4 Best Concrete Footing Calculator Sites To Try

best concrete footing calculator
best concrete footing calculator

A concrete footing calculator is a computational building tool that allows you to calculate the quantity of concrete that needs to be used in the footer of a concrete structure.

This quantity is mainly calculated in volume as it is the most efficient way of calculating it.

You just need to enter some dimensions of the structure in the calculator and the rest will be taken care of by the calculator.

There are a lot of parts of a concrete structure and you need a different approach for calculating the volumes of each part.

The footing is the lowermost part of a concrete structure and is in the ground. Footing is connected by the rest of the structure by the foundation which is actually the pillar of a concrete structure.

Footing a square or rectangle-shaped block at the bottom is something that gives the structure the majority of its stability. It not only makes it strong but also reduces the possibility of the structure toppling over.

Concrete is the most used substance in buildings.

Over the past few decades, the consumption of concrete has increased exponentially, with rapid urbanization the demand for both knowledge and quantity has increased and so has the use of concrete calculators.

There are a lot of concrete footing calculators that you can find once you start searching for the.

To find the best concrete footing calculator you might have to try out a few calculators before you can pin down the best one.

In this article, the best concrete footing calculators have been mentioned.

You will find all of them to be similar in some way. After all, they carry out the same calculations, the differences that you’ll notice are mainly in design and interfaces.

Hopefully, once you are done reading this article, you will be able to calculate concrete footing without any problem.

Best Concrete Footing Calculator

1. Calculator.Net: Concrete Calculator

concrete footing calculator calculator.net

Something that you should know before starting to go through different calculators is that most of the Concrete Footing Calculators out there aren’t just dedicated to calculating the volume of footing but to all the parts of the concrete structure.

Calculator.net is a really popular calculator website and has calculators related to all sorts of topics. But, the three main categories that they focus on are health, math, and finance.

When you scroll down to the calculator you will notice that there are several calculators, each assigned to different parts of the building.

The ones labeled as ‘Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls’ and ‘Hole, Column, or Round Footings’ are the calculators that you should use based on your footings.

The UI of the calculator is quite intuitive and simple, you just have to enter the dimensions and the number of footings that you need, and the calculator will give the total volume of the concrete that you’ll need.

There are a lot of decently designed calculator websites out there and Calculator.net is certainly one of them. It has a signature dark blue color that distinguishes this website from the rest, this website is designed pretty well both visually and practically.

Make you enter the required dimensions carefully, once you have done that click ‘Calculate’ and you will get the results in form of Volume and Mass (with a specified density). The results also tell you the amount of bags that you’ll need to get the required amount of concrete.

2. Concrete Network: Concrete Calculator

concrete footing calculator concrete network

Unlike Calculator.net, which is a calculator website and has a range of different types of calculators, Concrete Network is totally dedicated to concrete.

You can find different concrete products and manufacturers that meet your conditions, there’s a section on the website that lets you find concrete contractors for your building project.

There’s even a concrete photo gallery where you can view concrete being used in the most aesthetic way possible.

As stated above, this calculator also has multiple calculators for calculating different parts of a building, you have a concrete slab calculator, concrete footing calculator, and concrete column calculator.

In this case, you will of course go for the concrete footing calculator. Enter the depth, length, and width of the footing and keep the mentioned units in mind.

The design of the calculator is pretty good, the inputs are self-explanatory, there is an image of a concrete block highlighting the dimensions, and the input and result sections are pretty well-defined.

The design of the website, unfortunately, isn’t as good as the design of the calculator. The website seems congested and mismanaged, even the logo at the top of the website is pixelated.

There are a lot of ads throughout the website and some of them pop up when you try to go from one page to another.

Once you are done with the inputs, click ‘Calculate’, and you will see the boxes in the results section full up.

Concrete Network’s calculator tells you the quantity of concrete in yards and also tells you the number of pre-mixed bags you’ll need.

3. Lowe’s: Concrete Footing Calculator

concrete footing calculator lowes

Lowe’s Concrete Footing Calculator is the first website on this list that has a calculator totally dedicated to concrete footings and not the rest of the parts that use concrete. 

Lowe’s is a home services company that covers almost anything related to residential fixing and installation.

They provide the services of flooring, window installation, doors, fencing, appliances, building, and a lot more. Lowe’s is a well-trusted company and it is hard to go wrong with their calculator.

Just like the calculators mentioned above, this  Concrete Footing Calculator also needs only 3 inputs from the user, the dimensions of the footing (length, depth, width), and make sure you enter those in inches.

The UI of Lowe’s Concrete Footing Calculator is the simplest on this list, it only has the inputs and the action button. The design of the website is also pretty decent.

You have a simple yet engaging website UI that brings uniformity to the whole platform, from the header to the calculators, the general design is pretty much the same.

All of the major contents of the website are mentioned at the top of the website, and the conveniently placed search bar allows you to find everything that you are looking for on the website.

Click ‘Calculate’ once you have entered all three dimensions, and the results will be displayed below giving you the volume, the number of bags, and estimated labor time.

The representation of results could have been a bit better if they used a slightly bigger font and highlighted the important values.

4. Calculator Soup: Concrete Volume Calculator

concrete footing calculator calculator soup

Calculator Soup is sort of like Calculator.net, which is discussed at the very top of this list.

It is a calculator website with a wide range of calculators related to different fields, like; Math, Finance, Time, Stats, Business, and a lot more.

Calculator Soup is a widely used website and has the most detailed  Concrete Footing Calculator on this list.

This calculator has the most technical-looking design out of all the calculators on this list, but that does not mean it is more difficult to use compared to the rest.

You are required to enter 4 inputs which include; Depth, Length, Width, and Quantity. Make sure you select the footer from the top of the calculator as it calculates volumes for different parts.

There are optional inputs that you can enter if you want to calculate the total price of the concrete footing.

Being a popular and widely trusted calculator website you would expect Calculator Soup to have a high-end website but it doesn’t.

There aren’t any glitches or errors on the website and you use it smoothly, from a practical point of view the website is great, aesthetically, but it can improve a lot.

Click ‘Calculate’ once you are done with the inputs and the volume of concrete required will be displayed below in Cubic Yards.

End Note

Concrete is at the center of urbanization in the modern world, it’s hard to look in a direction these days where your eyes won’t meet something made out of concrete.

From small houses to the largest buildings in the world, all rely on the usage and knowledge of concrete.

The concrete footing can easily be called the most important part of a building or structure as it acts as a base of the entire body.

A concrete footing calculator can help you immensely in you are building something yourself or you just want to communicate the right quantity.

Make sure you read through all of these calculators and find the best one for yourself.

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