4 Best ETG Calculator Sites You Can Find

best etg calculator
best etg calculator

ETG Calculator is a software-based tool that calculates the amount of ethyl glucuronide in your body. Ethyl glucuronide is a by-product of ethanol which is the alcohol that you drink.

This compound is present in every alcoholic drink in different amounts, and its traces can be found in your urine if you have consumed alcohol.

ETG tests are used to find whether a person has recently consumed alcohol, and they also estimate the amount of alcohol that was consumed.

There are several situations where ETG tests are used, but the main idea is to control or limit alcohol consumption.

One thing that you should know is that the ETG test is a highly sensitive procedure and can give a positive result for a number of items other than alcoholic drinks.

These items may include; mouthwash, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, and deodorants.

An ETG calculator can give you a pretty good estimate of when you will likely be able to pass an ETG or alcohol test.

There are a few calculators that you can find online that calculate your ETG, and the ones that you do find are mostly glitchy or unreliable.

This article will discuss the best calculators that you can find online for this category.

A summary of each of these calculators has been given below, highlighting their best and worst features. Make sure you go through it thoroughly so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to find the best ETG calculator for yourself. These calculators will definitely help you boost your confidence in passing alcohol tests.

The Best ETG Calculator To Try Out

1. Addict Help: Quick ETG Calculator

Addict Help is a website that focuses on sobriety and recovery from different types of addictions.

They have a decent amount of very adequate material on different topics related to alcohol and a few drugs.

The content that they have is quite engaging and really helps people understand the true meaning and benefits of being sober. Addict Help truly lives up to its brand name.

A great thing about this ETG calculator is that it is much faster than the rest, as you would have guessed from its title.

You are only required to enter two inputs, the day and time when the person stopped drinking alcohol.

There are detailed instructions given at the top of the calculator on how to use it. You probably won’t need them as the calculator is fairly easy to use.

The design of Addict Help’s website is pretty basic and straightforward, and they have managed to make a great look out of it.

There isn’t too much content on the website at once, making the experience more user-friendly.

The simple design makes it really easy for you to find different tools and posts from anywhere on the website.

Once you have entered the day and time of the last alcohol consumption, click ‘Calculate. You will get the day and time until which the person is at high risk of failing an ETG test.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that this calculator can only give you an estimation. You can never be 100% sure about this calculator.

2. CheckAlc: Alcohol Calculator to Check Your Blood Alchohol Levels 

CheckAlc (as you can tell from its name) is totally dedicated to checking alcohol in a person’s body. All the material that they have on their website is related to blood alcohol, but the content is very limited.

This calculator is not exactly an ETG calculator but rather calculates the alcohol level in your blood.

The whole platform consists of a drink list, an alcohol calculator, and a small reading piece on how alcohol level is calculated.

The UI of the calculator is structured and intuitive, you won’t face any difficulty interacting with it.

This calculator is a bit more detailed than the one we discussed earlier.

First, you need to enter some personal information, which includes your sex and body weight. Then you should enter the time you started and ended up consuming alcohol.

In the next step, you must enter the quantities and types of drinks that you consumed. Search for your drink in the search bar and add it to the calculation.

Although there isn’t much on this website, it still has a pretty well-organized design.

There is no unnecessary stuff on the website, and for someone who is looking for a fully focused calculator, CheckAlc just might be the right option.

Once you have entered the details, click the action button, and you will get your results.

The calculator will give you the alcohol level in your blood right after you finish drinking and the time at which your blood will be alcohol-free.

A graph showing the development of alcohol in your blood will also be constructed and the bottom.

3. Lebedin Kofman LLP: ETG Calculator

Lebedin Kofman LLP is a law firm that provides legal services to civilians, and their areas of expertise include; criminal defense, DWI/DUI, civil rights litigation, and debt defense.

They provide 24 hrs free attorney consultations on the phone, and their phone number is mentioned at the top of the website.

You can view their legal team, read through the reviews that their clients have provided for them, and study the case results from the website.

Lebedin Kofman LLP is a professional and experienced firm when it comes to legal services, and their ETG calculator is certainly one of the best that you can find online.

This calculator provides a simple yet attractive interface.

The dark blue color, which carries the identity of this company, is used wisely in the calculator’s design. Clear and large fonts have been used, which further enhances the user experience.

You have two separate sections in this calculator, which are titled ‘Enter Values’ and ‘Results’.

In the input section, you need to enter the number of drinks consumed, hours spent drinking, hours until the test, gender, and the weight of the person.

You can tell from the design that this website is a credible one. Lebedin Kofman LLP has given a lot of focus on creating a professional and organized design.

Even though it is a large website with a lot of pages, you won’t face any difficulty surfing through it.

Once you have entered all the details and values, click ‘Calculate ETG’ at the bottom to get your results.

In the results section, you will have the ETG value right after you finished drinking, your cutoff hour, and your ETG value at the cutoff hour.

You can also view a graph of your ETG levels against time. The cutoff hour has also been highlighted on the graph for better visuals.

The cutoff hour may vary depending on the laws of your vicinity, so make sure you read the correct cutoff value according to the locally accepted ETG level.

Going with a calculator that is backed up by a law firm can be a wise choice, as firms like these are generally more careful when it comes to legal issues.

You can read through some tips and information related to the ETG tests on this page that might help you with yours.

Which ETG Calculator is the Best?

It is hard to define any one calculator as the best from the ones listed above as the preferences vary from user to user.

If you want a simple design and quick answers, Addict Help might be the right choice for you as it requires the minimum input, and its design is simpler compared to the other two.

If you want to go into detail and want to find the alcohol levels in your blood, CheckAlc will be most suited for you, but you exactly won’t be calculating your ETG.

Lebedin Kofman is probably the best option here, as it not only gives you a straightforward experience but also incorporates a few extra details in the inputs and results.

End Note

It goes without saying how helpful an ETG Calculator can be in certain situations.

These calculators won’t only help you clear medical tests but can also act as a precaution for your safety and the safety of others.

Keep in mind that all the calculators below can’t guarantee that you will pass an ETG or alcohol test, as these tools can only give you close estimates.

You can fail an ETG test even if you haven’t consumed alcohol.

All the calculators listed above are more than capable of giving you the correct answers. You should go with the calculator that you think suits you the best.

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