Best Crushed Stone Calculator- 3 You Should See

best crushed stone calculator
best crushed stone calculator

A crushed stone calculator is a tool that was created to help you calculate the right amount of crushed stone required to fill a certain area or space and make the process stress and hassle-free.

Manually estimating the amount can be very difficult and has a high chance of error.

Crushed stones are rock fragments that are processed and crushed together to form crushed stones. They are also known as crushes in simple words.

The most commonly found rocks in the mixture are Argillite, Dolomites, Granites, Limestone, Marble, Sandstones, Slates, Trap rocks, Quartzite, and Volcanic cinder.

If you want to calculate precise values of the crushed stone then this calculator is the perfect tool for you. The area or space can vary from location to location and your requirement.

It can be a small hole or a giant well in the ground or a building’s basement etc.

Similarly, the area can be of different sizes and shapes. This calculator estimates the correct amount based on the formula installed for various shapes and sizes.

If you put in the formula to calculate the value for the crushed stones, then you are likely to get precise results.

Human estimates can be wrong or inappropriate, but this calculator operates on an advanced formula and provides you with accurate results so to fill in the gap properly and avoid any wastage.

You can also calculate the weight of the crushed stones through this calculator.

You can calculate the crushed stones in different units like yards or tons. This calculator provides you with the formula that is used for manually calculating the crushed stones in yards and tons.

The process can be tiring and nerve-wracking that is why this calculator is here to help you out. For square or rectangular spaces, the calculator uses the area formula for square or rectangle.

The formulas require a lot of multiplication and division, so it is better to leave the calculations to the crushed stone calculator to avoid complexities and mistakes.

This article consists of several best-crushed stone calculators with various interfaces enlisted below with a detailed review of each calculator.

Best Crushed Stone Calculators

1. Omni: Crushed Stone Calculator

crushed stone calculator omni

Omni’s calculator is an online tool that is well-known and has a reputation for providing accurate answers. This calculator is diverse and offers you multiple options concerning calculations.

For example, you can choose the unit according to your requirement and preference.

The interface is mostly clear; there is just one advertisement on the right side of the calculator and it hardly disturbs you. All the data and descriptions are well-systemized.

Below the calculator, there are detailed guidelines that help you construe the calculations. For calculation, you have to enter the surface shape, length, width, depth, and percentage of waste factor.

Once you enter all the details, the quantity and weight of the crushed stone will appear in the rectangular box below.

You can change the unit of any parameter in the calculation section. The default units for quantity and weight are meter cube/cubic meter (m3) and tons (t), respectively.

A list of other units opens up when you click on the default units. You can select any one of them as you like.

You will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are answered below the calculator.

The purpose of displaying the answers to FAQs is to avoid the repetition of questions and the time consumption that is required to send in your queries.

You can convert this calculator for other purposes like calculating asphalt, concrete driveway and gravel driveway, etc. This saves you time for searching a completely different calculator from scratch.

Omni’s calculator offers home-based job opportunities as well. If you feel like you are capable enough to commit to a full-time job from home, then you should definitely apply to it.

This saves your travel cost and the hassle and worries to go out every morning for a nine-to-five job.

You can follow this calculator on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to know about the latest updates and additions.

2. Mulzer: Crushed Stone Calculator

crushed stone calculator mulzer

Mulzer’s calculator is a basic operating tool that allows you to attain precise crushed stone quantity according to the area’s shape, size, and depth.

This calculator is created by Mulzer Crushed Stones Inc. Company. The interface is brief and advertisement-free. Its display is simple and to the point.

There are no extra or irrelevant details. A brief description is present above the calculator to give you a basic concept of the usage and calculation.

For calculation, you have to first select the shape of the area, then enter the depth of material (in inches), width (in feet), and length (in feet). Then click ‘calculate’ and you will get the answer in cubic feet, cubic yards, and tons.

This calculator has other vast functions like it helps you get employment if you belong to the field of construction by providing online authentic employment connections.

If you are looking for a suitable area to invest in and start construction on it, this calculator offers you many reasonable lands in your vicinity and provides you with online assistance.

If you already have land but do not have a contractor, then this calculator is the right tool for you. It will consider your budget and then provide you with contractor options.

You can sign up and become a customer, and you will receive news and offers about various services that Mulzer’s calculator offers. You can contact the team anytime to seek assistance or guidance.

You can either follow or share this calculator on your social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Following it helps you receive all the updates.

3. Home Advisor: Crushed Stone Calculator

crushed stone calculator home advisor

This calculator as the name indicates; not only helps you calculate the total crushed stone required for your home, rather it provides you with advice for buying a house at a suitable place and a reasonable price.

The interface is organized and constructive with just a couple of advertisements. These advertisements do not interfere with your calculations.

It has a blue theme and it instantly catches your attention when you open the calculator.

For calculation, you have to enter the area of the land (according to your assessment) and depth. Then press ‘calculate’ and the final answer will be displayed in front of you.

The total area appears in square feet. This calculator uses/includes standard 10% waste to retain the actual and accuracy factor. This calculator serves the purpose of automatic as well as manual tools.

You can carry out automatic calculations through this calculator and you can also manually get the estimation of the crushed stones because this calculator helps you find pros in your vicinity.

You just have to turn on your location and the calculator will enlist all the local pros in your area.

It allows you to compare the rates with the local pros so you can have an idea about the ranges and arrange your budget accordingly.

The overall display of this calculator is like an article as it has important topics and detailed descriptions under each topic.

Every topic covers prime aspects like how to use the calculator, what formulas are applied, how to carry out the calculations, and much more.

If you are a student or an investor then you can even contribute or invest in the ongoing projects near you.

To check out the projects, just click on the ‘project’ icon and the nearest ongoing active projects will be enlisted in front of you.

Home advisor’s calculator has a pro network, you can join that by simply signing up through your email address.

It allows you to connect with various users, talk to them, discuss opinions and clear your confusion.

If you have a budget, you can keep on scanning the lists of pros until you are satisfied and the rates meet your decided budget.

This calculator also offers you contractors that you can select according to your preference and comfort.

You can download the application of this calculator on your smartphone via the Google play store and Apple store (depending on which smartphone you use; android or iOS).

Having the downloaded app on your smartphone means you can use it anywhere.

This calculator has a huge social media appearance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. This helps you keep yourself updated about the latest news and updates.

Any new addition pops up directly on your newsfeed.

End Note

A crushed stone calculator has made life easy as now you do not have to hire an expert to do the job for you when you can do it yourself with just a few clicks in the comfort of your home.

Go through the above-mentioned crushed stone calculators and decide for yourself the best one to make your task easy and hassle-free.

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