6 Best Bullet Energy Calculator

best bullet energy calculator
best bullet energy calculator

Guns are one of the most discussed topics these days, they are a highly controversial genre, especially in the west.

We can see a clear segregation of opinion when it comes to gun laws as there are people who totally resist them and then there are people that are really enthusiastic about them.

If handled with care and responsibility, guns can be a lot of fun and can always be a really effective source for your personal protection.

There are hundreds of types of guns, having different bullets and specs. If you want to find out how much damage a bullet can do, you need to calculate its energy.

You can find calculators online to find bullet energies.

This article is all about bullet energy calculators, so if you are someone who knows about bullet calculators or wants to know about them, stick with the following details to find the best bullet energy calculator for yourself.

Remember, gun-related stuff is very sensitive, never underestimate the power of a bullet.

Best Bullet Energy Calculator

1. Shooterscalculator.com: Bullet Kinetic Energy Calculator

bullet calculator shooterscalculator

Shooter’s calculator is a website all about gun physics, you can not only calculate the energy of bullets but also use tools to find out point blank range, ballistic trajectory, etc. Kinetic energy refers to the energy of a moving body.

To find out a bullet’s kinetic energy, all you have to do is enter its mass and velocity, you can weigh the bullet you are using and find the speed of the bullet by searching the gun online.

Once you have entered these two values, the results will be displayed below, in both joules and foot pound.

An odd thing that you might notice about this calculator is that it has a ‘Calculate’ action button, but it doesn’t work, the results are displayed automatically.

The calculator gives you a 0 energy value if you enter a really small value for velocity or mass; this might help you avoid some mistakes.

There is also a bar graph at the bottom of the page that has energies marked for different cartridges, you add items on the left side of the calculator to make a list that can be used to construct a bar graph.

Shooters Calculator has a mediocre interface, you won’t face any difficulty interacting with the calculator, but you’ll find the overall look a little off.

2. Ballistic 101: Bullet Energy Calculator

bullet energy calculator ballistics 101

You can find plenty of information about almost all the bullets and manufacturers on this website, you can find their Bullet Energy Calculator in the ‘Cool Stuff’ section.

It feels like they have tried to give the website a premium look, but they tried too hard that it seems a little outdated.

The calculator is easy to use, you just have to enter the weight and velocity of the bullet, make sure the weight is in grains and velocity in feet per second. Click calculate to find out the energy of the bullet in foot-pounds.

You turn the calculator into a small window just by clicking a button, you can carry on with your calculations while surfing through the website or doing something else.

There’s a good chance that this website has the energy already mentioned for the bullet you’re using this calculator for.

Ballistic 101 is an interesting website for people who are enthusiastic about the dynamics of guns.

3. Larrywillis.com: Bullet Energy Calculator

bullet energy calculator larry wills

Just like all the websites we have discussed so far, this website is also for shooters, they have a variety of shooting tech on their website. You can order the most advanced kits related to shooting from this wesbite. The Bullet energy calculator can be found in the ‘Reloading and tech tips’ section.

Their energy calculator has the most simple and basic calculator user interface out of all the calculators that we have mentioned so far. It’s basic and simple in a good sense, the webpage seems uniform and welcoming.

You can calculate up to 3 bullet energies on this calculator at once, this feature can be used to compare bullets with different specifications. You have to enter bullets’ weight (grains) and speed (Feet/second), then click ‘calculate’ to find the results.

Larry Willis Bullet Energy Calculator can be a viable choice for people who want a simple interface and want to compare multiple bullets at a time. There are no advertisements on the website, making it an even easier choice for people who just want a straightforward experience.

4. Calculator Academy: Muzzle Energy Calculator

bullet energy calculator academy

Calculator academy focuses on many different kinds of calculators related to math, science, engineering, health, and finance. You can use the Muzzel energy calculator to calculate the bullet energy (bullet energy is also known as muzzle energy).

The website has a quite generic design, generic designs can be a good option but this one just feels a but boring. The placement of the calculator is also not great, it is on the extreme left of the webpage and the center of the page is filled with links to other calculators.

There’s a video just above the calculator that you can play, you would think that it demonstrates the steps for using the muzzle energy calculator, but it is a video about the force calculator, which seems a bit odd, a video for muzzle energy calculator on this page makes a lot more sense.

The calculator itself is pretty easy to operate, just write the velocity and mass of the bullet and you will get its kinetic energy automatically. The calculator is smooth, and you won’t face any problems using it.

5. Bullet Energy Calculator by Fluffy Delusions

bullet energy calculator fluffy decision

Bullet energy calculator is an android app by Fluffy Delusion; it’s a really undemanding app with a plain interface. You will see two input fields when you open the app, one for mass and one for velocity.

You can change the units for both quantities if you want.

You will see 3 results when you have entered both of the quantities, energy in foot pounds, energy in joules and the power factor. The app has almost no ads and even if an ad does come up you will hardly notice it.

6. Bullet Energy Calculator Pro by DavideAgnello

bullet energy calculator DavideAgnello

If you want to have more options in a mobile app bullet calculator, Bullet Energy Calculator Pro is just the right thing for you. It allows you to select from a wide range of units for entering the values of mass and velocity.

It lets you add an unlimited amount of calculators on the screen so you can calculate energies for multiple bullets simultaneously. The app has a ‘Mail’ icon which lets you share your results on all most all social apps.

Bullet Energy Calculator Pro has absolutely no ads, which is always a convenient thing. This app is recommended for people who want to have a simple and straightforward app.

How is bullet energy calculated?

While all these calculators that have been mentioned above will calculate the bullet energies for you without any problems or delay, it is always a good idea to know the basic concept behind a calculator, and it might even make your experience with the calculator a bit better.

To calculate the energy of a bullet you will just need to apply the formula for kinetic energy, which is as follow:

Kinetic Energy = ½ m v2

m is the mass of the bullet, while v is the velocity, lets see an example:

Suppose you have to calculate the energy of a bullet, that has mass of 120 grams and tarvels at a speed of 370 m/s

Kinetic Enegy  =  ½ (120)(370)2 =

Things to Keep in Mind if You Use or Own a Gun

  1. The gun should be kept unloaded when you are not using it
  2. Always store the gun in a lockable cabinet or safe
  3. Store the bullets in a different place from the gun
  4. Make sure the safety is always on when you are not using it
  5. Never consider the gun to be empty
  6. Never point the gun at anyone jokingly or even if you know its empty

End Note 

Calculating bullet energy shouldn’t be a problem for you, as this article hopefully helped you find the right calculator. All the calculators mentioned above, mainly want just 2 inputs, the mass and the velocity.

The difference in these calculators comes in terms of their interface and other details, you can’t go wrong with any of these calculators as they all do their job flawlessly.

Bullets might seem interesting and cool, but you should always remember they are an object of mass destruction.

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