3 Best Repeating Decimal to Fraction Calculator

best repeating decimal to fraction calculator
best repeating decimal to fraction calculator

A repeating decimal to fraction calculator is a computational mathematical tool that converts a decimal value to a fraction format.

This conversion is a basic part of mathematics taught to students early in their academic years. A repeating decimal is a decimal value whose numbers after a decimal are infinite and periodic.

We can take the example of the fraction ,  in its decimal form we get the value 0.3333333…. The digit 3 keeps on repeating infinitely in this fraction.

The use of fractions and decimals is not just limited to textbooks and studies, we use them every day in our lives. We convert dozens of decimal values into fractions daily without even realizing it.

Even though the calculations for converting repeating decimals to fractions are basic they aren’t necessarily simple.

There are a lot of students and professional individuals who find this conversion difficult or have no idea how to do it. A calculator can help immensely if this concept isn’t clear to you.

If you search on the internet you can find a bunch of calculators that can convert repeating decimals to fractions. But, if you are looking for the best ones, you need to stick with the details given below.

In this article, the most adequate and practical decimal to fraction calculators have been listed. A small review of each of them has also been given below, highlighting their noteworthy points.

Make sure you go through each of them thoroughly so you can find the best repeating decimal to fraction calculator for yourself.

Hopefully, once you are done with this article you will have a better understanding of repeating decimals and fractions. Plus, you will be able to convert repeating decimals confidently.

Best Repeating Decimal to Fraction Calculator

1. Calculator Soup: Decimal to a Fraction or Mixed Number

repeating decimal to fraction calculator calculator soup

Calculator Soup is one of the most famous and widely used calculator websites that you can find.

It has a broad range of calculators related to all sorts of categories although it mostly focuses on mathematics and financial calculators.

But, you can find a lot of useful calculators in the ‘Others’ section as well.

Calculator Soup, fortunately, features one of the best decimal to fraction calculators which can be found in the ‘Fractions’ subcategory.

This calculator is not just dedicated to repeating decimals. It can convert any type of decimal value into fractions.

The UI of the calculator is really simple as you only have to enter one input which is the decimal number that you want to convert.

The design of the calculator goes well with the rest of the website as all the colors used here are similar to the website. This gives a really uniform user experience.

This website has a unique design but it seems a little outdated. There aren’t many design elements used on the website which gives the website a basic look.

On top of that, the advertisements on the website are also damaging its aesthetics, giving the website an organized look.

Once you have entered the decimal value that you want to convert, click the ‘Calculate’ button and your conversions will be shown below.

You will get the results in all sorts of fractions including the mixed number format.

If you scroll down you can find some instructions on how to use the calculator if you feel stuck.

2. Omni Calculator: Decimal to Fraction Calculator

repeating decimal to fraction calculator omni

Omni Calculator is probably the most used calculator website and has the largest variety of calculators. You can find tools and calculators for almost all the fields that you think of.

The largest collection of calculators that this website has is of mathematics, you can find more than 500 mathematical tools here.

Luckily, a decimal fraction calculator is one of these tools.

Just like Calculator Soup this website can also convert all types of fractions including repeating fractions. Most of the calculators that you’ll come across have this feature.

The design of Omni Calculator’s tools remains the same throughout the website, which gives its users a consistent experience.

You just have to enter your decimal value to get the answers and this calculator also gives you the option to specify the repeating digits in a separate box.

Omni Calculator is arguably the best-designed website on this list. You can see an aesthetic abstract background that lifts up the looks of the entire platform.

All the contents and buttons on the website are well managed and give it a clean look overall.

The color of the background changes as you shift from one calculator category to the other, which is something unique to Omni Calculator.

Once you have entered your inputs the fraction will be shown below automatically.

You also have the option to view the solution steps if you want. You can go through some instructions related to the calculator given on the left side.

3. Good Calculators: Repeating Decimal to Fraction Conversion Calculator

repeating decimal to fraction calculator good calculators

Good Calculators isn’t as famous as the other two websites on this list but that does not mean that it is any less than them.

They have unique categories of calculators which are hard to come by on other platforms, like; mortgage calculators, retirement calculators, contractor calculators, etc.

Good Calculators focuses on some really practical tools and the repeating decimal to fraction calculator is one of them.

This is the only calculator on this list which is totally dedicated to repeating decimals, but it can also convert non-repeating decimals to fractions as well.

You have two input boxes in this calculator, one for the repeating part and one for the non-repeating part. Make sure you enter them according to your decimal value.

One limitation that you have here is that you can only enter the values after the decimals and the whole number. There are a few ads on Good Calculators that might be a little annoying for some users.

The design of the website is pretty basic as there isn’t much designing going around. But Good Calculators manages to give its website an organized design.

From a practical point of view, all the components of the website are easily accessible and easy to use, which is exactly what you need from these websites.

Once you have entered your inputs, click the ‘Convert to Fraction’ button and your results in fraction form will be displayed below.

If you scroll down you can go through the steps of converting decimals to fractions.

Which Calculator is the Best?

The calculators mentioned above give you plenty of variety to choose from.

All of them serve the same purpose and carry out the same calculations, but as you have seen by now, they differ in some subtle details.

It is hard to name one calculator as the best as preferences and choices differ from person to person. But let us see if we can find the best calculator out of this list.

Calculator Soup’s calculator is a simple, easy, and fast tool. It can convert any decimal value to a fraction and is not just limited to repeating fractions.

If you are looking to convert all types of decimal values with minimum inputs, Calculator Soup will be the best choice for you.

Omni Calculator functions almost similarly to Calculator Soup, the only difference is that you have the option to input the repeating digits in a separate input box.

Omni Calculator is a widely used platform and its regular users will feel more comfortable going with its decimal to fraction calculator.

If you need a calculator that is dedicated to repeating fractions, then you should go for Good Calculators, but it limits your inputs as you can only enter the digits after the decimal.

Omni Calculator would be the best choice if you are struggling with the idea of choosing a calculator as it gives you a comfortable and simple experience.

In the end, it is up to you to choose the best calculator on this list.

End Note

Converting repeating decimals to fractions is a basic part of mathematics which also makes it an important one. But not all of us can do that with ease and a calculator in this situation can be really helpful.

Make sure you go through all of the calculators mentioned above and try focusing on their noteworthy features.

Even though these calculators can carry out the arithmetics for you, it is recommended that you learn the basics of the concept of decimal conversions.

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