5 Best Bowling Calculator To Choose From

best bowling calculator
best bowling calculator

It is hard to name any recreational sport as famous as bowling, the reason that bowling is so famous is probably due to the fact that it is a really simple and easygoing sport. There are no complicated rules in it and on top of that, it is not that physically demanding.

Bowling dates back to 5200 BC, there must be a reason that it has been around for this long.

Although bowling itself isn’t that complicated, you might find keeping a track of your score in bowling a little confusing. Its scoring system works a little differently than other games.

If you are someone who is facing trouble in noting down your bowling score this article is all you need.

There are bowling calculators, that help you calculate and record your scores based on the inputs that you provide. All these calculators do the same calculations but differ in some other details.

This article will briefly explain some of the best calculators, so you can find the best bowling calculator for yourself based on your preferences.

Hopefully, you will be able to get your bowling scores without any uncertainties with the help of these calculators.

Best Bowling Calculator

1. Bowling Genius: 10-Pin Calculator

bowling calculator bowling genius

Bowling genius is a website dedicated totally to bowling, it is a small website with limited options and sections, and along with its bowling calculator you can find some tips, tricks, and instructions regarding bowling.

This is not the most credible website when it comes to the non-calculator bowling part.

The website’s design isn’t that great, although the design is not outdated and has modern website elements to it. It still fails to give a neat and tidy look, as if, there was no focus on the design of the website deliberately.

The calculator on the other hand has a really good interface and is pretty simple to use.

Write down the name of the player for whom you are calculating the score by pressing the ‘player’ icon, you can choose to skip this step but it’s recommended that you enter it.

Then you need to enter the number of pins that were knocked down by the player in each round.

Select the number of pins knocked down on both tries in a single round, you don’t have to enter them manually as you can select from numbers 0-10 from the top of the calculator. Your HDCP and Max score will be displayed on the right side of the calculator.

Bowling Genius is a pretty good option for you if you want an easy experience with the calculator and the website design and ads don’t bother you that much.

2. Sports Calculator: Bowling Score Calculator

bowling calculator sport calculator

As you can tell from its name, Sports Calculator is a website dedicated to sports calculators.

Along with bowling, you can also find calculators related to cycling and running. You’d expect this website to have calculators related to other sports but the choices are quite limited.

The design of the website isn’t bad but still feels a bit incomplete and way too spacious.

It could have been better if they used a different color scheme. There are a few ads on the website but they won’t get in the way of using the calculator.

The calculator has a pretty clean and user-friendly interface, you won’t face any problems operating it.

This calculator doesn’t allow you to enter the name of the player or add multiple games as the Bowling Genius discussed above. You just have to enter the number of pins knocked down on each try for all 10 rounds.

The numbers have been given below for you to choose from. If you managed to knock down all 10 pins in a try use the ‘X’ and 10 isn’t listed with the numbers.

Once you have entered the results for all 10 rounds your total score will be displayed at the end of the score sheet in a large box.

If you are looking for a really simple Bowling calculator without any extra details and options, this is the one you should go for.

3. Easy Calculation: Bowling Score Calculator

bowling calculator easy calculation

Easy Calculation is a website totally dedicated to numbers and calculations, you can find converters, tools, calculators, charts, etc on all sorts of subjects.

This is one of those rare websites that have a bowling calculator but are not dedicated to sports.

The website is built pretty well and doesn’t give off a gloomy and boring vibe like the rest of the calculator websites, although the font and color scheme could have been a little more up to date.

There are a lot of ads on the website which won’t cause any hindrance to you but are still annoying to have.

The design of the calculator is also quite different from the calculators that we have previously discussed, but the inputs and interface are almost the same.

Like the rest of the calculators, you have to enter the number of pins that were knocked down in each try by selecting the numbers below, or you can just type them if you want.

Once all of the inputs are done, your total score will be displayed in the right-most box in the middle. The layout of this calculator for storing the numbers is simpler but not the one you would expect in a traditional bowling score sheet.

4. Fryes 4 Fun: How to Keep Score in Bowling

bowling calculator fryes 4 fun

This is a website of a bowling center and their website mostly has information about the bowling alley and other entertainment that they provide, like schedules and events.

You won’t find anything useful other than the Bowling Calculator on this website.

The design of the webpage of the calculator is so simple that it almost feels like a Word Document, you might think that it’s a bad thing but it makes using the calculator pretty simple and less distracting.

The interface of the calculator is also as simple as it could be but you will have to enter the score manually.

If you scroll down you can find a whole lot of reading material regarding the calculator. There is detailed explanation of the scoring rules and the calculations behind the scores.

If you are someone who is new to bowling or needs more clarity on the rules and regulations of the sport, it is recommended that you go through these details.

This shouldn’t be your first choice when looking for a bowling calculator because it requires a lot of manual input from the user. It is pretty simple but the simplicity comes at the price of practicality in this case.

5. My Bowling Scoreboard by Peter Ho

bowling calculator peter ho

It is hard to find a good Bowling calculator app, as most of them are full of glitches and ads, My bowling scoreboard is by far the most downloaded app when it comes to calculating bowling scores.

The app’s build may seem a little outdated and nonuniform but you won’t be able to find an app that is more detailed than this.

You have dozens of options for storing, editing, and adding player names and scores. It feels like this app was calculated for people who are really into bowling and take the game seriously.

Due to the number of options, this app may be a little overwhelming for some people.

They have a ‘question mark’ icon which you can press and have answers to all your queries. This section will explain all the operations of the app in detail, even bowling experts might face a little difficulty without this section.

One thing that you’ll notice straightaway is that this app has no ads, which is something really rare in these apps, absence of ads is the reason that so many users download this app.

If you are looking for a truly detailed experience when it comes to bowling calculators.

End Note

Bowling is a really fun activity when it comes to casual sports, it is something that is well-known in around every part of the world, so it is important that keeping a track of the scores doesn’t take away any of that fun.

Bowling calculators can prove to be a handy tool when it comes to marking the performance of the players.

This article has discussed the best bowling calculators that the internet has to offer, all of these calculators are performing the same function but differ in some subtle details.

Check out all of the calculators listed above so you can figure out the best bowling calculator for yourself.

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