3 Best DIN Setting Calculator Sites

best din setting calculator
best din setting calculator

A DIN setting calculator is a computational tool that gives you the DIN value for your skiing gear. This value is a force that you set on your ski bindings. When this force pulls on a ski binding, it releases the boot.

This information might be a little confusing and technical if you are someone who doesn’t know that much about skiing or is just starting out. But for experienced skiers, this knowledge is pretty basic.

The bindings are not only used to hold the ski and boot together but are also very important for the safety of the skier.

The DIN setting allows you to set an amount of force after which the boots will be detached from the skis. If the skis aren’t detached from the skier’s body, they can be seriously injured.

When it comes to something as critical and sensitive as this, you need to be sure about your values.

To do that you can use a DIN setting calculator which gives you a safe value based on the information of the skier.

The inputs that are generally required from you in these calculators are; weight, height, skiing style, skiing experience, age, and boot size.

There are a bunch of calculators that you can find online in this category.

But for something as serious as this you need to find the best DIN setting calculator for yourself, and if you stick with the details given below you will find it.

This article has some of the best calculators that you can find for the DIN settings.

A summary for each calculator has also been given (highlighting their pros and cons), so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Hopefully, you will be able to ski safely once you are done with this article.

Best DIN Setting Calculator

1. Mechanics of Sport: DIN Setting Calculator

din setting calculator mechanics of sport

Mechanics of Sports is a website that mainly focuses on skiing and snowboarding guides. They try to teach these sports by explaining the mechanics and physics behind them.

You can find some really thorough guides with specially made graphics elaborating on the science behind these two snow sports.

On top of all these guides and tutorials, Mechanics of Sports also supports a few tools and luckily a DIN setting calculator is one of those tools.

This calculator is quite detailed yet simple. All the options and inputs have been presented in a way that even a new user won’t find the calculator difficult to use.

First, you have to select the type of skier that you are from a couple of images given on the calculator. Then, select your age, weight, height, and boot length.

The rest of the website is also designed pretty well. There is an image of snow-capped hills in the background which really sets a good tone for the whole website.

All colors used in Mechanics of Sports’ design totally go with the theme of snow sports.

Some features of the website may feel a bit outdated like the fonts and the style of the header and menu. But in general, you can expect a smooth experience from this website.

Once you have made all your selections in the input section click the ‘Calculate DIN Setting’ button given at the bottom of the calculator. Your DIN setting value will be displayed next to that button.

2. SkaterPro: Ski Binding DIN Calculator

din setting calculator skatepro

SkaterPro is an e-commerce website that has thousands of products related to skiing, skating, and winter sports. You can find all sorts of gear related to some adventurous sports in all sizes and shapes.

SkaterPro is a very highly rated and consumer-oriented e-commerce business, and if you are interested in winter sports gear you should definitely try ordering from SkaterPro.

The UI of this calculator is a bit different from Mechanics of Sports but it is still pretty straightforward to use.

First, you have to enter your boot sole length in mm (make sure you don’t enter your shoe size) and select your skiing style. After that, select the correct weight, height, and age.

The design of the calculator is pretty basic but goes well with the rest of the website.

This website is designed to sell sports gear and does a pretty good job of doing that. It might not be the most efficient design for a calculator but that is not what this website is built for.

The overall vibe of the website is quite professional but not boring at all and all the contents of the website are easily accessible.

Once you are done with all the inputs the DIN value will be displayed just below the calculator.

If you scroll down you can find some products related to the calculator. You might find some of them useful as SkaterPro mainly deals with high-quality products.

3. Dincalculator.com: Professional DIN Calculator

din setting calculator dincalculator.com

You can tell just by reading the name of the website that it is totally focused on calculating the DIN value for your ski bindings.

It doesn’t even qualify as a website because the calculator is the only main component of the platform and all of it can be accessed from a single page.

This calculator determines your DIN value according to the ISO 11088 Standard, which is the most accurate way to calculate it.

The design of the calculator is compact and composed which also makes it a little less structured. But in general, it is a very convenient design for a calculator.

For inputs, you have to enter the level of your skiing, your age range, weight, height, and boot sole length (you can select it from a range of boot sizes).

The design of the rest of the webpage is pretty organized. There is an aesthetic image of snow mountains on the top of the website which the whole website a good vibe.

You might see a few ads here and there but they have been placed quite strategically. You won’t even notice them if you focus on the calculator.

After you have entered all the inputs click the button labeled ‘Get Your Setting’ and your setting value will appear in front of you.

You can go through some reading material on the website which guides you about the calculator and also fills you in on some information related to ski bindings.

Which Calculator is The Best?

All the calculators mentioned above carry out the same calculations and will give you the same answers based on your inputs.

With all of them having the same purpose and functionality it is hard to define one as the best calculator.

Even though they are quite similar in calculations, they are still pretty different when it comes to more subtle details, as you have already read above. So let us see which calculator is best out of all three.

Mechanics of Sports will be a good option for you if you are into the science and mechanics behind skiing.

It also explains the importance of different components of the gear and is more suited for users who are just beginners to the sport.

It also has a wide and detailed calculator interface which is also something you want to keep in mind if you are considering this calculator.

The inputs and UI of SkaterPro are pretty similar to Mechanics of Sports, the only main difference is that in SkaterPro you have to enter the exact boot length.

SkaterPro is more suited for users that are interested in buying ski bindings or other products.

Dincalculator.com’s calculator gives you a focused and specific experience. This platform only has one purpose and that is to give you your DIN setting value.

If you want to calculate the DIN value without distractions and as quickly as possible, this would be the right choice for you.

When it comes to calculating the DIN value Dincalculator.com can be named the best calculator out there.

End Note

Skiing might not be the most popular sport but it is definitely a fun one. The adventurous and dangerous nature of the sport is the reason for its unpopularity.

On top of that, certain geographic requirements need to be met before you can start skiing somewhere.

If done right and safely, Skiing can be a very refreshing and exciting practice.

All the calculators mentioned above are quite adequate and you will be fine as long as you stick with any of them. Just make sure you stick with the one that you feel most comfortable using.

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