4 Best Cat Age Calculator To Try!

best cat age calculator
best cat age calculator

Cat age calculators are creative and fun-to-use tools for converting the age of your cat into human years.

If you are curious and want to find out the age of your cat in human years and know how old she/he is, then cat age calculators are the perfect tools for you.

Cats have a different age limit as compared to humans. Although the life span of cats is less as compared to humans but their age span is four times more as compared to humans.

The cat age spans are usually called ‘cat years’ which are sometimes used by humans in their calendars. Some calendars have separate cat year columns in them.

Keeping pets has forever been a trend among humans and it is common to consider pets a part of their family.

When you make a pet a part of your family, it is important to understand that you should know all about them. You should have complete details about them like their age, breed, allergies etc.

Cat age calculators help you determine the age of your cat in human years as human cat years are less and human years are higher if you compare both.

The cat age calculation has universal formulas while other animals like dogs have different formulas depending upon their size and height. Cats are roughly the same size so they have a universal formula for that matter.

All cats have an average life span of twelve to eighteen years. Some cats exceptionally cross that span and those who die early might have some disease or syndrome or they might get caught in some sort of accident.

The life span of cats depends on various factors but most importantly, on the treatment it receives and the environment it survives in.

Normally indoor cats survive longer compared to outdoor or stray cats. Taking your cat to the vet for regular or monthly checkups determines how long your cat will survive. It is all about the treatment you give to him/her.

Cat age calculators serve as a suitable tool to determine the age of your cat while staying at home, instead of going to the vet to know about the age of your cat in human years.

These calculators save your time and traveling cost, And they are equally entertaining to use.

You will be surprised to see the various cat age calculators available online with different interfaces, hopefully you will find the best cat age calculator for yourself.

Best Cat Age Calculator

1. Omni Cat Age Calculator: Cat Age Calculator

cat age calculator omnicalculator

Omni cat age calculator is an opportune tool to determine the age of your cat.

It has detailed descriptions on how you can use the Omni calculator, which formula is being used, what is its significance and how to understand and interpret the formula.

The interface is compounding with advertisements and pop-up links that appear in between while using the Omni cat age calculator.

It has complete guidelines about how to convert cat years to human years, cat years chart interpretation and how to tell a cat’s age.

Omni cat age calculator offers you to calculate the age of your cat in both months and years. You can select the unit according to your preference and requirement.

You have to enter the age of your cat and click ‘calculate’ and the Omni cat age calculator will provide you with the result in human years.

It has a visual chart that consists of the cat’s age and in front of it is the human age; for example, if your cat is one year old, then he/she is seven years old in human age.

After attaining the results you can manually tally the age of your cat with the provided human age in the chart.

At the bottom of the Omni cat age calculator, you will find the general guidelines on how to determine the age of your cat through its teeth, eyes and coat.

The specifications are described in detail so you can easily understand and know about the determination of a cat’s age.

There is a frequently asked questions and answer session at the bottom of the calculator that allows you to ask any questions you have related to the calculator or your cat. It is a beneficial attribute of the Omni cat age calculator.

2. Almanac Cat Age Calculator: Cat Age Calculator

cat age calculator almanac

Almanac cat age calculator allows you to obtain the age of your cat in human years by just adding one parameter/particular.

It is easy to use and interpret tool with a lot of descriptions so you can read all the instructions and guidelines; in case you are not able to comprehend anything.

The interface is exacerbated with unnecessary advertisements and pop-up links; which cause disturbance while using the calculator.

Almanac cat age calculator has comparison charts which allow you to better understand the conversion difference between cats and humans.

For calculation, you have to insert the age of your cat and simply press ‘calculate’. The calculator will give you the age of your cat in human years.

There is a detailed description about determining the age of your cat through its eyes, teeth, coat and muscle tone.

Once you have figured out the age of your cat and are sure it’s the right age, then you can insert this parameter in the calculation box to get your cat’s age in human years.

3. Calculate Stuff Cat Age Calculator: Cat Age Calculator

cat age calculator calculatestuff

Calculate stuff cat age calculator is rather basic in nature and requires just one particular that is your cat’s age. There are various methods to determine the age of your cat that you can find on the internet.

Once you have determined your cat’s age; then you can attain your cat’s age in human years or months.

The interface is quite clear with just a few pop-up links. It allows you to register with the Calculate stuff cat age calculator to keep a track of your cat’s activity and growth.

For calculation, you have to enter your cat’s age and press ‘calculate’.

You will get your cat’s age in human years or months (depending upon your preference and requirement). You can even add this calculator to your website or blog.

4. Purina Cat Age Calculator: Cat Age Calculator

cat age calculator purina

Purina cat age calculator is a UK-based tool that allows you to determine the age of your cat in human years with just one click.

The interface is constructive with multiple advertisements and cookies. It offers you to register with purina cat age calculator to keep yourself updated regarding the latest vaccines, diseases and vets around your vicinity.

There are many cat’s age-related articles that allow you to read further about the calculation process. You can join the daily newsletter for daily updates through your email address.

Once you register with the purina cat age calculator; it will guide you on how to take care of your pets, where to get cat products and where to buy cat food from.

You can even get advice from an expert or have live question and answer sessions to clear your doubts and ask your confusions.

You can even look for a pet to adopt if you are planning on getting one. There are a lot of pet care articles present with their links at the top of the calculator.

For calculation, you simply have to select the age from the age box and the calculator will automatically display your cat’s age in human years. The pictorial representations make it more fun to understand the whole process and interpret it.

End Note

There are many misconceptions about the cat years while in reality, the cat age calculation is a bit complicated.

The kittens (baby cats) grow up and groom faster as compared to the old ones. And when they grow up the ageing process slows down.

Not all breeds age alike; some age faster and some age slower. So the cat age calculator gives you a better insight into the age of your cat.

The average life expectancy of cats is up to eighteen years and some also reach the age of twenty, but that is an exceptional case. Most indoor pet cats are likely to reach that age.

Cat age calculators have a universal method to convert the cat’s age into a human’s age/ But for that purpose it is necessary to know what is the actual age of your cat.

There are also some universal cat’s age determination methods through eyes, teeth and muscle tone etc that you can easily find on the internet.

Cat age calculators have made the lives of today’s people easy and they can determine the age of their pet with just a few clicks while sitting at home.

There are many different cat age calculators available online with various interfaces, you just have to select the one that suits you the best.

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