Battalion 1944 Sensitivity Calculator

Battalion 1944 Sensitivity Calculator

Battalion 1944 Sensitivity Calculator

In 2019 Square Enix, a company mostly known for its roleplaying games, helped publish a game developed by Bulkhead Interactive called Battalion 1944. While other war games are moving on to more modern war timeframes.

Battalion 1944 wanted to go back to more classic routes of World War 2 and focus on the multiplayer. Battalion 1944 looked to really pay homage to older titles such as the older Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games.

What Is The Battalion Sensitivity Calculator About?

If you’re looking to get into Battalion 1944, then you’re probably already a fan of the genre. You probably already play Call of Duty, Quake, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, or PUBG. The Battalion Sensitivity Calculator looks to help transfer sensitivities over to Battalion 1944.

Why Use The Battalion Sensitivity Calculator?

If you’ve been playing another game for so long, then you probably are used to certain muscle memory. It can be tedious to transfer to a new game and have to relearn muscle memory under a new sensitivity. It’s best to use the Battalion Sensitivity Calculator to bring over the sensitivity you’re already used to over to Battalion 1944.

How To Use The Battalion Sensitivity Calculator?

The Battalion Sensitivity Calculator is relatively simple to use.

In order to get your Call of Duty to Battalion output, you would input your CoD Sensitivity on the left side. You would also need to input your CoD FoV as well to get your CoD to Battalion output.

To get your CS/Quake to Battalion output you would simply put in your CS/Quake sensitivity on the left side.

To get your Overwatch to Battalion output, you would input your Overwatch sensitivity and get your Overwatch to Battalion output on the right side.

PUBG to Battalion sensitivity is similar to Call of Duty. You would need to input your PUBG sensitivity and FOV on to get your PUBG to Battalion output.

You could also input your sensitivity in CM/360 and DPI to get the CM360 to Battalion output.

Now you don’t need to worry about calculating your Battalion 1944 sensitivity output yourself.

A simple sensitivity converter for Battalion 1944. Converts from some of the most popular games or from your sensitivity in cm/360 and dpi. It's based on a testcase, so there is roughly a 1% error margin. Should be good enough though.

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