Growtopia Farming Calculator V3.1709.1

Growtopia Farming Calculator V3.1709.1

Growtopia Farming Calculator V3.1709.1

When you look at Growtopia for the first time, you would not think it would be as involved as needing a farming calculator in order to optimize the game. It’s clear the game was created as an influence by Terraria and Minecraft, but with an attempt to do something a little different. Think of a massively-multiplayer online sandbox platformer.

It might not be for everyone at first impression due to it looking like it was clearly created by an indie developer, but these simplistic designs found in games like Terraria or Tiny Tower have remarkable playability despite modern graphics being available. Despite the crude look of the game, there are plenty of people who play this freemium game.

What Is The Growtopia Farming Calculator About?

You could start farming blindly in Growtopia, but if you’re looking to optimize what you’ll receive over many cycles then you’re going to need additional information for mass-production of seeds and games.

Why Use The Growtopia Farming Calculator?

The goal of the Growtopia Farming Calculator is to find the end amount of seeds, total gems earned, total experience earned, the total number of blocks smashed, combined growing time, total fuel packs used, and seed increase/decrease per farm.

How To Use The Growtopia Farming Calculator?

In order to get the output values on the right side (at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device) you need a couple of input labels for the left side (at the top if you’re on a mobile device)

Step One: Input your start amount of seeds

Step Two: Input your start amount of blocks

Step Three: Input the maximum seeds planted per farm

Step Four: Input the number of times you farmed

Step Five: Input the rarity of the block

Step Six: Input the maximum fruit/blocks per tree

Step Seven: Include whether you’re using a harvester

Step Eight: Include whether you’re using Lucky Clovers

Step Nine: Select your Eggs Benedict usage

Step Ten: Select your Ring of Wisdom usage

After all your inputs you’ll see your outputs change to see your end amount of seeds, etc.

Growtopia Farming Tools based on BEASTLY's Formula, with added effect from Artifacts. See… for more information

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