12 Best Female BMI Calculator To Check Right Now!

best female bmi calculator
best female bmi calculator

The BMI calculator is a great tool for people who want to keep an eye on their body mass index. This equation uses the weight and height of the person to calculate body fat.

BMI applies to everyone aged from 18 years old to 65 years old. Ideally, the BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9 for adults. Also, it’s used to screen the weight categories.

However, it can be challenging to find a reliable female BMI calculator, which is why we have listed and reviewed some of the best female BMI calculators out there!

Best Female BMI Calculator

  1. BMI Calculator‰

bmi calculator % app

This is one of the most convenient BMI calculator apps out there. The app is available for free, but the only issue is that it’s available for iPad and iPhone users only.

With this app, you only have to add your weight and height in metric units, and the BMI value will be shared with you.

In addition to the BMI value, you will get an indication if you are overweight, underweight, or have a normal weight.

  1. BMI Calculator – Body Mass Index Calculation

bmi calculator body mass index

This is one of the smartest and most efficient BMI calculator apps that allow users to calculate their body mass index by adding height and weight information.

The app provides an option to select the preferred measurement unit. When you add the information, the final BMI value will be shared.

In addition, you can select the training program to increase or decrease the weight, depending on the current value.

The app has a simple design, making it a suitable choice for beginners. This app is a promising choice for trainers as well as nutritionists who want to help their clients.

The only issue is that this app is only available for iPad and iPhone users.

  1. BMI Calculator for Women & Men

bmi calculator for men and women

This is one of the most effective and beginner-friendly BMI calculators for men as well as women. On this app, you have to add the data like weight, gender, and height to get the BMI calculations.

It will show if you are underweight or overweight. In addition, it shows the ideal weight for your height and gender – you can swipe right on the app to get this information.

This app shows the calculations in FPS or unit metrics, whatever you prefer. Also, the app is available for free and can be downloaded from Apple App Store (it’s not available for Android users).

As far as the metrics are concerned, you can use kilograms or pounds for weight and centimeters or inches for height.

  1. BMI Calculator

This app has gained popularity for its simple and easy-to-navigate interface. The app is extremely easy to use. This is because the body mass index will be calculated as soon as you add the height and weight information.

When you have the BMI value, you can plan your workouts and meals to achieve the desired body weight. Also, the app is available for Android users and promises accurate calculations.

  1. BMI Calculator – BMR Manager

bmi calculator bmr manager

If you need a BMI as well as a BMR calculator app, you can opt for this app to calculate the body mass index and basal metabolic rate.

This app requires the users to enter different types of information, such as weight, age, height, and gender, to calculate their BMI.

In case you want to calculate the basal metabolic rate, you can choose between Harris-Benedict or Mifflin & St. Jeor methods.

The calculations are immediate, and you will get an indication if you are normal weight, underweight, or overweight. Also, you can access the nutritional data, so you can decide the number of calories and protein in the food.

The app is available for free and can be used by Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone users. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Android users.

  1. Scale X Pro By Forbes

bmi calculator forbes

Forbes has launched Scale X Pro, which has 32 measurements, so you can understand your body. It shows eight live readings to ensure a complete diagnosis of the body.

It has been designed with the Echo technology that sends signals throughout the body and interprets this data through the sensors.

Every measurement is shown in the form of graphics for easier understanding. In addition, there are adjustable time options available, so you can keep an eye on the changes.

The calculations are conducted based on the Mifflin & St. Jeor equation, which is the most reliable formula to calculate calorie and nutritional needs.

  1. aktiBMI

bmi calculator atkbmi

With this app, you have to add information like weight, height, birthday, and gender. In addition, you have to add your current weight to get the desired body mass index.

It will also show if you are overweight, underweight, or normal weight. Also, you will be able to see how far you are from the desired weight.

The users can select the measurement unit. The app is available for Android as well as iOS users. It’s available for free and has some in-app purchases to clear the ads.

There is a pro version of this app that shares the health report (the health report can be exported) and data logs. In addition, you can add comments for easier sharing of the information.

  1. Weight Loss Tracker – BMI

bmi calculator weight loss tracker

Weight Loss Tracker – BMI asks the users to add complete information about weight, height, desired weight, date of birth, and gender.

There is a BMI on the top to check the weight on the gauge, and you can easily review the weight levels at the bottom of the screen.

The app also shares the stats with a calendar, so you can keep track of the weight. It’s an apt choice to keep an eye on your weight progress.

In addition, there is a feature to add notes, moods, and photos. The app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones. Also, the app is available for free.

  1. BMI BMR & Body Fat Calculator

bmi calculator bmi fat calc

This app has been designed by Crecode Apps and has ads. It has a variety of basic calculators to help you keep an eye on your health.

In particular, there are fifteen health calculators in this app, including the BMI calculator. It uses the body fat percentage to determine if you have a normal weight or if you are underweight or overweight.

The app works offline and can calculate BMI by adding weight, age, and height information. For this reason, it’s a great way of getting into shape.

  1. Body Mass Index & Ideal Weight

bmi calculator body mass index app

This app also allows users to calculate their BMI depending on gender, age, height, and weight. In addition, you can calculate your ideal weight and water intake.

When you sign up for this app, you will get daily tips to keep working towards the ideal weight. The best thing about this app is that it can create multiple user profiles.

The app has a built-in notes feature, so you can add extra information. The app supports the imperial as well as the metric unit system. The interface is pretty elegant, making it easy to use.

  1. Weight Tracker Journal & Photo

bmi calculator weight tracker

This is a weight-tracking app that also allows users to track weight. The app is quite easy to use as it has an intuitive interface.

It allows the users to create a weight journal and record notes to keep an eye on the weight. In addition, you can save the photos to access your progress.

There is an automated BMI calculator in the app, so you can calculate the body mass index and compare it with the WHO categories.

There is an import and export feature, so you can share the files. The best thing about this app is that it has a shareable weight calendar.

Weight Tracker Journal & Photo has a weight log visualization, so you can access information about weight loss, weight changes, and how much weight you’ve to lose or gain to reach the weight goals.

The reminders can be customized, and there are more than twenty app themes available. On top of everything, the app supports 16 languages.

  1. BMI Calculator – Ideal Weight

bmi calculator ideal weight

This is another BMI calculator which allows the users to calculate and evaluate the body mass index. You can add information about weight, height, gender, and age.

The app is based on WHO classifications and supports imperial as well as metric units. You can gain information about the ideal weight and get professional tips about weight gain and weight loss.

The app keeps a record of the BMI history, so you can track the changes in health. The app also provides tips on how to adjust the diet and track the weight progress.

The app can be used by adults as well as kids, irrespective of gender. Also, the data can be synced to Apple Health for easier access.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to find a reliable BMI calculator, especially if you need a female-centric calculator. However, the calculators mentioned in this article are free to use and promise accurate results!

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