Paladins – Diminishing Returns Calculator

Paladins – Diminishing Returns Calculator

Paladins – Diminishing Returns Calculator

Paladins is a popular free to play hero shooter, and it’s got a ton of mechanics to consider and roles to fill in combat. A team’s victory can hinge on a deep understanding of these mechanics at high skill levels of play, so you want to get as much of an idea on how it works as you can to help your team and grab that win.

One of the mechanics, in particular, that is greatly beneficial to understand is the diminishing returns mechanic. The diminishing returns mechanic keeps the cumulative boosts you receive through the game will decrease as you earn them.

The highest boost will be received and each subsequent boost to that same category will still increase the value, but will not be as effective. It’s hard to describe, but if you see the numbers for yourself it’s much easier to conceptualize.

Paladins – Diminishing Returns Calculator

The calculator takes this difficult to grasp mechanic and shows what the diminishing return effect actually does with your stat boosts, and can help you maximize your cards and debuff skills in combat. An optimal strategy can be tough, and the calculator is going to make the mental game of Paladins a lot easier to think about, and a lot easier to implement.

The calculator is easy to use, and the end results will be listed on the right side after you put your six bonuses in on the left. There is also a toggle for calculating movement speed. Movement speed maxes out at 150% as opposed to the other attributes that max out at 95%.

Let’s say you’re using a champion that mainly relies on life steal, and you want to know how close you are to optimizing its percentage on your loadout. You have four cards, one 30% boost, two 20% boosts, and one 10% boost. If the values were cumulative, that would mean you would get an 80% boost to your life steal damage, but the diminishing returns mechanic lowers the effectiveness of both 20% boosts, and the 10% boost respectively.

If you put those values into the calculator, it will show you the actual value of those activated boosts. It ends up totaling up to 55%. Knowing how the diminishing returns affect your loadout will take you one step closer to using only the cards you need, and open up your strategies with your favorite champions.

Play around with different setups and see how effective they are. It will take a lot of the guesswork out of building effective load-outs and help you play your role as effectively as possible.

Competitive gaming requires the dedication and skill to dive into specific mechanics and hone your skills to the highest level. Any tool you can use to make that work easier will give you the edge you need to is invaluable, and this calculator will make one of the most esoteric mechanics in Paladins much easier to understand and plan around.

Optimizing your loadout will be much easier, and planning a new one will no longer be a source of anxiety. Once you reduce the “Wait, that should have taken them down!” moments and expertly pull off your build, you’ll wonder where the Paladins Diminishing Returns Calculator has been all your life.

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