3 Best Draw Length Calculator Sites To Try Out

best draw length calculator
best draw length calculator

Draw length calculator is an opportune tool that helps you calculate your draw length by just requiring your wingspan.

Your wingspan is normally the same size as your height in inches minus 15 and divided by 2.

But, manually carrying out the calculations has a high chance of error. For measuring the wingspan you need a measuring tape.

You have to stand straight with a wall, and extend/stretch both your arms straight against the wall.

Then, you need to measure the distance from the end point of your one middle finger to the endpoint of the other middle finger.

You have to insert the wingspan in the calculator and it will automatically provide you with an accurate draw length.

Now the purpose of draw length is that sometimes, some people have a different draw length from their height. It is not something to worry about or it is not something unusual.

But many jobs, training, etc. require physically fit and proper candidates; for example army. In the army, there is a complete medical examination where each inch of your body is measured and examined.

You must fall under the physically fit category who has the perfect height, draw length, eyesight, and much more.

With the help of draw length, you can estimate the distance at which you can shoot the arrow.

The distance is directly proportional to your draw length. Draw length plays a major role in archery and can give an estimate of your performance on its basis.

Now shooting the bow at a precise draw length helps you maximize your potential as an archer. The correct draw length provides you with the best shot at a proper form.

Your form/posture depends greatly on your draw length.

If there is even a slight error; i.e. if the draw length is an inch long or short, it can cause issues like decreased accuracy or cause you injury.

An ideal draw length allows you to anchor in a comfortable position; so you can shoot at ease without any discomfort.

It is important to note that if you decrease an inch of your draw length, you lose ten feet of the arrow speed per second.

But this does not mean that you should increase the draw length, you should keep it moderate for ideal results.

Since people put a lot of effort and brain into calculating the precise draw length for accurate results, you will find some of the best draw length calculators in this article.

The Best Draw Length Calculators You Should Check Out

1. Archery Direct: Draw Length Calculator

draw length calculator archery direct

Archery direct’s calculator is a basic operating online tool that is free and provides you with draw length without any complexities.

It has a visual art that shows how you can calculate the wingspan and put it in the calculator. It also has a manual guide above the calculator that you can read before proceeding with the calculations.

The interface is simple and clear; there are no advertisements or cookies that interrupt your work.

There is a picture of a man with his arms extended to both sides so you can have an idea of how to stand straight and measure the wingspan.

For calculation, you have to select the unit in which you require the draw length and enter the wingspan. Then press ‘calculate’ and your defined draw length will appear in front of you.

This calculator not only offers you draw length for archery, but it has a variety of options like fishing, hunting, crossbows, and much more.

If you are into outdoor activities like these then you can calculate the draw lengths for all these activities in one place without searching for a new one.

This calculator has an online shop/store where you can shop for various accessories for different outdoor activities. You will find bows, arrows, fishing rods and so much more.

It has a separate section of an online store for kids; as their accessories are less sharp and dangerous.

You can create an account on this calculator to receive the latest updates about the new additions in the shop. You can also follow it on Facebook to get the latest news.

2. Outdoors: Draw Length Calculator

draw length calculator outdoors

Outdoors’ calculator is an online constructive tool that has a wide variety of functions that you can carry out all in one place.

It has a pictorial and descriptive outlook that helps you understand how to carry out the calculation and comprehend it.

The interface has a lot of advertisements and pop-up website links. It has an orange and white theme that is very vibrant and eye-catching.

You will find a lot of pictures that have descriptions and explanations to make it easy for you to interpret.

For calculation, there is a moveable bar; if you move it to the right, the number increases and if you move it to the left, the number decreases.

You have to move the bar either to right or left according to your wingspan and your draw length will appear below the bar in an orange box.

This calculator has tutorials and illustrative videos that show you how to manually measure your wingspan, use this calculator, and apply the draw length in archery.

It has a visual stepwise procedure that makes the interpretation easy.

This calculator offers you online articles that explain how to use the arrows and bows, how to hold them, apply the draw length and what are the ideal ways to follow for accurate results.

This calculator has a huge range of various products like t-shirts, hats, nocks, arrows, bows, fishing rods, and many more.

It also has a sale going on, so you can get all the products at great discounts.

On top of that, you can get free shipping if you order directly from its website. The products are also available on Amazon, but they are not discounted or you do not get free shipping.

At the bottom of the calculator, you will find informative and knowledgeable paragraphs; one paragraph explains the difference between draw length and arrow length.

It explains the relationship between both of them and how they affect each other. There’s a blog where you will find comments from previous as well as current users, their experiences, and ratings.

You can also leave your comment about the performance, interface, and display by entering your name, email, and comment.

If you have any query or question and want to have a direct word with a member, then you can click on ‘contact’ at the top of the calculator and communicate your problems or confusion without any hindrance.

This calculator has a huge social media appearance. You can follow it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to get the latest news and updates.

3. Archery Hunting: Draw Length Calculator

draw length calculator archery hunting

Archery hunting’s calculator is an online free tool created by Michael Manley; who served twenty-one years in the U.S. army.

He is an avid hunter and he applies his military methodologies to his hunting. He constructed this calculator based on his military experience.

The interface is highly maintained, and all the parameters, paragraphs, and videos are arranged in a symmetrical order. There are no advertisements and everything is organized.

It has a green theme that gives a forest effect and looks very attractive.

For calculation, you have to enter your wingspan in inches. Then press ‘calculate’ and your draw length will appear in inches in the bar below.

It has a brief description of how to calculate the wingspan manually, so you can follow the instructions and get the measurement.

Michael Manley has uploaded prerecorded videos in which he has instructed about how to use the arrow and bow, and how to hold and direct them.

Visually representation makes it easy for you to understand and apply the methods.

You will find YouTube video lessons, lectures, and online article links that are based on Michael Manley’s personal experience, they are tried and tested methods and provide you with truthful results.

This calculator is a complete package; you can calculate, learn and apply the methods with its help.

It has all the tips, tricks, and tactics necessary for carrying out the hunting process. You can click on ‘gear guide’ to get an idea about what to buy for ideal results.

You will find attached links that will lead you to authentic online stores.

All the common questions and their answers are enlisted at the bottom of the calculator to avoid repetition. If you have a different question you can click on ‘Q&A’ at the top and send in your questions.

End Note

Some of the best draw length calculators along with the types of interfaces they have and their reviews are enlisted above, you can try out all of them and select the one that suits you the most.

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