4 Best ACT Score Calculator Available Online

best act score calculator
best act score calculator

ACT score calculator is a very effective tool that helps you calculate your ACT score for getting admission to a college or university.

The main subjects that are involved in the ACT are English, Math, Reading, and Science. Tag along with this article to find the best ACT score calculator.

ACT score calculator operates on an advanced formula and provides you with accurate results.

It is fast and user-friendly. It saves you from worrying about calculating your test scores manually and saves you the stress and effort required to search for suitable colleges and universities.

This calculator not only provides you with the total ACT score rather it offers you suggestions of potential colleges and universities that fall under your ACT score.

It tells you about the merits each university has set for that specific year.

The best part about this calculator is that every university has a set method and merit for each year, so this calculator keeps you updated and gives you all the information necessary for applying.

Now you do not have to manually search for every college and check out the merit and then go through all the merit lists.

Thanks to the ACT score calculator you get all the information of a college or university along with the set merit and admission information; all in one place with just a few clicks in the comfort of your home.

Some of the best ACT score calculators are mentioned below which have a wide variety of interfaces and displays.

Best ACT Score Calculator

1. Albert ACT Score Calculator: ACT Score Calculator

act score calculator albert act score calculator

Albert ACT score calculator is an authentic and reliable online tool that helps you to calculate your ACT score for getting admission to a college or university.

It has a huge number of users who trust and depend on it for accurate results.

The interface is clear and vibrant. It has a blue and white theme that instantly captures your attention and you enjoy using the calculator.

Albert ACT score calculator is updated every year regularly according to the new college and university merits.

It provides you with correct information and precise calculations. Hundreds of students can easily vouch for this calculator; it is trustworthy and appropriate.

For calculation, you have to type in the score of each subject in the empty boxes given in front of the names of each subject.

After entering all the scores, the total score will automatically appear at the bottom of the calculator. Just below the calculator, there are test years that you have to select.

For example, if you took the ACT in 2020, then you have to select 2020 so that Albert ACT score calculator can process all your data from 2020.

Albert ACT score calculator has detailed guidelines and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

You can go through those guidelines so to better understand how to use the calculator, how to calculate the ACT score, what formula is applied and so much more.

It is a complete package, all in one place.

A great thing about this calculator is that it offers you to take online tests and practice questions to improve your knowledge and skills.

This assists you to score better and secure a good spot in the university or college of your desire.

You can try and take the practice tests any time you like and assess your capability through the score you achieved in that practice test.

If you score less and are weak, then you keep on taking the practice test until you are satisfied and score well.

Albert ACT score calculator has a table that has the typical percentiles of students taking the ACT. One column has the average ACT composite score and the other column has the average percentiles.

It has an online team available at your service 24/7. You can contact them any time and you will receive the answers to your questions within seconds.

You can leave/drop your questions or you can chat with one of the service persons according to your liking and preference.

This calculator has classes that you can attend and learn about the basics and complexities of the ACT and scores. You will learn about the universities, their perquisites, and their requirements.

The classes are not free, they are paid. You can subscribe to the monthly package and take regular classes.

It has a pricing list. You can open the pricing list, select the package according to your budget and proceed with the process.

At the bottom of the calculator, you will find a content list consisting of all the topics taught in the classes. You can select any major and continue with the classes.

Albert ACT score calculator has its own academy that has a physical appearance. If you live in Chicago then you can even attend the Albert academy for guidance and learning.

2. Cloud ACT Score Calculator: ACT Score Calculator

act score calculator cloud act score calculator

Cloud ACT score calculator is a simple and basic tool that helps you calculate your ACT scores based on your singular scores in English, Math, Reading, and Science.

It combines all the scores, puts them through the formula, and provides you with the results.

The interface is clear; there are no advertisements or website links. You can work in peace without any intervention.

For calculations, you have to fill all the boxes with your scores. Once all the data is entered, the final result will automatically pop in front of you.

You can assess your score by comparing it with the average yearly scores provided at the bottom of the calculator.

If you are considering taking this year’s test and have no idea how to apply for the ACT then do not worry because the cloud ACT score calculator got your back.

You can directly apply for the ACT through this calculator without any hassle or stress. Just click on the register button at the bottom and it will lead you to the application page.

3. The College Panda ACT Score Calculator: ACT Score Calculator

act score calculator the college panda act score calculator

The College Panda ACT Score Calculator is an online tool created by a Chinese teacher, author, and engineer; Nielson Phu.

He was an average student who achieved a normal score, but he secured the highest percentile and since then he has been helping other students to perform their best on the ACT or SATs.

Nielson has a very different approach, unlike other academies and calculators that follow the same old/mainstream method and do not produce any productive results.

This calculator has advanced information and it operates on the latest functions and formulas.

The interface is mostly clear with just a few ads but they do not necessarily intrude on your work.

It has a list of top scorers and their scores that are achieved with the help of the college panda ACT score calculator.

For calculation, you simply have to enter all your scores in different subjects in the calculator.

Then press ‘calculate’ and the final score will appear in front of you. This calculator claims to provide you with the most accurate results.

This calculator has a newsletter that you can subscribe to get tips and information on college administration, inspirational stories, resources and so much more; on a daily basis.

You have to enter your email address to subscribe to their newsletter.

The College Panda ACT Score Calculator has online books that you can read to enhance your skills/knowledge.

You can even check out their blog, where similar yet different posts are posted regularly to help you and keep you focused.

There are detailed and extensive guidelines to help you out with technicalities. You can read the guidelines before using the calculator so you have an open and clear mind.

All the frequently asked questions and guidelines are mentioned to help you with using the calculator, understanding the concept and so much more.

You can covert or use this calculator for calculating your SAT and PSAT as well. You will find a wide variety of past ACT, SAT, and PSAT past papers and curves available on this calculator.

They are helpful and assist you to practice similar questions from previous years to improve your passing skills.

If you are looking for online subject classes then you have certainly landed in the right place because the College Panda ACT Score Calculator has a team of experts who will teach you and enhance your skills with just a few regular lectures.

Lastly, this calculator has a blog that is considered the best, and it is well-known by many.

You can subscribe to the blog by registering through your email address, and you will receive all the updates and news.

End Note

Some of the best ACT score calculators, along with their detailed reviews, are enlisted above with various interfaces and displays, you just have to select the one that suits you the best.

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