4 Best Volume Of A Prism Calculator

best volume of a prism calculator
best volume of a prism calculator

The volume of a prism calculator is a geometric tool that is used to calculate the volume of a prism by using its dimensions.

The technical definition of a prism is quite confusing, but in simple words, a prism is a 3D polyhedron that has similar shapes on both ends (length-wise) and a defined number of sides.

There are a lot of types of prisms, but the one that is mostly used is a rectangular prism.

It is an eight-sided 3D rectangle that you must have come across multiple times in your textbooks and in your everyday life.

There are simple formulas that can be used for each shape of the prism to calculate the respective volume, but geometric calculations can be a bit tiring if done over and over again.

A volume calculator can determine the volume of a shape with just a click of a button.

These calculators are used by students, teachers, and parents worldwide. They are very simple to use and require just a few simple values from the users.

If you start searching for a calculator in this category, you will find a lot of options.

These calculators are supported by dozens of websites and if you want to find the best volume of a prism calculator for yourself, you need to stick with this article.

In this article, the best prism volume calculators will be discussed. The pros and cons of each of them will be mentioned so you can make an informed decision.

Hopefully, this calculator will provide you with enough information and options to pin down the best calculator for yourself and also help you strengthen the concept of calculating prism volumes.

Best Volume of a Prism Calculator

1. Calculator Soup: Volume Calculator

volume of a prism calculator calculator soup

Calculator Soup is one of the most used calculator websites out there and also one of the best ones.

It is a trusted website with thousands of users worldwide who use a wide range of calculators supported by this platform.

The major focus of the website is on financial and mathematics calculators, but it also homes a wide variety of tools related to all sorts of subjects.

This calculator is pretty simple to operate. In the case of a square prism, you just need to input the ‘side length’ and the ‘height’ of the pyramid.

If you are dealing with a rectangular prism, you will also need to mention its width.

Make sure you select the correct shape from the drop-down menu at the top of the calculator.

This calculator can calculate the volume of multiple 3D shapes, so ensure you select the right option.

Calculator Soup’s website design can have some improvements. The first thing you will notice as soon as you enter the website is the lack of detail in the design.

The whole website feels a little empty and way too spacious, and the advertisements are also not doing its design any favors.

From a practical point of view, the design is pretty great and delivers a user-friendly experience.

Once you have entered the inputs, select the units and click ‘Calculate’. The total volume will be displayed below. If you scroll down, you can read some instructions related to calculator use and the formulas.

2. Omni Calculator: Volume of a Rectangular Prism Calculator

volume of a prism calculator omni calculator

Omni Calculator is arguably the most used calculator website. It has a huge collection of calculators related to all sorts of fields.

You can find tools and calculators in categories like physics, math, food, health, sports, etc.

This tool is undoubtedly among the top calculators for calculating the volume of a prism.

Omni Calculator has a very consistent design throughout different categories of calculators.

If you have used this website before, you will notice that all the calculators have the same interface but differ in functionality.

Just enter the prism’s length, width, and height in the input section, and make sure you select the right units.

The calculator is quite simple and self-explanatory, and you won’t face any problem operating it.

Design of the website of a calculator that you are using matters a lot. You would want to go with a website that gives you an organized environment when you are interacting with the calculator.

Fortunately, Omni Calculator has a great website design from a practical point of view.

You won’t face any difficulty navigating through the website. All the tools and contents of the website are easily accessible.

Another interesting thing about their design is that the website’s background has a subtle abstract aesthetic, which can be seen uniformly throughout the website.

Once you enter the prism’s dimensions, the total volume will automatically be displayed below. You can also check out some extra content related to the calculator and its concept on the same page.

3. GIGA Calculator: Volume of a Prism Calculator

volume of a prism calculator giga calculator

The prism volume calculator is a widely used tool, and its use is not limited to specific users, which is why you can find it on almost all calculator websites.

GIGA Calculator is one of those calculator websites.

This platform has an impressive collection of adequate calculators, randomizers, and converters. They also have an article section where you can read about topics related to different calculators.

The inputs for the volume calculators remain the same throughout different websites, as they carry out the same calculations. You have to input length, base (width), and height, just like the previous calculators.

The interface of this calculator is also pretty simple.

You only have the input boxes for the dimensions and an action button. An image of a prism has also been given at the top, so you don’t get confused when you are entering the values.

The design of GIGA Calculator’s website is quite conventional. It is exactly how a calculator website should look like.

Their signature dark blue color has been used uniformly on the website, and all the contents of the website are pretty well-managed.

From the design point of view, GIGA Calculator is one of the best-designed websites on this list.

After you have entered the dimensions of the prism, click ‘Calculate’. The calculated volume will be shown just below the calculator.

You have the option to copy the results directly from there if you want to add them to a document or you want to share them with someone.

4. Volumecalc: Volume of Prisms

volume of a prism calculator volumecalc

All the websites that have been discussed in this article until now are calculator websites that have calculators related to different fields. Volumecalc is a website that is a bit different in this regard.

This website is totally dedicated to calculating volumes, and it has a wide array of tools that can be used to calculate volumes of all sorts of geometric shapes.

In the prism section, you can see seven different prism shapes from which you can make your selection.

Once you have chosen the shape, you will be directed toward the calculator, where you have to enter the required dimensions.

The UI of the calculator is intuitive and user-friendly. All the instructions that you will need are conveniently placed at the top of the calculator.

The design of the website is every bit as good as the calculator itself. It is visually appealing. As soon as you enter the website, you’ll know that Volumecalc is a credible website.

There are more than a few ads on the website, which can be a bit annoying for some individuals.

From a user’s point of view, who wants to access multiple volume calculators at the same time, this platform is the right way to go.

Once all the dimensions have been entered, the volume of the prism will be displayed in the bottom section.

Volumecalc doesn’t allow you to change the units, so with this calculator, you are stuck with m³.

If you scroll down from the calculator, you can find a detailed explanation of the formula used in the calculations above.

End Note

These calculators are really simple to use and give you your results in a matter of seconds. Even if you are someone who has a good grasp of this concept, a calculator can help you immensely.

By using the calculators discussed above, you can find out the volumes of multiple prisms much faster than manual calculation.

These calculators will also reduce the chances of error in your calculations exponentially.

Make sure you go through all of these calculators carefully.

Try them all out at least once, so you get a practical experience with them. Make sure you select the one that makes you feel most comfortable and fulfills all your needs.

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