 mixed numbers and the operation you want to perform on them (you can choose between, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, and ‘of’)

The designs of the website and the calculator are pretty solid, you won’t have to face any hindrances on the design front but the look of the website could be improved a little, the website tries to give a classic look but ends with a musty one.

The ads on the website are also not doing any aesthetic favours.

After you have entered both the mixed numbers and the arithmetic operation, click calculate to get your results.

The answer will be displayed directly under the calculator and the detailed solution can also be viewed below the main answer. Calculator Soup is a mainstream and simple option when it comes to mixed numbers calculators.

2. Hack Math: Mixed Number Calculator

mixed number calculator hackmath

As you can tell from its name Hack Math is a website that is all about mathetics, unlike Soup Calculator which focuses on multiple subjects.

You won’t just find math calculators here, but math worksheets and word problems are also a big part of Hack Math. The website also explains the concept of mixed number pretty thoroughly.

Hack Math’s Mixed number calculator has a slightly less user friendly interface when compared to other calculators on this.

It has a big box where you have to enter the entire problem manually, but this also makes the calculator more practical, you can write a problem as big as you wish, and the number of inputs won’t be limited.

From a design point of view, Hack Math isn’t bad, but it’s not that great, either. It’s a  pretty simple and basic design, without a lot of colours in both the website and the calculator.

There are a few ads on the websites but you probably won’t even notice them.

Once you have entered your problem in the big white box, click calculate to get the answer.

The result will show the answer with some steps giving you the answer in both fractions and decimals. If you scroll down a little, detailed solution with steps can be also be viewed.

3. Mathaway: Mixed Number Calculator

mixed number calculator mathway

Mathaway is a website dedicated to solving math problems, the good thing about this website is that it gets straight to the point.

As soon as you open the website, it asks you to enter a problem without any unnecessary scrolling or clicking. Mathway calculators can solve almost any type of math problem.

There might be a difference of opinion based on every user’s preferences, but it is safe to say that this calculator has the best interface on this list.

Mathaway’s Mixed Number Calculator isn’t limited to a section on a webpage, but it extends to the entire page with a huge keyboard.

You can see the reading material, like the steps for using the calculator behind it.

Mathaway’s design is pretty unique, and it is not like the conventional calculator websites that you mostly see. There is an on screen keyboard with most of the stuff that you’re gonna need to type in so you don’t have to do it manually.

Enter your problem in the white bar and click the blue arrow button on the right to get the results.

You will get the results on top of the calculator in exact Form, decimal form, and mixed number form. Mathaway should be a good choice for individuals that want a truly focused calculator without any distractions and details.

4. Calculator.net: Fraction Calculator

mixed number calculator net

Calculator.net is one of those websites that will pop up in your google search for the majority of calculators, as they have a huge variety of pretty well functioning calculators.

They don’t have a specific calculator for mixed numbers, but it is a part of the fraction calculator in their ‘math’ section.

Mixed numbers calculator is the second calculator on the ‘Fraction Calculator’ page. Its UI is similar to that of Calculator Soup which was discussed at the very top of this list.

You have to enter three inputs, two mixed numbers, and an operation between them (+,-,x,/). It is one option short when compared to  Calculator Soup.

Calculator.net’s design is as good as any on this list if not the best.

The website looks really inviting and organized, same goes for the design of the calculator. It may seem a little too spacious in some areas but for the most part, it is fine, and, the ads are also placed pretty conveniently.

Once you have entered all the inputs click ‘Calculate’, you will see the result in fraction and decimal form right where the calculator was before clicking ‘Calculate’. Calculation steps are also given below the main answers if you want a more detailed answer.

5. Fraction Calculator: Mixed Fraction Calculator

mixed number calculator fraction calculator

All the websites that we discussed until now don’t primarily focus on fractions, they have focused on all sorts of calculators.

Fraction Calculator is a website that mainly focuses on fractions and fraction calculators, you can’t go wrong with this calculator.

Fraction Calculator’s  Mixed Fraction Calculator has the most unique and userfriendly design on this list. There is a separate input box for each number, you don’t have to write the whole mixed number manually.

The denominator, numerator, and the whole number can be written separately, but you can only have two mixed number at a time on this calculator.

The design of the website is not that great, you can’t really see the use of any design elements on the list, and the colours used on the calculator and the website are pretty dull.

The website still seems pretty organized and free from any kind of glitches or errors.

Click calculate once you have entered all the numbers and have selected the function you want to perform.

You will be directed towards the results at the bottom of the calculator. The answer will be in fraction form only and there are also no solution steps.

End Note

Mixed fractions and fractions, in general, are an important part of academics and everyday life. It is important that we have a grip on their concepts, but fractions aren’t for everyone, and mixed numbers make it even more tricky.

Mixed number calculator mentioned in this article will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to mixed numbers. All these are more than capable to deliver what you’re looking for, hopefully you will find the best one for yourself.

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