sk0g’s Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator

sk0g’s Overwatch sensitivity calculator

sk0g’s Overwatch sensitivity calculator

Whether you play Overwatch competitively or just as a casual way to play with friends after work, you will benefit from calculating your Overwatch sensitivity. Everyone plays at different sensitivities that are comfortable for them. You will have a hard time finding two professional Overwatch players who use the same mouse sensitivity.

Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator

What Is The Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator About?

Overmatch is a first-person shooter where you play as a hero on a team with five other players against another team of six. Many players, from competitive to casual players, either play different heroes or stick with one main hero. Many are okay sticking with one sensitivity. However, there are those who want to optimize their sensitivity to their main hero or change sensitivities based on the hero they’re playing, but what if you want to keep your sensitivity the same from your source engine games?

Why Use This Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator?

If you’ve been accustomed to the same sensitivity across source engine games and don’t want to relearn new muscle memory going into Overwatch, then you’ll want to use the Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator.

How Do You Use The Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator?

The Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator is relatively intuitive and only takes three simple steps if you want to know what your Overwatch sensitivity should be.

Step 1: Enter Your Mouse DPI

Step 2: Enter Your Source Sensitivity from Source-engine games such as CS:GO, TF2, or Quake.

Step 3: If your Overwatch mouse DPS is different, then input that as well.

You’ll see your Overwatch sensitivity appear on the right side. Some prefer the same sensitivity regardless of the hero they play, and some want the same sensitivity across different games they play. Regardless of your playstyle, this is the perfect tool to use for those who want to tweak their personal preferences.

Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator

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