PUBG DPI Change Calculator

PUBG DPI Change Calculator

PUBG DPI Change Calculator

What is DPI?

DPI or Dots Per Inch is effectively your mouse sensitivity. This is important to many games such as first-person shooters which require quick movements with your mouse. However, what is far more significant than the mouse DPI is the DPI in relation to your in-game sensitivity, this is called: “effective DPI”.

Why is DPI important in PUBG?

If you have your DPI set to 4000 which is considered high, but at the same time also have your in-game sensitivity on PUBG set to 5, you will notice that your mouse speed while playing PUBG is not very fast at all. This is why your mouse DPI by itself has little significance without bearing in mind your in-game sensitivity.

What settings do the pros use?

Well this is a convoluted question because everyone is different. However, many pro players generally use a lower sensitivity than you would think because it is more accurate. But it really depends on the game. Normally, pro players use a DPI level around 1000 and change their in game sensitivity using a calculator like this one.

What is this PUBG DPI calculator?

This calculator should be used if you are changing mice or are changing your mouse DPI in your OS settings. In essence, if you change your DPI then you will need to change your in-game sensitivity.

How to use this calculator

Step 1: Enter current PUBG Sensitivity

Step 2: Enter current DPI

Step 3: Enter new DPI

Step 4: Get your new PUBG sensitivity

Calculator for changing DPI to keep the same sensitivity in PUBG. u/ResilientMaladroit

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