4 Best Dice Probability Calculator To look Out For!

best dice probability calculator
best dice probability calculator

A dice Probability calculator is a tool that gives you the probability of rolling a number or combinations of numbers on a dice.

These calculators aren’t something you can only use while playing a board game they can also be used in a lot of statistics problems, but what makes a dice probability calculator the best one?

Dice are certainly not a modern tool, traces of dice in some forms can be dated back to 3000 years in southeastern Iran.

If dice have been around for so long they must have some kind of importance in our lives, they might seem like something nonserious and impractical but we all have used them in our lives.

There are a bunch of dice Probability calculators that you can find online and most of them work pretty well, but you’ll have to spend some time looking up different calculators if you truly want the top-tier experience for yourself and want to find the best dice Probability, calculator.

This article will review the best dice Probability calculators out there and summarize them for you so you don’t have to waste your time in finding the best ones. Stick with this article and you will have the best calculator for yourself.

Hopefully, you won’t have to look for your dice in your drawers and board game sets once you have gone through this article.

Best Dice Probability Calculator

1. Giga Calculator: Dice Probability Calculator

best dice calculator giga calculator

Giga Calculator is one of the most widely used calculator websites out there, it is hard to find a calculator that is not on Giga Calculator.

You can’t only find calculators here but randomizers and converters are also a big part of the website. You can find the Dice Probability Calculator in the statistics section.

The interface of the Dice Probability Calculator is pretty structured, you have to choose the type of die you want the probability for, out of the 10 options.

Then select the number of dice you want (anywhere from 1-100), and then select the event that you need for the probability, you also need to enter a value for the die number.

The design of the website is really good and the same goes for the calculator, the colors that the Giga calculator have used are quite unique, you don’t see them on calculator websites generally.

There are a bit more ads than you’d expect but they don’t really interfere with your interactions with the calculator.

Once you have entered all the details, click ‘Calculate’ and you will get the calculation results below the calculator. You will get the probability in percentage, decimal, and ‘dice odds form.

Giga calculator can be a good choice if you want a simple and efficient experience from a calculator.

2. Omni Calculator: Dice Probability Calculator

best dice calculator omni calculator

Omni calculator is arguably the most used calculator website in the world, they have a wide variety of calculators for almost every technical subject.

You can find dozens of calculators related to maths, sciences, health, and a lot more. Just like the Giga calculator, Omni Calculator’s dice Probability calculator can also be found in the statistics section.

The interface of Omni calculator is a little more complicated than the rest of the calculators on this list, but that also means that it has more options.

Along with the default dice, you also have the option to create a custom die with as many sides as practically possible. You also get relatively more options in the ‘conditions’ section of the calculator.

Omni calculator has a colorful abstract design for its website which is unique to them.

Another interesting thing you’ll notice about their design is that they have a separate color for each subject, like all the statistic calculator webpages are green, for maths it’s red, etc. It is a subtle yet noticeable detail.

Once you have selected the die type and entered all the conditions you will get the results in the bottommost section of the calculator.

It might take you a few minutes to figure out the usage of Omni Calculator’s Dice Probability Calculator but once you do, it will be quite rewarding for you.

3. Kiesan Online Calculator:  Dice Probability Calculator

best dice calculator keisan casio

Kiesan Online Calculator might not be as popular of a website as the other two discussed above but it is certainly not a less capable one.

The options of calculators you get on this website are a bit limited but you will still find some really good calculators related to life, education, and some professional calculators.

Kiesan Online Calculator’s Dice Probability Calculator is probably the one with the simplest interface on this list but has little different inputs than the calculators that we have discussed above.

You have to enter the number of trials for the die that you will be performing and the probability of success for each trial.

The design of the website of Kiesan Online Calculator might not be as good as Omni calculator or Giga calculator, but it is still good.

The use of colors would have given a better environment to the calculator. The design of the calculator itself is not that great though, you just have two ‘basic looking’ input sections and some action buttons just below it.

Click ‘Execute’ once you have entered all the inputs, you will get a table with probabilities of different numbers according to your input.

This Dice Probability Calculator is actually a binomial trial calculator, which works fine with the conditions of dice but to figure it out you need an understanding of Binomial theorem.

4. Atoz Math: Dice Probability Calculator

best dice calculator atozmath

Atoz Math is all about mathematics, you can find reading materials and tools related to all kinds of math subjects like algebra, calculus, geometry, word problems etc.

Atoz Math is not really a well known website but their dice probability calculator is really simple and useful calculator, which can be operated by anyone.

The UI of the calculator is pretty straightforward and self explanatory, the method will already be selected for you but still, make sure that it is selected as ‘dice’.

The rest of the calculator consists of sentences with missing inputs that you have to fill in according to your prob;em, this style of calculator can make it easier for understanding.

From a design standpoint, Atoz Math is the most poorly designed website on this list. The website mostly seems unorganized and the design elements that have been used are totally outdated.

Larger fonts on the website seem pixelated in different areas of the website. Even the design of the calculator is pretty basic, just simple text with input boxes.

Once you have entered your conditions click ‘find’ the page will reload and you will have to click on find again to get the first part of the answer. You will have to click on a link for the second part of the solution which will load after 10 seconds.

As you can see Atoz Math’s Dice Probability Calculator may be simple but has the worst user experience on this list.

End Note

Dice may seem like an ordinary everyday item but there is a lot of math that happens once you roll a die, statistics can help us predict the tumbling of a die.

Probability and stats can be a very tricky branch of mathematics but with the help of dice probability calculators that have been mentioned in this article, you can face these problems head on.

It is recommended that you go through all of these calculators and try them out one by one so you can find the best one depending on your preferences.

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