Skyblock Minion Calculator

Skyblock Minion Calculator

Skyblock Minion Calculator

What Is SkyBlock?

In the game Minecraft, "SkyBlock" is a map where players survive on a detached island. SkyBlock is a map can be enjoyed either solo or with friends. If you have never played it, SkyBlock is an excellent way to try something new and play on a map that can be played both slow or fast.

What are Minions?

Minions are an essential aspect of Hypixel Skyblock. They gather resources that you use to survive on your island. Minions can be created into higher tiers, which speeds up their gathering rate and maximum storage space. Tier 11 is the uppermost level a Minion can have. Minions can also get upgrades. At first you can only place five minions. However, this can be increased to over twenty by creating new minions.

Why are Minions important?

They allow the player to receive resources even while offline. Essentially, they cut the workload down so that you can focus on the aspects that you find more enjoyable, such as SkyBlock challenges.

What is this minion calculator for?

This calculator outputs how long it will take for minions to make a certain number of items and how much profit you will make from their gathering.

How to use the calculator

Step 1: Enter the type of minion

Step 2: Enter the level (tier) of the minion using the slider

Step 3: Enter the number of minions of that type

Step 4: Check/do not check the fuel checkbox

Step 5: Enter the number of items you want to be gathered

Step 6: Enter the measurement you would like outputted

Step 7: Get your outputs

Outputs how long it will take for minions to make certain amount of items. Profits are if sold by hand and practically will be 50% or 90% depending on which shipping hopper you use.

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