3 Best Surfboard Volume Calculator

best surfboard volume calculator
best surfboard volume calculator

The surfboard calculator may not be a general tool and something that not everyone uses. A surfboard calculator is used to calculate the size of a surfboard in terms of volume.

Size of the surfboard is really important and actually depends on a number of factors, it depends on your skill level, the type of surfing you’ll be performing, and a lot more.

It does not matter if you are an experienced surfer or someone who is new to surfing, a surfboard calculator can be equally important for you.

For a rookie in surfing, you probably don’t know which surfboard to buy based on its volume. A surfboard calculator asks fairly simple questions and lets you know the volume of the surfboard.

If you start searching for surfboards you will find a wide variety of them online. There are a lot of websites related and nonrelated to surfing that provides you with some really good calculators.

One thing that you will notice about Best Surfboard calculators is that unlike other calculators these have different inputs for different platforms.

This makes it really hard to find the best Surfboard calculator out of these all, but you don’t need to worry about that.

This article has listed some of the best Surfboard calculators out there with a small review for each of them, describing their pros and cons.

Go through each of the calculators very carefully so you can decide which one suits you the best.

This article will act as an ultimate guide for you if you are someone who is struggling with finding the volume of their surfboard.

Hopefully, after reading through this article you will be able to calculate the volume of your surfboard.

Best Surfboard Volume Calculator

1. FireWire: Find Ideal Volume

surfboard volume calculator firewire

If you are someone who isn’t that new to the whole surfing thing, FireWire is a website that you have heard about.

You can find a lot of content on this website related to surfboards, they have different sections for each type of surfboard, like shortboards, mid-length, fins, and long boards.

You can also find other surfing-related accessories on this website together with some apparel.

The design of FireWire’s Surfboard Volume Calculator is really simple, it even hardly qualifies as a calculator, and calling it a tool would be more appropriate.

This calculator gives you the volume based on two inputs the weight and the level of surfing of the user.

Just select answers for both inputs from their drop-down menus. The layout of the calculator is pretty convenient and is designed according to the rest of the website, it’s hard to be confused by a calculator when it only requires two simple inputs.

From a design point of view, the website is as simple as it could be, using mainly white and black colors throughout, but that does not make the website seem empty or boring at all, rather it gives it quite a professional look.

You also see all the surfboard brands on top of the website that FireWire provides.

Click calculate, and you will get the volume of the surfboard in liters, you will also get a range of volumes in which you should buy a surfboard depending on the nature of the waves.

2. Null Tuul: Surfboard Volume Calculator

surfboard volume calculator null tuul

Null Tuul is a website just like FireWire, but where FireWire was mostly focused on the Surfboards, Null Tuul is more focused on the surfing itself.

You can learn a lot of stuff about Surfing, they have a blog section where you can find good reading materials, or you can go through the gear guide, look up some of the famous brands, and a lot more.

The UI of  Null Tuul’s Surfboard Volume Calculator is quite different from the one that we discussed above. It is a slide bar volume calculator where you have to use the slider to input the details.

You are required to enter the length, width, and thickness of the surfboard together with its type.

This calculator is quite structured and has a unique design but is still really simple and straightforward.

Null Tuul has tried to give some attention to the design and give it a beach surfing vibe but it doesn’t clean up that well. A soft gradient color scheme has been used as the top but the rest of the website is grey and white.

If the gradient would have been used throughout the website it would have given a much more uniform look.

Once you have set all the sliders according to your requirements the volume at the bottom part of the calculator will correspond to your details.

If you scroll down you can find some information related to volume and what it means and you can also see a surfboard volume table that can also be used for determining the volume.

3. Rusty Surfboards: Volume Calculator

surfboard volume calculator rusty surfboards

There aren’t many companies that have been in the surfboard business for a long time, Rusty Surfboards is a company that has been working with surfboards for almost two decades.

There might be rusty surfboards but there is nothing rusty about this company or the calculator they provide. It is certainly of the best Surfboard calculators available online.

As we discussed above, all the surfboard calculators have different inputs, because there isn’t a standard way of calculating the surfboard volume all platforms use their own method.

Rusty Surfboard uses the most detailed method out of all the calculators on this list.

You have to enter a total of 6 inputs which includes your weight, height, fitness level, experience, and skills.

This calculator also uses a slider interface just like Null Tuul.

The design of the website is probably the best one on this list, ranking the design of anything mostly varies from user to user but it is hard to find a flaw in this website aesthetically and practically.

A really structured website UI has been designed which works really good both on a browser and the mobile version.

It really seems like you are using a high-end website when you’re on rusty surfboards.

All the content of the website can very easily and quickly be navigated if you are facing a problem in finding something, the conveniently placed search bar.

One thing you should keep in mind when using this website and all the other surfboard websites is that they are mostly designed as an e-commerce website to sell surfing products and rusty surfboard does an immaculate job of being one.

Once you have selected all the inputs from the slider click ‘Find my perfect volume’. The button will be fully completely yellow when you have selected all the inputs.

The recommended volume will be shown on the action button together with a range of acceptable surfboard volumes.

Rusty Surfboards’ surfboard volume calculator is the one that provides the best user experience.

While you are on the website, you can check out some really high-quality and aesthetic Surfboards, you just might find the best Surfboard for yourself on this website.

You view a few recommendations if you scroll down from the calculator.

End Note

Surfboard calculators might not be a widely used tool but they can be very useful for people who are into surfing, and if you are reading this article you are probably one of those people.

The volume of the surfboard is something that all of the surfing revolves around you can not ignore the importance of a surfboard volume calculator if you are into surfing.

Surfing is a popular and one of the most adventurous sport in water, the reason of it being so popular is that you are basically competing against nature.

All the calculators mentioned above have different UIs and design, and all of them are more than capable of providing you authentic results, just go with the one you feel most comfortable with.

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