4 Best TV Size Calculator To Check Out!

best tv size calculator
best tv size calculator

TV size calculators are super convenient tools for not just non-technical people, but for technical people as well.

If you are confused and have no idea what size of TV you should buy according to your room size, then these calculators are the appropriate tool to use.

TV size calculators give an estimate of the inches of TV that you should buy along with the distance from the wall to your viewing point.

This helps you decide how big of a screen you need to buy so that it is visible according to your viewing point.

TV size calculators offer graphical representations to make you better understand and decide the size of the TV you are going to buy.

Depending on the size of your room or lounge; wherever you decide to put up the TV, you can take a raw idea about the distance and the size.

These calculators have made the lives of today’s people easy.

They are stress-free to use, understand and interpret. The graphical/pictorial representations make it easy for you to make a decision. These technological advancements are hassle-free and quick to use.

Before these advanced calculators, people had to hire a special TV-attaching team to calculate the size and the distance of the viewing point to get the best results.

These calculators save you time, money and stress. You can now take decisions with just a few clicks.

Multiple TV size calculators have testimonials that allow you to trust the results.

There are also TV brand suggestions that you can take into consideration if you are not sure which brand or company has the best TVs. So you get all the things required in one place.

You will be amazed to see the number of TV size calculators available in the market and online with various interfaces, you will definitely find the best tv size calculator for yourself.

Best TV Size Calculator

1. Rting TV Size Calculator: TV Size Calculator

tv size calculator rtings

Rting TV size calculator is the most detailed and informative tool that is used by thousands of users around the globe. It allows you to choose your country and get the required measurements according to your area/vicinity.

The interface is very constructive with a lot of details, descriptions and explanations. There are no pop-up advertisements or cookies. It allows you to peacefully use the tool and attain opportune results.

There are hundreds of testimonials present of the Rting TV size calculator so users can rely on the results based on the authentication of the calculator.

It offers you to search for reliable and good brands or companies around your vicinity to buy TVs from. It updates you about the latest sales and deals happening in your nearby electronic stores.

It tells you the sizes of both manual and smart TVs and it has detailed specifications of each TV from every brand or company around your area.

You can even register on the Rting TV size calculator to get news and updates regarding deals, sales and the latest addition in the market.

The pictorial/visual representation makes it easier for you to understand and decide. There are a variety of graphs, charts and photos that allow you to easily decide while staying at your home, with just a few clicks.

There are detailed explanations regarding the science behind your TV size and distance, the field of view, angular resolution and optimal viewing distance by the size of your television.

It also has a description that tells you how to interpret the graphs and charts displayed on the Rting TV size calculator.

To calculate you have to insert your viewing distance in inches and the resolution. Then click on ‘calculate’ and the results will be displayed in front of you.

This calculator also assists you to select different TVs according to your budget. You just have to enter your budget and Rating TV size calculator will display all the potential television sets/models from different brands or companies, in front of you.

There are several recommended articles about the best TVs by size at the end of the calculator. You can also ask live questions; a live question and answer session is going on, all the time at Rting TV size calculator.

You can also view the already asked questions by the previous users, in case you have a similar question in mind, and you can read it there and do not have to ask again.

2. Inch TV Size Calculator: TV Size Calculator

tv size calculator inch calculator

Inch TV size calculator is a rather simple tool to use and get the values. It offers calculations for the fixation of other electronic devices as well. It has a vast variety of options so it makes it easy for you to get all the calculations in one place.

The interface is a bit tedious with advertisements and pop-up links. It is straightforward as not many details are required from you.

It offers you to check out the recommended TV sizes according to your preference and space. Once you calculate the TV size and distance, the recommendations will automatically appear at the bottom.

As the name indicates; the details are required in inches. You have to enter the viewing distance in inches and the resolution. Then enter ‘calculate’ and you will obtain the results in inches.

You can then manually use the inches/measuring tape to estimate the size of the TV on your wall and get an idea of how big or small it will appear from your viewing distance.

3. TVsBook TV Size Calculator: TV Size Calculator

tv size calculator tvsbook

TVsBook TV Size Calculator is considered the best TV size calculator for its accuracy and the number of users that use this calculator.

It has a proper chart that shows how big or small the TV will appear from your viewing distance. Each inch has its precise width, height and area.

The interface is clear and practical. There are no advertisements, cookies or pop-up links. You can register on the TVsBook TV size calculator to know about the latest news and activities.

It updates you about the latest models introduced in the market.

It offers you to calculate other particulars as well; such as TV mounting height, TV application downloads and how to download applications on the TV.

There are detailed guidelines available at the bottom that guides you on how to choose the correct TV size. It tells you about the room size, resolution, TV mounting height and room aesthetics.

You can read all the descriptions and easily understand how you can attain the correct TV size using TVsBook TV size calculator.

To calculate the TV size; you have to select the units (inches or centimetres), insert the TV screen size, TV height, TV width and viewing distance.

Then press ‘calculate’ and the results will display along with a visual TV representation to make you better understand the results.

4. Omni TV Size Calculator: TV Size Calculator

tv size calculator omnicalculator

Omni TV size calculator helps you attain the appropriate TV size according to your preference and liking. It provides you with the results in various measurements so you have multiple options to choose from.

The interface is uncertain with unnecessary advertisements and cookies. It offers you related links and articles related to TV size calculations.

There are proper guidelines available for using the calculator and understanding the method. It explains the formula and method in detail so you can effortlessly interpret the results.

To calculate you have to insert the resolution and screen size. Then click ‘calculate’ and it will provide you with results along with the optimal distance and minimal distance.

End Note

TV size calculators are fitting tools that are now frequently used by buyers as well as sellers. It has made the whole process laid back and tireless.

You can now estimate the correct TV size with just a few clicks. These calculators are readily available to everyone and allow you to get the estimation anywhere in the globe.

In the previous days, the sellers had to spend a lot of time with the buyers to help them decide which size to buy according to their budget and view distance.

The sellers also had to send an attachment team to assist people in fixing the TVs at an appropriate height.

Now you can decide what model, size, brand or company you want to buy. You just have to inform the seller about your requirements and you will get the TV in a matter of a couple of hours.

You can either go to the shop, tell your preferences to the seller; then get the TV yourself or you can order it from your home with just a few clicks. These calculators offer both options.

TV size calculators have saved your travel time and cost along with the stress you had to face to manually calculate the size of your TV and viewing distance.

There is a vast variety of TV size calculators available online with various interfaces and methods; you just have to select the appropriate one that suits you the best.

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