4 Best Late Period Calculator

best late period calculator
best late period calculator

Menstruation is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to women’s health, periods are such a regular part of a woman’s life which also makes them an important one.

The process of menstruation is not only important for female health but life itself.

Regular periods are an indication of a healthy reproduction system in women, without periods conceiving children won’t be a possibility.

It is important that your periods occur on time, as late periods can be an indicator of certain health issues.

Late period calculators can be used to know if you are getting your periods on time or not, these are really helpful tools when it comes to tracking the delay in your periods.

You can find a lot of Late period calculators on the internet but this article will mention the best ones.

The purpose of all these calculators is pretty much the same and all of them are adequate tools to calculate late periods. Go through all of the calculators listed below so you can find the best late period calculator for yourself.

Hopefully, you will be able to tell whether your period is late or not with confidence, after reading this article.

Best Late Period Calculator

1. Baby Med: Is My Menstrual Period Late Calculator

late period calculator babymed

Baby Med is a pregnancy health website, you can find information and reading material related to different kinds of pregnancy topics, like getting pregnant, postmortem, baby’s health, etc.

It also has several pregnancy related tools. As late periods are directly related to pregnancy, Baby Med also has a late periods calculator.

Website is designed pretty well, it is just like how you would expect a health and medical website to be. The color scheme and other subtle elements also go with the pregnancy and baby theme.

The website does have a few ads here and there but they aren’t that annoying.

You find the late period calculator in the ‘Pregnancy Tools’ section. The calculator itself has a quite simple interface which might seem a little boring at times.

The first thing that you need to enter is the date of the first day of your last period and then enter the number of days between your periods. Press calculate and your answer will be displayed at the bottom of the calculator.

The results won’t only show you if you are late or not but also show your ovulation date and the normal day of your next period. If scroll down a bit more, there are small reading pieces related to late periods and their relation with pregnancy.

2. My Monthly Cycles: Am I late Calculator

late period calculator my monthly cycles

As you can tell from its name, My Monthly cycles is a website dedicated to menstrual periods.

The website contains a lot of calculators and trackers related to women’s reproductive health, not only that you find some extra stuff like baby names and  reminders on the website.

The design of the website isn’t bad but could have been better. The placement of certain buttons on the websites seems a little odd and they could have been placed more practically.

The website is built pretty solid and seems to have glitches in it but still lacks good aesthetics, and the ads on the website aren’t also helping it look.

The inputs of the My Monthly cycles’ late period calculator are pretty much like the calculator we discussed above.

You have to enter the first day of your last period, your usual cycle length of periods, and the date you are calculating your late period.

Click calculate and you will have the results at the bottom, the results will show you whether or not you’re late for your period and the approximate number of days you are late. It also shows you your next period forecast date.

3. Always: Period Calculator

late period calculator always

There aren’t many good calculators dedicated to just answering the question if a period is late or not, but you can use other period prediction calculators to see if your period is late or not.

Always is a pretty well known brand when it comes to women’s hygiene products, you find period pads, period underwear, skin care products, etc.

You call tell by the quality of their products and the brand name that they have made for themselves that their Period Calculator is bound to be good.

The website has a really good design, it is quite simple yet not boring at all.

The color scheme that they have chosen is inline with their brand colors. On top of that the website has no ads, which is something you would expect from a brand as big as always.

You need to enter the date of the first day of your last period, the number of days your last period lasted, and the your typical menstrual cycle.

Click the calculate button and you will see your upcoming period dates on the calendard below.

Just look at the first date of your next period, and you will know whether your period is late or not; this calculator won’t directly tell you if the period is late.

Fertility dates are also mentioned on the calendars as those are also really important dates

4. OB Tampons: Period Calculator

late period ob tampons

OB Tampons is another well reputed women’s hygiene company, where Always mainly  focuses on pads, OB Tampons, as you can probably tell from their name, focus on tampons.

They have a wide variety of tampons and other women’s products. Their website has a period calculator which is as good as any late period calculator you can find online.

The website’s design is pretty well-organized and clean. The two tone color scheme goes well with the brand and gives the website a soft and welcoming look.

There are absolutely no ads on the website, which is always a plus when working with calculator websites. The design of the calculator itself is pretty simple and intuitive.

Just like the calculator discussed previously, you will have to enter 3 things; the date of your last period, the length of the period, and your usual cycle time.

Press ‘TRACK NOW’, and the results will be given in the form of calendars, highlighting; Pre-Period, Period Days, Post Period, and Peak Ovulation.

This calculator won’t also give you a direct answer for your period being late. Just take a look at the period dates highlighted in blue and see if your expected period date has already passed or there is still some wait in it.

End Note

Menstruation is probably one of the most important biological phenomenon that exists, a lot of decisions, schedules, and attires of women revolve around the timing of periods.

Not only that, late or irregular periods can indicate certain changes in a female body.

You should always refer to a gynecologist for any irregular patterns in your menstruation cycles, as late periods are not only an indicator for  pregnancy but hormonal imbalance and a lot of other health risks.

You might not be able to find a lot of good late period calculators, but you can always use normal period calculators and calendars to find out whether you are late for your period.

Go through all of these calculators and make sure you have a healthy and normal period cycle.

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